November 3rd, 2015




I am feeling boy howdy double plus positive you betcha. Ever since the operation, things have just been A-OK! I been as chipper as a bright sunny day. No more bad feelings for me, no sir! No more of the red thoughts, just nice bright blue thoughts. When I think back to how I usedta be…well gosh mister I just can’t even imagine being such an ol’ gloomy gus! All it took was a little snip snip and a bit of slice slice and POW! Clean thoughts! All-a-time! And the Men, they say that I have a POS-itive outlook now, one that makes me a WHOLE lot more acceptable for the big wide world. And what a world it is! Full of laughs and love, songs and dances. Birds and bees and butterflies and, oh just ALL SORTS! So whattya waiting for? Plug in those earphones and hop, skip and jump out the door into the comforting arms of the world. It’s a brand new day, and it’s a brand new SILENCE!

<ITEM> Nananananananananana-ADMIN! with S.M.A.S.H at the London Graphic Novel Network, Thought Bubble 2015, GOSH! Comics, Dave’s Comics, Secret Convergence On Infinite Podcasts, Fraser Geesin Jack of all Polymaths and sciatica

<ITEM> Reviewniverse come my selectah featuring hot new section COVER ME! I’m Going In!, Island no.4, Black Magic, Banacek, Magnum PI, Columbo, Alex Ross, Art Ops, Vertigo, New Avengers, Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D, Grayson, Justice League, and Garth Ennis’ The Boys

<ITEM> It’s the return of the excellent fan-favourite SILENCE! Because My Mouth Is Full Of Delicious Food! And then you can flipping’ do one treacle!






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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #162”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    Is the secret convergence a ploy to summon Azathoth?

    More on that efter these messages.

  2. Thrills Says:

    It’s ABOUT TIME Greg Rucka wrote a comic about a woman detective! Finally!


    Not made it all the way through Island #4 yet, but I actually loved the Farel Dalrymple story, and felt it held together nicely. Haven’t read Pop Gun War, so I’m not sure if I was missing anything, but I never felt like I was. It was a nice meandering read, with loads of different tones, and it made me feel around 3 different emotions.

    Going by this and Wrenchies, Dalrymple’s great at the whole ‘subterranean urban fantasy’ stuff without shitting out Vertigo “well met, sir” Gaimanisms, and for that I salute him! A success, in my eyes and heart.

    Felt bad for the postie at the start :(

    I wish Al Ewing was given better artists by Marvel. I mean, it’s all been an improvement on Greg Land, but I’m yet to see the Ewing superhero comic that feels like an ace collabo like what he has with Henry Flint on Zombo. Different situation, I know, but still…

    Sandoval’s art, it’s that Madureira stuff that was everywhere from 97-02, innit? I used to love that kinda thing but I was a different person.

    Probably a better person, but one with worse taste.

    I imagine Hit-Monkey just juddering about all over the place as he fires his guns with his flimsy limbs, the recoil breaking his bones in all directions and making him quite something to see.

    Hit-Monkey is a terrible character.

    Look forward to more “Cover Me, I’m Going In”. It is a good feature.

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    I second Thrills’ enthusiasm for “Cover Me, I’m Going In”, though I don’t know if Lady Ms Beast will be enthused to hear that the book she made me most curious about was Black Magic – I really wanted to find out what was going on with the fake angst!

    With Farel Dalrymple’s work, I think I like him best in Wrenchies-sized blocks, where I can trust that he’ll have enough time to develop a series of images and symbols through all those oblique digressions.

    I don’t think I want to read Art Ops, but I will be happy to have The Beast explain it to me on a monthly basis.

  4. John Bishop Says:

    Thanks gents!

    Me and Tam went to SMASH last year and it was pretty ace actually. Joel is a top bloke, and asked me to sit on one of the panels. Why? I have no idea, as my contribution to the ‘scene’ has been a couple of ropey self-published things about a decade ago, and a love of old tat. Anyway, I want to try and get down there again tomorrow, but some selfish person is getting married. Good news is that it’s in Clerkenwell so I could probably make the first half, in my finest raiments of course.

    Funny you should mention Magnum, as I found this great little review of the 1982 Annual a couple of weeks ago. My curiosity was piqued when I spotted a copy at a recent mart.

    Would love to see your proposed BOOM! series in reality. Magnum team-up. YES!

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    Think you lads doomed yourself to having 5 comments or less this time by commenting on your previous performance, but this was a good pod, I liked it.

    I am definitely not sitting down for the night with Marvel Essential Man Thing collection, and I certainly won’t be digging out that wee three issue run that came out just after Steve Gerber’s death either, damn you Beastie!

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    I can easily bump it up to 6 comments

  7. Illogical Volume Says:

    And I can easily delete it back down to 5.

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