November 23rd, 2015




Roll up, roll up, roll up – getcherself a noice fresh bunch of opinions, a beeeyootiful selection of the foinest snap judgements and finish it orf wiv abag o’ the juiciest reviews… fresh terday, ot off the flippin’ press and once it’s gone it’s gone! Goin’ once, goin’ twice to the man in the ill-fittin’ Aquaman T-shirt…it’s only annuver bloomin’ SILENCE!

<ITEM> Hark! What light from yonder window breaks? It’s The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus, shining their phone torches around trying to find the keys to this week’s podcast.

<ITEM> A very special admin as the boys reminisce about the recent hi-jinx celebrating Gary’s 90th birthday…more rambling than ever!

<ITEM> The Beast waxes lyrical about the recent Jessica Jones TV show. Just like the rest of the internet.

<ITEM> Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut hut…The Reviewniverse opens up and then it shuts! Hear The Beast’s epic rant about Mark Millar’s Huck, then more restrained views of Secret Wars Too, Martian Manhunter, Blast Furnace, Paper Girls, Astonishing Ant Man, Phonogram, Red Thorn, The Clean Room and oh so so so so so so much more (some of those ‘so’s’  might be superfluous. The so-and-sos!


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23 Responses to “SILENCE! #166”

  1. Daniel S Says:

    Just wanted to shout out that I discovered your podcast through SCOIP. Love the format, love the silly intros and outtros, and love the comic talk. Thanks Jay Rachel and Miles for getting into this scary internet world of comics talk too.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    That’s awesome – so pleased that SCOIP has lured some unsuspecting listeners into our lair…

    Stick around.We’re like fine cheese – we get better with time.

  3. Thrills Says:

    Jessica Jones is no’ bad, eh? It has its flaws, but less than many similar shows. Not keen on that Davey Tennant and his superpower being ‘abuse’, and I am sure it is probably very triggering to some people, and I am also sure there’s a series of essays that can be written about the whole thing, which is good. Complexity! And he’s an undeniably creepy and effective telly villain.

    If only he was allowed to be Scottish, just the once. The Tartan Man.

    My fave part of the Netflix viewing experience is that when binge-watching it skips all the David Mack shite of the title sequence.

    Huck sounds utterly rotten and I am baffled by Millar complaining that comics are too dark and gritty these days. Urgh. URGH.

    Happy birthday to Gary Lactus, though! I hope being 40 is a rare treat.

  4. plok Says:

    Gary Lactus really doing a great job of cooling the room down here, never heard such pure humanity on a podcast: “no, you’re cool Beast, go and have yourself a piss, I’ve got this”. Touches one’s heart. Just like being back at home.

    Impressed by Beast’s journalistic restraint and objectivity when discussing the monster Mark MillAR, who I think if one were to search one’s Messner-Loebs Doctor Fates one would find a cautionary mirror of. Ms. Dr. Fate doesn’t actually fuck around much with lowlifes…

    But really what I want to say is what I always say, which is if any of us wanted to be celebrated and (presumably) rich like Mark MillAR, my friends that would be very easy to do, wouldn’t it? All you’d have to be is a SUPER-ASSHOLE, and there you go, fields of green. Easy. Be a professional prick. Or if comics aren’t for you, you could become a hit man, or a right-wing pundit. You could go to the place where you already know that the money is. Couldn’t you?

    Easy to be rich, harder to get clean…clean like the boys of SILENCE! Gary Lactus you’re in charge of me next New Year’s, liked the way you handled that situation, listen men in my position don’t take no for an answer. Whatever your man Beast is paying you, I’ll double it!

    (American accent there, obv.)

  5. plok Says:

    How well I remember those halcyon days of Forty! We were so young then…pure and innocent…

    Actually I can’t sign off without saying a thing or two about the Thin Boy Down The Close. Good little actor, Davey Tennant! So often stuck in a shitty programmatic role. When I was in the UK I watched some sick thing where he was a lawyer defending a serial killer, he acted the man exceedingly well but the stupid Millar-level plot did him in.


    Now I haven’t seen Broadchurch yet, so don’t spoil it, but in the American re-do called Gracepoint, as I’m sure you know, Mr. David Tennant does an American accent. And it’s in no way a good one. BUT.

    Thematically, it’s so on-point I can’t even tell you. It’s a wrong gone right, a felix culpa.

    “Hai. Name’s DAVE TENNANT. So what kinda CAWFEE you got ’round HEER”.

    Don’t tell me his politics, just watch that American version of that show. I dare you not to ask yourself “oh Christ, did Neil Finn get brain damage, or…?”

    Oh no, I’ve strayed too long. They know I’m here!

    (puff of smoke)

  6. Adam Says:

    Did I really say that the sexylezzers in JJ were problematic? I mean, I suppose they are in that obvious way which doesn’t need explaining, and which isn’t best fought by having less of it, but by having more diverse sexytimes *as well*. So more gay men, etc… Game of Thrones heads in the right direction.

    My issue, as much as I have one, was primarily about the first episode, and more that it was a cynical, suspension of disbelief jarring thing designed to get the bros on board. It’s like you meet these very man friendly lesbians and less than a minute later they’re pashing and getting all hot fingers. First episodes often go in for those sorts of easy wins. You know, get introduced to a female lead when she’s in her undies; throw in a bit of gratuitous ultra violence; generally dumb shit down. Understandable but it almost always throws me out of what I’m watching.

    To the showrunners’ credit, they remembered to make them characters over time.

  7. Adam Says:

    Can I just add that completely agree about the Jessica and Luke sex scene when they realise they can go all in. A sex scene which actually does character development and moves on a relationship? You hardly ever, ever, ever see that, and there’s so much wrapped up in it: suddenly you’re aware that these guys possess a capacity for intimacy and connection that neither would have experienced before, and it’s fun, and surprising, and kind of a relief, and you can see it on their faces. It’s like, thank fuck they’ve found each other! Of course they should be together! And they know it.

    Helps that Ritter and Colter have such good chemistry.

  8. Thrills Says:

    That first episode was a stinker, with enough ‘sexy’ male gaze stuff to make me fear for the series was just going to be Daredevil but with more lad bullshit. Glad I stuck with it, though.

  9. John Bishop Says:

    This episode was worth it for TBMD’s Huck review alone. Had to rewind to hear the passion in his blistering hatred.

    I picked up Secret Wars Too, also on the strength of Ryan Browne’s story. I can’t remember much about it really. Al Ewing’s was fun.

    We hammered Jessica Jones, and had finished it by Saturday evening. I liked it for the most part, but I think she should have been a little more ‘super’. She got decked a few times by average folk. I dunno. I thought Tennant was OK and genuinely pretty creepy and scummy at times.

  10. Tim B. Says:

    Enjoyed TBMD’s review of Huck. The american pronounciation of Millar continues to baffle me. Tee & tea are pronounced the same so what’s the fuss?

    Of course Millar can speak on cynical media manipulation, having never been involved with a company that hacked into dead children and grieving families phones. Speaking of which, After Fant4stic’s rotten critical & box office performance hasn’t everybody back-tracked on Millar’s involvement with Fox as some kind of nebulous creative consultant (That was always quite murky and seemed to be mostly in the head of Mr never knowingly missed a shameless promo himself).

    anyhoo, obligatory entitled neckbeard grumble, Gary, get a link for in the side bar could you, your wasting vital seconds that I could be using to correcting someone’s patently wrong-headed opinion on some obscure pop culture ephemera by having to type it into the search bar…

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    I have requested someone with more Web fu get my site up on the side bar but life turds. I will have a go myself this afternoon.

  12. James Wheeler Says:

    I’ll tell you what’s wondrous and heartwarming, and that’s Danny Furious in Beastmode.

  13. Nate A. Says:

    So I’m late to the party on the Magnum PI fanfic, (oh, how the weeks fly by), but after another great, albeit Magnum free episode, I feel compelled to chime in. The premise should be this: An outbreak of norovirus force the Love Boat to dock in Hawaii, which creates a never-ending source of guest stars for Magnum Team Up.

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Love it. Oh! And who’s this on the Love Boat, trying to get away from it all? It’s Doctor David Banner!

  15. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’m thinking there could be a spin off title kind of like Batman & The Outsiders. ‘Magnum & The Red Hand Gang’

  16. Gary Lactus Says:


  17. Gary Lactus Says:

    Magnum undercover at Degrassi Junior High.

  18. Gary Lactus Says:

    Where Benji Zaxx and the Alien Prince attend.

  19. Nate A. Says:

    I’m pretty sure the cast of Happy Days will join in, along with the Sweathogs from Welcome Back Kotter.

  20. Cass Says:

    Re: MillAR, America-bashing;

    Why would you guess “Miller” over “Mil-LAR” if you’ve never heard the name spoken? When you see Mylar bags in comic shops, do you call them “Mai-ler” bags? Or maybe that’s “Miller” as well?

    Also there’s already a more famous comics Miller, so even if you know the pronunciation, you might want to overemphasize the “a” just to distinguish between them (e.g. “violence in MillAR’s comics” vs. “violence in MillER’s comics”)

    Anyway it doesn’t matter because I think Mark Millar would legally change the pronunciation of his name if it could improve his brand among Americans. Don’t you imagine pitch meetings where the Hollywood exec says “Thanks for coming in Mr. MillAR; am I pronouncing that right?” and Millar replies “Sure are, Dave. So what’s this about optioning Huck?”

  21. Gary Lactus Says:

    We understand the logic of Millarmerican pronunciation but that doesn’t stop us from perceiving the difference. As evil English baddies we have to pick up on that sort of thing so everyone cheers when the American heroes kick us dead and blow up our secret bases.

  22. claire Says:

    TBMD, your review of Huck something else. Something slecial and beautiful and I enjoyed it immensely.

  23. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Thanks Claire. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to Mark Millar comics

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