November 17th, 2015



<ITEM> Broken, battered, bamboozled and burnt out, the boys are back from Thought Bubble 2015 with exciting tales of comic book debauchery and the happy glow of comics lighting their way. But let’s not forget some classic Sponsorship and a big shout out to Comic Printing UK who printed the BCA nominated Cindy & Biscuit: The Bad Girl and your comics too IF YOU SHOULD CHOOSE! Speaking of which, why don’t you go get a copy if you haven’t already done so!

<ITEM> Whoniverse? Youniverse? NO FOOL IT’S The Reviewniverse!! It’s a Thought Bubble tinted special with Kicky Poo by Sajan Rai, Hitsville UK, Craig Conlan’s Ghost Cat, The Goddamned, Klaus, Airboy, Comic Book Villains, The Ultimates, William Meesner Loebs’ Dr Fate, Secret Wars, All New Avengers and a bunch more shizznizz.

<ITEM> Sweet Christmas that’s your lot! Short and sweet like a child singing carols!

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

11 Responses to “SILENCE! #165”

  1. Illogical Volume Says:

    Those Dr Fate comics looked like the bomb. It was a great weekend, lovely to see you both, but my two Thought Bubble regrets are (1) that I was so fucked I could barely talk to Amypoodle on Sunday, and (2) that I didn’t have a proper rummage through the back issue bins.

    This whole “art” business is alright, the new issues of Cindy and Biscuit and The Cleaner are magical, Kathryn Briggs‘ work is giving me the good sort of 90s flashbacks, and this Ding Dong Circus book is genuinely bewildering and intriguing on a level I haven’t encountered in ages, but…

    Well, if you’re not getting shit on your fingers while you’re digging for gold, it doesn’t quite feel like comics, y’know?

  2. John Bishop Says:

    I picked up Ghost Cat at the rather splendid Crouch End comics thing last year, I have an old book of Conlan’s already called ‘Hairy Mary’, and it’s pretty weird. Quite Powerpuff Girls crossed with I dunno, washing up powder graphics, all printed in blinding pinks and yellows. Good stuff!

    Also, I think TBMD might have seen the Gosh calendar, where the entry for the Benjamin Marra signing was listed on the 17th, but the actual event is on the 8th December. So the offer is still good!

    I met Sajan Rai at one of the Gosh Process evenings (or might have been drink and draw), and saw a comic involving a dolphin, which was pure genius. Kickypoo takes it up a notch. I want more of this kind of thing!

    Comic Book Villains came up in discussion a few weeks ago at the post-comic mart drinks. I saw it a few years ago, and it’s actually quite an entertaining story to start with. Not an incredible film, but possibly not as bad as some have reported.

    Saddened to miss Thought Bubble again, really must go next time.

    More saddened there was a distinct lack of Magnum PI on this episode, but at least Murder She Wrote was namedropped.

    Happy Birthday Gary Lactus!

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    Yes, Happy Lactus.

  4. Derek Says:

    Happy Lactus Day, indeed!

    I’ve been MIA for several weeks because I got a new job and am working both old and new in the interim. Feel like I’m missing a lot of excitement with the infinite podcasts / gary halloween special, but I’ll be back in rhythm soon. Have to cancel my pull because I’m taking a significant wage cut for the new job, but I’ll still be librarying it up and picking through the bargain bins, I’m sure. The last good thing I read was the Anna Ehrlemark collection from Floating World Books. Very unique and strong horror stuff, a kind of B&W Johnny Negron-looking body horror.

  5. Derek Says:

    Well, maybe not body horror. More like a Japanese-style gothic horror. It feels very modern.

    Anyways, miss you comics.

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    We miss you too Derek!

  7. tam Says:

    As soon as you mentioned there was a comic called ‘The Goddamned, I immediately guessed it was going to be written by Jason Aaron…

  8. Erstlaub Says:

    Yayyy, my first ever SILENCE! shoutout (correction: It’s Dave not Ben and Kathryn and I are married – with a little help from Silence and subsequently The Nao of Brown so…)

    I was so pleased to meet so many of the Mindless Ones (and also James Baker and Hayley via Illogical Volume) and felt all giddy as a result. There really are such lovely/interesting/awesome people in ‘comics.

    Congrats on the new comics both of you, The Cleaner is an absolute delight, it has honesty, generosity and real character and charm. I seriously can’t wait for more.

    The new Cindy and Biscuit is just so tight in storytelling and the artwork has somehow got even better, every panel is just bursting with animation (for want of a better term) and those fight scenes!

    Moar moar moar.

    Anyway, we’re off to Germany for an unspecified period of time for visa reasons on Sunday, I’m anticipating Silence! being one of the anchors that keeps me upright during my exile. Thanks again chaps.

    //sycophant mode disengaged

  9. Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » 5 For Friday – Post Thought Bubble Special! Says:

    [...] the Thought Bubble comics convention with a terrible hangover and an overwhelming desire to have a proper rummage through the back issue bins, but I can’t say that I came back short of good zines, great comics, and better [...]

  10. plok Says:

    First Gerber, now Messner-Loebs?

    Do you have the other half of this amulet?

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