October 5th, 2015




Okay class for this week’s creative writing exercise I want you all to produce a blurb for a podcast. I know we’ve been reading some of the real classics in the blurb field, some of the greats. But for this I want you to  shake them off, and just write something fresh and vibrant. Something that really says something about a modern podcast in the 21st Century.

So; 300 word blurb on my desk tomorrow morning:






<ITEM> It’s that time again. You feel that itching behind your ear? That crawling on your scalp? The sweat on your eyeballs? That’s another edition of SILENCE! tearing its way into our reality. And riding it bare-back are Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and special guest stud Bobsy!

<ITEM> Sponsorship, The Beast’s nomination at the British Comic Awards and Gary’s Jack of All Polymaths? You bet your can!

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse aka the nexus of all realities, point zenith, the Bermuda Podcast… Inside waiting are the boys going deep on Alan Moore’s Providence, Michael DeForge’s Lose, Young Terrorists, Sandman: Overture, Wolf. From Under Mountains, Nameless and Bitch Planet

<ITEM> Bobsy does an outro his dear old Ma would be proud off, and we’re off!

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11 Responses to “SILENCE! #159”

  1. thesaintgodard Says:

    Once the series wraps, might we have a Silence! post-game episode on nothing but Nameless?

  2. claude Says:

    red sky at night, shepherds delight.


  3. Tim B. Says:

    As some one with minimal Cthulu knowledge I’m really enjoying Povidence. The latest issue’s technique of running the dialogue from one encounter to the next added a dream like character to it, especially fitting given the story told. Re the back matter, I’m reading them in the issues but I get the impression that it’s gonna be like Watchmen, there’s no need to re-read them every time you go back to the work.

    Gaimanics/Dianetics – hand your British Comic Fan Trivia/unhealthy obsession (Your choice) Badges in all three of you – the Dream Weaver’s dad was Scientology UK Press officer when the organisation was based in East Grinstead in the 60s.

    Yeah J.H Williams Eye-Eye-Eye does have a chameleon quality (Like Stuart Immomen) to his work – compare his technique he used for the Club of Heroes stuff in Morrison’s Batman run with the Silver-Age flashbacks etc.

    Anyhoo, hope Oldman Lactus sciatica improves (I’m 43 so I get to use ‘Oldman’ ironically)

  4. werdsmiffery Says:

    Great to hear of the planned Thought Bubble offerings (I’m not checking twitter as much these days, so I heard it here first) and I hope to see you there!

  5. tam Says:

    I will persevere with Providence which is worth reading for the sheer level of craft alone but I really wish I cared more about HP Lovecraft. There’s probably an interesting compare and contrast discussion to be had on Crossed, (which I much preferred) vs Providence. I’m suddenly understanding why some people who didn’t care about superheroes found Watchmen a bit of a slog despite all the innovative art and writing. Really can’t be arsed with the text pages though. I think I feel the same way about his ‘texting’ that you do about his songs (although not so keen on them myself either). I didn’t think they added much to Watchmen even as a fairly easily impressed young fan and the ones in the LOEG made me realise he likes writing his literary pastiches far more than I enjoy reading them.

    Also, if Ivor and Daisy had a fight, which of the Galacticats would triumph?

  6. bobsy Says:

    Ivor is noticeably bigger and tougher, like an engine. Daisy is more soft and delicate, like a flower.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah but Daisy is more agile and Ivor is kinda clumsy. They spar a lot and they’re both actually pretty evenly match. Daisy is not shy of attacking Ivor and had him by the throat real good yesterday. They cuddle each other a lot too.

  8. tam Says:

    So it’s essentially Daredevil vs Rhino?

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yep. Or Night crawler vs Juggernaut or Puck vs. Sasquach or nightwing vs blockbuster

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    But with cuddles and licking at the end.

  11. tam Says:

    Re : The Boys, you might like to know that London Forbidden Planet currently has lots of copies of most of the volumes in their sales section at £2.99 each. The series is a bit hit and miss and there’s far too much padding including several pointless spin off mini series.
    The last third is really good but does build on what came before. It’s basically a big tribute to Pat Mills, the main character Billy Butcher is basically Bill Savage and all the superhero hatred is clearly inspired by Marshall Law.

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