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Do YOU have space in your home to this well-loved antique? No real value, but may provide some entertainment to the mentally infirm

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<ITEM> Admin, Sponsorship, the Galacticats, Another Blue World by Jon Chandler, and a slap to your blubbery chops of course.

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse opens it’s arms, and clasps you just a bit too tight, so that you can smell the Extra Strong mints on it’s breath…talking ’bout Nameless, Wild’s End, Hellboy, Weird World, the Congress of Animals, Dogtanian and the 3 Muskerhounds, Maus, Magic, Michael Motion, David Bowie’s Balls, Captain America: White, Batgirl, Grayson, ‘Ghost’ comics, New Statesmen, Prince Comics, Epic illustrated and a whole lot more.

<ITEM>SILENCE! The Film Has Started! gives us a hot recommendation for superb new internet horror Unfriended from The Beast

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17 Responses to “SILENCE! #158”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Prince comic is fun nonsense! I don’t recommend paying the £6 I did for it unless you really like Prince, but should you ever see it for cheap, you should go for it. Sorry, “Go4it”.

    Cheers for the Unfriended ‘tip’. I figured it’d be awful as it looks like a cynical sort of “here is a film for the yoof” thingy, but I am always looking out for a good horror film to watch, so I will track this doon!

    Nameless is a great comic, eh? I suspect it is crammed with the usual Morrison tropes, but I fucking love Morrison tropes when done right, and this comic is doing it RIIIIGHT. Right. And Burnham’s panel work, ooft! He continues to impress and inspire.

    ‘Ghost comics’ for me are those awful-looking Tekno Comics that were out in t’90s. There was a foul air of extra nerdiness to them that even I, a Blood Bowl-playing, Final Fantasy-importing youngster knew to steer clear of.

    They seemed sort of nasty and cheapo compared to the Overkill and Spidey I was reading, with their fancily-coloured Gaiman steamshit and Leonard Nimoy muscly rhino stuff, on their glossy, glossy paper.

    Little did I know that was the norm in Americomics, and the UK reprint stuff I was reading with flat colours and nice cheap paper were a glorious anomaly.

    PS Michael Motion is an outstanding name. Like the kid who phoned Going Live to talk to Reeves and Mortimer who was called ‘Tony Tilt’. “What a great name, Tony” said Vic, and he was right.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    “fancily-coloured Gaiman steamshit”

    Love you Thrills

  3. Thrills Says:

    Aw shucks.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    I had used to have a cassette tape I recorded off the radio of Vic and Bob on Steve Wright. At one point they were just reading and repeating the names of people who had phoned in with questions. The two that remain in my memory are Douglas Doig and Nick Waddam.

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Tony Tilt is fantastic.

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just Googled Michael Motion. His name is actually spelt “Michael Moschen”. Here he is:

  7. Thrills Says:

    That’s Ultimate Michael Motion, who has a new surname that’s less fun but more realistic.

  8. Tim B. Says:

    Re Nameless, yeah that’s firing on all cylinders for every involved. Must admit I’m an easy mark for double dipping on Morrison’s stuff and I’m not going to get the Annihilator collection, as a story about a screenwriter it seemed too on the nose as an attempt to do an on-spec screenplay but this issue definitely means I’m going to get the collection of Nameless as well.

    Re Mike Mignola, I’ve a soft spot for his work on Triumph & Torment, the Dr Strange/Dr Doom Marvel Graphic Novel really is stunning with excellent of it’s time colouring.

    Re bonus content/USP [Neckbeard babyman cuntinuity grumble aside about what is clearly (gl)admin appearing in the Reviewniverse] yeah, would be interested in occasional deep dives on stories, particularly The Cult, given that I brought it on TBMD’s recommendation ages ago and don’t consider it a wasted purchase. The rambling from comic chat to obscure Paul Daniels guest spots via David Bowie’s balls is part of the charm, and thanks for the info about Grayson, I mean I appreciate the ‘DCYou’ initiative intends to reach new audiences but I always thought that a comic about the adventures of the late Generation Game Host was a niche too far…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    If I wrote Grayson I would have characters telling him to “shut that door” constantly.then I would be fired.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    That was me, Gary Lactus.

  11. Derek Says:

    i’d def like specials, tho i’d hope that you’d keep them freely available. maybe you could make (turn-downable) requests a patreon reward.

    hope to hear a lot of horror chat this october. last year’s ghostwatch rec made for a great halloween. (btw: i’m in the middle of “in the dust of the planet,” eugene thacker’s first volume (of three) on the “horror of philosophy,” which i’ll go ahead and rec to anybody who’s interested. very lucid and accessible.)

    my childhood was filled with “ghost” comics, as i grew up in rural arkansas and could only get whatever comics ended up on the spinner rack at my local convenience store. mostly it was ghost rider and web of spiderman. every once and a while we would go down to pecanland mall in monroe, la and I would be able to pick up whatever dollar back issues passed my god-fearing mother’s smell test. access to anything that seemed extra-ordinary was limited to the blurbs in previews magazine, which i scoured hungrily. and so things like “bone” and “hate” and “cerebus” and even “hepcats” seemed very very cool and very very foreign to me. i’ve still never read a copy of hepcats, for which i thank the god who deprived me of it all those years ago.

  12. Derek Says:
  13. Justin Victor Says:

    I know from listening to too many comedy podcasts that Michael Moschen was an early partner of Penn of Penn and Teller. Do with that useless info what you will.

    Nameless was rather fist-pumpingly great, wasn’t it? It’s extremely rare that I have a physical or audible reaction to a comic, but I let out a whoop at the big reveal there. Gotta be one of the best single issues of the year.

    I actually liked Irving’s art on Annihilator. He does eerie stillness better than anyone. I think that series was maybe just one issue too long, is all. It belabors the point a bit.

    I haven’t done any patreoning yet, but special in-depth episodes would be cool, especially if you announce the titles ahead of time so listeners can play along. I have a trade of The Cult on my shelf that I’ve never read. I loved the Wrightson/Starlin Punisher mini ‘P.O.V.’ as a kid though, so hopes are high.

    Glad to hear Unfriended is worth a look. I just started my annual giant horror movie marathon/blogathon thing, so new titles are most welcome indeed. So far I’ve watched the mediocre micro-budget thriller Creep (2014), and Michele Soavi’s bizarre satanic nightmare The Sect (1991). I think Soavi may be the pound-for-pound best Italian horror director. He made four genre movies and they’re all uniquely great.

  14. Nick Bryan Says:

    Just to add to the opinion wave, I’d also tip into the Patreon if it would mean getting (or causing the making of) specials/extra material. I’m a sucker for a structured reward system.

    All my childhood ‘Ghost Comics’ seemed to be part of the DC crossover Genesis, for some reason. There seemed to be some massive surplus of Genesis tie-in issues that caused them to be dumped in random newsagents in suburban Essex.

  15. King Plum Says:

    Saving up SILENCE to listen to while I DIY on my October break- coming so late to the party even the hosts have left….
    A lot of good stuff in the particular SILENCE. I too scratch my chin and say “hmmmmm, MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY” concerning Mignola. Wolverine The Jungle Adventure, is another beautiful early work, when he still had that Kirby energy, with really lovely covering- loads of ochres and moss greens. Looking back on Fafard and the Gray Mouser, it has the shadows and the space, but also loads of detail and movement. These days I find Mignola’s art so static and really a bit too mannered, beautiful of course, but more like a woodcut.
    Talking of Ghost comics, my parents used to go to London as a child to visit my Uncle. I was just moving from The Beano to 2000AD, while my dad was, and still is a big Sandman fan (don’t judge, he had exactly the same background and childhood as Gaiman and I think he feels a real kinship with The Dreamsqueezer). Anyway, I flicked through 2 comics while visiting bookshops with The Old Boy that creeped me out to buggery and have haunted me ever since. The first was Hidashi Hino’s Panorama Of Hell,which fully lives up to the title, horrific in moly the way that cartoony art can be. The second I don’t ever remember, but was a British comic in which some horrific psychic catastrophe had turned everyone into sociopaths. In one panel a grown may in a nappy confesses to killing his wife (or girlfriend’s) baby out of jealousy. I think it was coloured in pinks and reds. I kind of want to know what it was, to see if I can exorcise the demon, but it certainly left an indelible scar on my impressionable young mind.

  16. King Plum Says:

    moly the way? ONLY the way

  17. King Plum Says:

    Yeah, and also grown MAN.
    I’m not good at typing

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