August 3rd, 2015



It was the best of blurbs, it was the worst of blurbs…

Wait, so which was it? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Well..okay then it was the best of blurbs..

REALLY? You better be sure about that. That’s a bold claim.

Ummm… okay then it was ONE of the best of blurbs. It..

Well that’s hardly very important sounding is it? Why are you making a song and dance about ONE of the best of blurbs? There are GOOD blurbs everywhere! They’re ten a penn. JEEZ! You really are a self important arse. Stop wasting my time.

It was…*sob* it was…

<ITEM> Welcome weary travellers. Rest your tweeting thumbs, take off them stinking boots and give them dogs a well-earned rest. It’s a CLASSIC line-up with Gary Lactus on bass guitar and The Beast Must Die on lead Keytar…and they are both rocking the main stage! It’s SILENCE! the comics podcast for waifs and strays.

<ITEM> Sponsorshingles, and some reckymendations..Wet Hot American Summer and Rick & Morty. Then it’s time for our brand new section SILENCE! The Film Has Started with Ant-Man and Lost Souls: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr Moreau.

<ITEM> And finally the Reviewniverse..the Disneyland of comics based criticism (in that it’s a fucking rip off). The boys break bread and spake of Hawkeye, Batgirl, Batgirl: Annual, Cyborg, E is for Extinction, Dr Fate, Mercy Heat, Hitsville UK, It Will All Hurt, Transformers Vs GI Joe, Stray Bullets, We Stand on Guard, Crickets and more more more (how do you like it?)

<ITEM> Well, what an adventure we’ve all had. Now it’s time for sleepy time, so shhhh.

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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #151”

  1. Thrills Says:

    I had a rabbit as a child, which I named ‘Buggerlugs’. My parents found this hilarious.

    I had a cyst on my back about 10 years ago, its explosion was some genuinely satisfying body horror. Thinking about it now fills me with a sense of disgust and pride.

    Post that video online, Lactus.

    Comics? What comics? I don’t read comics.

  2. Thrills Says:

    PS The actual Moreau film is, sadly, just really fucking dull. That doc sounds good, but.

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    PUFFLES! That was the name of Ndrew Hickey’s childhood dog!


  4. tam Says:

    Kittens and burst cysts. Silence! really does dominate the full cute to gross spectrum in a way that no other comics podcast can touch.

    Don’t post any cat pictures on facebook. You’ll quickly become embittered as you realise your cats are far more popular than you or your best crafted observations. Last week I posted a cat photo (163 likes) and the meaning of life (4 likes)

  5. Zakaria Says:


  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Cyst Kitten is my new cyberpunk name.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Good podde. Got me to, round, across and through the town centre, up through the court, across Halfords car park, cross the road, round to and through Sainsbury’s until I was unloading my basket of shopping onto the conveyor. A pleasing length.

    I saw Ant-Man! I went to the swish new cinema and they didn’t have it in 2D, preferring to try and murder me with IMAX or blind me with 3D, so I ran round to the old cinema and watched it in 2D.

    And I liked it! No real spoilers, but here are four thoughts about it:

    1. I’m gladsad this was a Marvel Movie (TM) and not, say, a brand-new independent British Superhero property, like Wright and Cornish might have been able to pull off if so inclined. The schlubby characters, emotional tone and humour were pretty great, and applied to a lovely tea- and chip-butty-based milieu, without the weight of expectation of the Michty Mervel Unifferse, this mighta been The British Superhero Movie. And I wanna do that.

    2. Some parts of the plot don’t gel, and there are moments where I felt the script and the intentions of the actors scene-by-scene were working against each other, as if they were divorced from each other somehow. I feel like we were gulled into expecting certain things to happen in certain places that never came off. And some things happened that probably weren’t earned.

    3. Your man Corey Stoll was a great Lex Luthor, and given his fine turn in House Of Cards, I’m wondering if Kev Spacey gen’d him up on how to play alopecious arseholes.

    4. If this had been the first Marvel Movie (TM) – or if they’d positioned it in the place of Iron Man – I feel like nothing would have changed *at all*. Which I think might be more of a compliment than it sounds.

    I, too, watched Wet Hot American Summer. It tried a bit hard with the wacky zanyness, and much of it fell flat, but I liked the commitment to the characters, and there are some really beautiful moments of awkwardness, frustration, levity and violence. I don’t have the experience with 80s Americomedy that TBMD has, but I’m looking forward to seeing the original.

    Rick and Morty s2 is up on Adult Swim (as is so much more, e.g. Venture Bros.). That first episode was beauty. Some of the first series is probably still up as well. The loose, improvisational feel really salts the caramel, or something.

    COMICS: The Simpsons Summer Shindig was good. Nina Matsumoto, Ian Boothby, bad puns, superheroes, fraternal tension, free tennis game.

    I read the free pilot issue of the Filipino myth-based Bayani And The Nine Daughters, by Travis McIntyre, Grant Perkins (who you will know from the UK Comics scene, 2000AD etc.). The full series is up on Kickstarter, and I quite enjoyed the pilot. The art is bright and appealingly all-agey, without hewing to the current wobbly paradigm. Good stuff.

    I might also direct the assembly’s attention to the current Humble Bundle of music comics, incl. The DivWics, the ScottPilgs and the HipsHop. Some great bargains to be had there.

    Re: The Merc (the cool-kids’ name for Mercury Heat), the zero issue was ra’goo’, and I loved the contrarian attitude and source of inspiration of the lead. It’s a comic that justifies the skin as practicality, which is going to make it a hard sell for some, but eight or nine pages of rotten armpits and the word “g*sset” are going to wring any sense of titilation right out of it.



  8. John Bishop Says:

    Looking forward to a Cyst Kitten comic. Her gang could be the Pussycat Pustules. Or something.

    Good podcast, and all the talk about kittens and such coinciding nicely with my current job on a pet food ad.

    I also saw that TMNT documentary on Netflix, and it whiled away a rainy afternoon. It was in fact better than the Bill Watterson doc also on Netflix. But I suppose that’s also worth a watch.

    I tried to do the patreon thing, and my credit card was rejected. Sunday, I got a phone call from my bank requesting I urgently call them regarding a fraudulent payment attempt. Because obviously, if someone wanted to go on a spree with my credit card, the first thing they’d do would be to sponsor a podcast. Sigh.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Craig. One day when your comments here gain a massive cult following there will be guided walks where devoted fans can follow in your classic footsteps and buy the same food and stuff.

    John. Thanks for trying.

    Everyone else. Legends.

  10. Matthew Craig Says:

    “The same food” = supermarket sandwiches that I mostly throw away.

    Nobody should follow in my Charlie Chaplin footsteps. Salt the Earth behind me and burn all the boats. Pulp all the notepads and feed the rest to goats.


  11. Matthew Craig Says:

    PS: There’s a full-colour forty-odd-page minicomic in this week’s Beano. Viking Menaces versus Loki. I think it’s Nigel Auchterlounie (Spleenal, Numskulls), but there’s no credits (boo). Seriously: get it get it get it get it also there’s Haribo and a water squirter.


  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    John – I gave up on that Wattersin doc when I realised a) no Watterson (obviously) and b) it might actively diminish my love for Calvin & Hobbes.

  13. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, I am avoiding the Watterson thing for those exact reasons.

    The Toitles doc is quite lovely, though. There’s so much weird enthusiasm in it! And yeah, that sweaty competent corporate drone PR guy is astounding. He’s what I want from entertainment.

    Transformers vs. GI Joe is amazing. Nothing else like it out there.

  14. John Bishop Says:

    Perhaps I was particularly patient the day I watched the Watterson doc. I don’t remember despising it (although the narrator was incredibly annoying). My girlfriend thought it was boring as well. Although to be fair she had never (inexplicably) read a single Calvin & Hobbes strip.

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