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Claptrap, poppycock, balderdash. I won’t countenance this rot for a single second more. I don’t know who told you that this was the place where you can sample the finest blurb on the internet but they lied. The blurb here is tolerable at best, serviceable as the norm. Really, since all those cheap mass blurbs started springing up everywhere the market for vintage, artisan blurb simply disappeared. Generations of blurbcrafters served this podcast for hundreds of years. All gone now. Replaced by the type of simpleton that produces this piffle. Honestly. It’s a national tragedy.
Well. That;s it. I told you this wasn’t the place.

<ITEM> We all know about four girls one cup, right? Well this is two guys, one podcast and it gets N-A-S-T-Y…It’s SILENCE! with Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die

<ITEM> It’s a vintage intro with admin (sponsorship), gladmin (a song for FRODSA) and sadmin (Wes Craven RIP). Oh and Ketamine and Karaoke.

<ITEM> Oh say can you see, by the Reviewniverse’s early light… Prez, E for Extinction, Crossed 100, Ant Man, Phantom Eagle, Suicide Squad, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Superman and more.

<ITEM> BUT THEN! The Beast’s Bargain Basement with Hawkworld, Martian Manhunter, ATARI Force and Namor

Okay then. That’s settled. We’ll do the show RIGHT HERE!!!!

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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #154”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    Download link doesn’t go to the mp3 directly as per usual.

    Just a heads-up for those that have dowloaded a HTML file by accident.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Balls. I will try to fix later.

  3. John Bishop Says:

    Yeah RIP Wes! I also remember being scared witless by tales of Freddy before actually seeing the film. And when the second one came out, there was a video shop near school that had the poster in the window, with that school bus on it. That used to creep me out. I was a big fan of People Under the Stairs, such a weird film.

    Sniffing comics may look like a strange eccentricity by outsiders, but it really can evoke pure nostalgia, I LOVE IT AND I’LL NEVER STOP!

  4. tam Says:

    I love the smell of a yellowing silver age comic in the morning.

    Odd you mention about Alan Moore not being funny since I’m currently reading The Bojeffries Saga (just about the only remaining thing by him that I haven’t yet read) and it IS very amusing but largely on account of Steve Parkhouse’s wonderful cartooning. It’s immediately become one of my favourite ever strips and the writing is pretty good, but it’s one of the very few things Moore’s done where he’s outshone by the artist.

  5. Nate A. Says:

    This was a good one. The mere mention of the prestige format scent put me back in time to when something as simple as square binding could promise sophistication. Those were the days, sort of.

    I quite liked the FRODSA anthem. It recalls “Scandal in Bohemia” era Jazz Butcher. Fun fact: The Jazz Butcher, AKA Pat Fish, is a long time resident of Northampton who has appeared in at least one Alan Moore written film. Also, the Jazz Butcher did a song called “Southern Mark Smith,” which is about (you guessed it) Mark E. Smith, the man you imitated to great effect in the same podcast! Say what you will of Alan Moore’s invented deity, but there’s something to his idea that the world begins and ends in Northampton.

    Thanks for the pod, gentlemen.

  6. Thrills Says:

    I am wary of the Bojeffries Saga: love Parkhouse, and I want to believe Moore can be funny, but there’s a copy of DR and Quinch on my shelves that reminds me he is not a funny man. Load of fucking Beeblebrollox.


    Old comics, though. Awwww yeah. Love the Beast’s Bargain Basement. In fact, I’m rereading Slash Maraud which you folks suggested aaaages ago. Such a time capsule! I’m more of a ’92 Midnight Sons/2099 guy when it comes to wallowing in the glorious hellworld of fetishistic nostalgia, though.

    Gonnae look for the 3 issues of that Hawkworld miniseries, I reckon.

  7. tom kemp Says:

    thanks for the song, glad to have been part of the Temple of the Dog of of the silence comments section

  8. tam Says:

    I was wary of The Bojeffries for similar reasons which is why it’s taken me until now to read it but it is wonderful. Rauol the genial Polish werewolf has immediately become one of my favourite characters ever. The writing isn’t always that funny but I reckon Moore deserves some of the credit for the characterisation and the excellent comic timing. I can imagine Gary Lactus adoring the strip. All in all, a very pleasant surprise. So I think that’s Alan Moore completely read(Except for Lost Girls which I gave up on)

  9. Tim B. Says:

    Picked up Hawkworld on the cheap on comixology and a very fine read it is. Been digital I don’t get the Proustian trigger of the smell, but I can read Chaykin & García-López’s Twilight for that.

    On García-López I always feel that he’s akin to John Buscema – someone who had the misfortune of been brilliant but working in the same artistic wheelhouse at the same time as others more lauded than him, for Buscema it’s Kirby, García-López it’s Byrne, Adams & Perez. Suprised there isn’t any sort of DC omnibus collecting his work.

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    His work on Twilight is gorgeous.

  11. Thrills Says:

    I see the Bojeffries Saga’s regularly priced at about a tenner. Will give it a look someday!

    Garcia-Lopez is fantastic, eh? First time I saw his work was in a collection of the Marvel/DC Amalgam comics, of all places. It was actually quite confusing seeing such great art in there, especially from a person I had never heard of. Really raised the material up to a level it didn’t quite deserve (though some of the amalgam stories are good fun, they’re mostly godawful).

  12. Gary Lactus Says:

    I love the Bojeffries stuff (except for the song one).

  13. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yeah me too. Think I bugged it up on a past podcast.


  14. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Bugged it up?


  15. bobsy Says:

    In the Bojeffries book there’s a huge noticeable dropoff in yuks when it goes from the reprints to the new ‘hilarious’ song-based episode.

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