July 22nd, 2015

Man walks into a bar. Wants to find someone to talk to about comics. He is shunned and dismissed as an irritant. The man leaves the bar and goes on the internet and tries to find someone to talk to about comics. The man finds Matthew Craig, Adam Englebright and James Wheeler. Together they make a podcast which people hear around the globe. The man imagines that the people who shunned him in the bar must be feeling pretty silly now. Yeah.

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12 Responses to “SILENCE! #150”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This sounded like a hotline for lonely people about to top themselves. I’m off to top myself.

  2. James Wheeler Says:


  3. James Wheeler Says:

    Right, listening now, here are the livecomments:
    - Reliable, confident Matthew Craig as engaging as ever
    - Nice bit of solo reviewniverse
    - Adam Englebright sliding in like the podcasting pro he is, swiftly debunking my theories about his eery twitter disappearance…
    - I am absolutely screwed here
    - Oh god Adam’s just been so nice
    - Whatever happens I’m very glad my appearance will be the shortest
    - Hey wait this is fine
    - Bizarre to relive a conversation I could barely hear the other half of at the time
    - I did ask Michel Fiffe on twitter and the comic is apparently “Copra Winfrey” as opposed to “a night at the Copra”, but the real word meaning “dried coconut meat” rhymes with the latter
    - Skype connection reached an all time low at the end there, so that’s me straining to hear rather silently lapping up Gary’s praise (whose Professional Model Face is clearly better)
    - Earlier in the day I had considered slating Jurassic World as a possible topic for the podcast, so I’m glad I didn’t
    - Hope Lady Lactus feels better

    Can’t express my relief that I didn’t singlehandedly sink the good ship SILENCE! In closing: get fucked, anon.

  4. tam Says:

    Good point about the lack of trenchant criticism in these comments, so I’d just like to point out you’re basically wrong about asolutely everything Gary Lactus.

    Always fun to hear Mr Craig talking about the non comic shop related world of comics. 2000 AD’s okay at the moment with art by Disraeli and Henry Flint but there’s too much Gordon Rennie, (Ablsom AND Jaeger) and it always feels a bit lacking when there’s not any strips by Pat Mills or John Wagner. Even though I found the last Slaine strip very dull and can’t remember anything about it except for some nice art, there was nevertheless something comforting about it being there.
    But looking forward to ‘whatever happened to PJ Maybe?’ (I can see why they left him out of ‘Dark Justice’ to make the story more accessable and stand alone but it was a shame he wasn’t in that) and the return of Bad Company might be poignant under the sad circumstances…

    Fun to hear from Adam too. Although shockingly I realised he’s YOUNGER than Watchmen. Which makes me realise I’ve probably been reading comics for far too many years now…

  5. Thrills Says:

    I reckon Bad Company’ll be a great read, but I cannae really get behind Rufus Dayglo’s art. It is not for me. It’s an amalgamation of old 2000AD stuff in a way similar to Henry Flint, except Flint has more of an individual voice, and is influenced by artists I find more interesting than Jamie Hewlett And Pals. Maybe 10 years ago I would have been more into the idea of him doing Bad Company? Tastes change, eh.

    The Beano still has Little Plum in it? Cripes. That is a genuine surprise, thought he would have been decommissioned years ago.

    As much of a miseryguts as I am, I enjoyed this lengthy, rambling podcast – it was an amiable bit of chatter that accompanied an afternoon of scribbling.

    Oh, just read ‘Island’: love it in theory, have no strong opinion on it in practice. Reminds me of picking up Casanova years ago and wanting badly to like it to be part of the hip comics vanguard, but it did very little for me. It was fine, y’know? A fine comic.

    Great format, though. Will pick up the next one for Simon Roy’s contribution. I want to like Island!

  6. Tim B. Says:

    Could I be cheeky and ask what was the link for Matthew Craig’s website? I was walking around listening to the pod and so not able to make a note & I don’t feel like wading thru 3 hours to find it.

    Enjoyed Captain Britain & The Mighty Defenders too, but then again I’m an easy mark for the Defenders and the creative team involved.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Tim, the link for my website is

    Free digital downloads (and my new comic, he said spamidgely) can be had by clicking on the link in my name above. :)


  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    Ah yes, I meant to link to that in the post but was in an enormous hurry then I forgot. Sorry.

  9. Zakaria Says:

    For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow..



    Oh how did I forget about Prison Pit. Is another volume out yet? Maybe I should just re-read the previous ones.

    I haven’t read anything Marvel in quite some time. I think it’s time I correct that.

    There’s something very calming to this. Poor planning isn’t always a weakness. As a stylistic choice it’s working out really well. You should have more guests on for some chin-wagging action.

  10. Matthew Craig Says:

    Al’s Michty Avengers has been a gread read in the Panini reprints. Strong on characters, strong on the causes of characters. Monica Marvel still needs both an honoriffic and a set of puffy sleeve-capes, but no human thing is ever perfickt.

    (“a” honoriffic)

    The latest Meg was pretty good. There’s an interview with Dredd/Transformers artist Jeff Anderson (that I managed to forget to actually read, sorry), some lovely Tom Foster/Kirsty Swan art in the new Brit-Cit Psi-Cop strip Storm Warning, and the Dredd vs. Space Zorro vs. Gordonella Gecko thrill continues to be both treading well-worn territory and politically troubling at the same time. So yay?

    The latest Beano follows the tradition of the title aping (or even apeing) whatever thing is big on the telly or in the pictures and does an “Inside-Out” riff by way of The Numskulls x Superior Spider-Man. There’s a great free Beanozine by (or at least illustrated by; no creds, so I can’t be 100% on the complete authorship) The Numskulls’ Nigel “Spleenal” Auchterlounie, which explores the history and occult geography of Beanotown in a fun and intriguing way.

    Someone should get The Asylum to make a Copra mockbuster to go with this Suicide Squad thing. Something overlit and slightly oversaturated to counter the dreary self-hating cod-70sist palette of DC’s releases.

    Actually, I still haven’t read Copra past that free ish on Fiffe’s webbo, so. Probably oughta get on that.

    The reprint comic with this month’s Meg was a Si Spurrier/Carl Critchlow war thing called The Vort. Bit Garth Ennis, little bit Harry Harrison, pretty good, but slightly strips a gear halfway through when it suddenly ties the story into some other thing I’ve never actually read, in a way that recalls an older, dare I say better strip, instead of doing its own thing. and I get that it was a stunt as part of a wider run which rewards long-term readers of the Tooth, but as a standalone thing presented to a new reader, it’s less successful.

    Ineplicably, annoyingly, provocatively, they pad out the book with the last part of the Fleisher/Dillon/Walker/Hopgood Harlem Heroes, which they’ve been quasi-serialising across a few of these things, instead of putting it all out on one or two discrete volumes (or one complete collection). Gr.

    Still, two fat comics for £5.70. No’ bad.

    Good podde though, apart from that first guy, who probably should have made notes and actually had some comics to hand before he sat down to talk. When I finally got around to listening back, I was working on something I couldn’t get away from, so when the MP3 player skipped and repeated the whole marathon sesh, I had a great chance to be embarassed by my own stuttering half-thoughts again.


  11. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Excellent work SILENCE! Team!

    All the guest stars were top drawer- no need to stress gents, you all sounded like you knew what you were on about.

    KOOL AID- I opened one of those free packets from the 90s Spidey comic about a year ago, even prepared to consume it, however when the packet was opened, the contents had turned into a sticky brown tar. No ta!

    NEWSAGENTS- I used to pick up my monthly Marvels from a newsagent’s. It was a good hike away, but every month they got one (sometimes two) of each ‘main’ Marvel title. I used to rinse the lot! One month they got in a pile of Comico(!) comics, my 15 year old self was a bit nervous and confused, so I only grabbed Grendel, and the Elementals V2 #1, which I enjoyed but didn’t really find any more Comico until a LCS opened in town.

    COPRA- Loving this, get on it Mr Lactus, I’m sure you will too.

    JURASSIC WORLD- Lots of work colleagues complaining about this, I’m not sure what they were expecting. I was expecting dinosaurs fighting and that’s what I got. Where’s the problem?


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