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October 29th, 2015

So once again the Mindless Ones will be at the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic Convention, Thought Bubble. You can find us at tables six and seven in New Dock (don’tmentiontheoldname) Hall on the fourteenth and fifteenth of November.

Bobsy, Andre Whickey, The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus, and Illogical Volume will all be there (sadly Mister Attack, who has been with us for the past few years, will not be attending this year), and you will be able to buy Cindy & Biscuit and Terminus comics from The Beast Must Die, or the adventures of Andrew & Stephen or The Cleaner from Gary Lactus. And you will be able to see Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die doing a very special SILENCE!, and you won’t even have to give them any money for that (though you can, of course).

“But wait!”, I hear you cry, “there are FIVE Mindless Ones attending the convention, not two! What do Bobsy, Andre Whickey, and Illogical Volume have to offer me, other than their raw animal sexuality?”

This has, in previous years, posed a problem for those of us who are less obviously artistically gifted than the SILENCE! duo. We have previously attempted to sell my books, which don’t have any pictures in at all, with limited success, and to sell Illogical Volume, with even more limited success (he always comes back).

You will, of course, still be able to purchase some of my books, and we will still be entertaining offers for Illogical Volume, but this year, those of us who communicate only by means of text will be doing something different as well.

Have you ever wanted your own personal Mindless Ones blog post, written just for YOU? If so, now is your chance!

Throughout Thought Bubble weekend (depending on the vagaries of laptop battery life and the Royal Armories’ shonky wi-fi), we will be liveblogging on the subjects of your choosing. YOU, yes YOU! could have your own Mindless Ones blog post, custom-written by our blogging artisans.

For just a penny a word, we will write blog posts of any length. Have you a burning desire to be updated on the saga of Bobsy’s superhero underpants? Do you really want to read Illogical Volume writing five hundred words on why David Cameron is a great bunch of lads? Do you want to know who would win in a fight between the Thing and Darkseid? Do you want Andre Whickey to summarise his opinions on the pop music the modern young people listen to, with their Bay City Rollers and their hippity hoppiting, rather than that old stuff he writes about? Would you like a ten thousand word essay on the Clone Saga, in iambic pentameter?

Now you can have just that. Bobsy, Illogical Volume, and Andre Whickey will be tag-team blog-posting over the weekend. Short posts will be written by one of us solo, longer posts by some combination of the three. We will write words right in front of your astonished faces, and post them to the Internet for all to see.

We will be starting at a penny a word, but rates may go up (or down) depending on demand, so get there early. No refunds.

9 Responses to “Will Blog For Cash”

  1. plok Says:

    Oh God, I wish I was going!


    Will you take a cheque?

    By the way: I need more “The Cleaner”, because I was a cleaner. It speaks to me. In a very disturbing voice.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    The Cleaner #2 should be ready for Thought Bubble then available at frasergeesin.com after that. Thanks for wanting it.

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    The Cleaner: is fucking excellent, really looking forward to reading the new issue!

    Andre Whickey: is a lovely lad who deserves all praise for getting this post up (QUIET DAVID!).

  4. Thrills Says:

    I am going to try and make it along, am currently looking into the exciting logistics of visiting an unfamiliar city all on my lonesome, like a real adventurer.

    Might request a 200 word essay on Morbius the Living the Vampire, so sorry about that.

  5. Andrew Hickey Says:

    Did I really write the phrase “Custom-written by our blogging artisans”?
    Jesus. What a complete prick I am when I think I’m being funny and haven’t had enough coffee yet.

  6. Andrew Hickey Says:

    Seriously. I’m just a complete prick. I do apologise.

  7. plok Says:

    No need to apologize! The man wants Morbius.

    Actually one could spin that off into a weird place, couldn’t one? Since Morbius visited Arcturus, on what I suppose you might call a sort of “voyage”…

    See, now you wish I was going, don’t you? Because I would totally write that blog-post.

  8. Thrills Says:

    I would give you 200 Scottish pennies to write that.

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