June 9th, 2015




“Cor blimey stroike a loight guvnor, wos all this about then, cor blimey ain’t I yer bloody great sod! I tell ye what me ol choina, this eer’s a roight rum bloody lark an no mistake ain’t it? It’s been rainin apples and soddin pears all day an I’m soaked to the effin bone I am guvnor, stroike a light guv an I even seen me fancy dolly bird all day noither…”

CUT! Why the f*ck did you hire an American actor to do this blurb? For f*cks sake this is a total write off.  F*ckin amateurs…

<ITEM> Admin, admin getcher self some admin! I’ve got a brand new pair of Sponsorskates…Gosh Comics and Dave’s Comics?  You know the drill. PLUS the boys have a celebrity friend bake off – Gary Lactus lunges with Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Tank Girl and The Beast parries with James Stokoe and Orc Stain.

<ITEM> MY EYES! MY EYES! Blinded by the insidious glare of the Reviewniverse…and within that awful black light is Zero, Non-Player, Secret of Monkey Island, Another World, Airboy, The Golden Age, Secret Wars, Amazing Spiderman, Kaijumax, Chilling World of Sabrina, God Hates Astronauts, Pope Hats and the Geesin Brothers.


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13 Responses to “SILENCE! #145”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    I never had the patience for those more formal RPGs. I just want to get in there and start knacking people in the chops or building a spaceship or swinging around New York in me tights. I mean, my best mate used to come round and play Sim City for hours. I’d just sleep through it. Of course, now he’s the king of IT infrastructures and I’m a penniless bum, so there you go. Being able to score points off the bouncedome doesn’t look so good on a CV.

    Comics about vidgames peaked early with COMPUTER WARRIOR. Man, just typing that name brings back sense memories of Scampi Flavoured Fries and endless SaturdayssssssI’M SO OLLLLLD

    My dream vidgam comics: 3. SPEEDBALL 2 2. CANABALT 1. HORACE

    Comics. I read some of those. I read The WicDiv 10+11 and thoroughly enjoyed the formal experimentation and colour storytelling. Shall have to sit down with the whole stack at some point and do some actuarial work on panel counts and distribution, etc. (but probably won’t). Tell you what though, it’s been a while since I got to the end of a comic and had such a powerful ache to read the next instalment.

    ZexCrimZ vol.2 – I forgot how bally heartfelt this comic is. I read vol.1 exactly one year ago, and all the brimp-crimp-shrimp stuff you see everywhere blots out the emotions. Interesting approach to conveying mental health issues within the comic, as well.

    McSpider-Man & Wife – See, I read that One More Day jasm last week as well, so this is pretty much a What If?! on that, not a What If?! on the May Parker Spider-Girl. Does it matter? It has the rubbish Frank Cho Venom redesign instead of the boss original – Venom doesn’t need eyeballs within his eye-shapes; those are his eyes – and a couple of other pointless visual cues. It’s all right, I guess. I feel like there’s a weird flatness to the pictures, possibly thanks to the colouring, but I can’t put my finger on why. The story’s inoffensive. It doesn’t have Spider-Man vigorously tongue-kissing his genetic sibling or anything. But it’s yet more fan-fiction, so who cares? (the industry, the readers who hoover this up like coke at a coed rockstar sleepover, etc., etc..)

    Over in The Real Spider-Man, the Real Spider-Man’s ridiculuosly over-cartooned workplace collapses around him, for all that matters when he’s spent less time there than I spent trying to think of a funny metaphor on which to end this sentiment. It needs dialing back. It all needs dialing back, but BOOSH WHEEE SPIDER-FIC GWEN AVENGERS CHOMP ULTIVERSE BLOOP BLEEP. I did really enjoy it, though, despite myself, damn me. Although, shit, this might be the last issue of this run of Amazing Spider-Man, I think, so who knows. Next time, maybe it’ll be Miles Morales running round with the proportionate invisibilty and tasers of a spider, trying to understand where he fits in to this strange new world where Pharell Williams wears MASSIVE hats instead of CONVENTIONALLY-MILLINERED ones. “Because I’m Hat-Py,” etc..

    Multiversity 2 – President Superman offered us all out, square-go. I rolled up my sleeves, squared my jaw, turned one foot in and drew a comic where he was tricked into one of those DEAL WITH IT gifs with the descending sunglasses and I kicked him in the honk-el. But it’s not over. IT’S NOT OVER. And the resignation of that, the thought that the infinite unboundaries of the DCU might…might just be a bit bleg, left me feeling a little tired.

    Daredy 15/15.1 – I liked it. It was good. A strong thrill-powered story of the perils of tech-saturation (which I guess has extra resonance in a SanFran context), and a decent .1 issue which really makes a good fist of finding new ground to cover in the Young Daredy milieu. Lovely art and colouring.

    I also read the end of the Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman run. Wondy gets lost a little bit towards the end, I feel – she spends an issue watching the rest of the cast having a punch-up – but it caps off a beautiful, funny, panoramic run nicely. Hell, it’s the first time I’ve ever really liked Orion since the original Kirby stories (which, okay, I read in 1999), so that’s something.

    I also also read some boss indy comics. Question No. 6′s moving, abstractly-illustrated “Astronaut & Cupcake” and “Triangle Goes To Earth” were a wonderful swapsie at the last Brum comic show. You can get them at Gosh! Comics, if you’ve ever heard of that shop.

    Conor & Lizzie Boyle’s Sentient Zombie Space Pigs is a fab little Redneck-’em-up horror comic; a cult movie without the constraints of budget and, er, acting talent. (Disclaimer: I’ve written comics for the Boyles before, so obviously disregard everything I said about everything)

    To describe Vince Hunt and Shaun Dobie’s Red Mask From Mars as a British Hellboy would be needlessly reductive (see also Goodbrey/Azzopardi’s superb Necessary Monsters), but it’s fun, exciting, xenoful and…


    It’s weird, I know, but you should pick RMFM up for the printing. Not just the printing, but…the text is raised, right? The ink is up off the page. Hold it up to the light and you can see the beveling. Run your fingers over it, and you feel what Daredy must feel when he reads the paper.

    Now, disclaimer 2, this is the guy who printed my last comic (and several more before it), but I hope I never get tired of that kind of novelty.

    Finally, Jake Dudas’ “To The Waters And The Wild” is a Clowesy, aching kind of suburban horror comic. If Sentient Zombie Space Pigs is a cult horror, this is a postgraduate short of the type you see on Vimeo (or used to see on Channel 4 in the good old days when the world was young). Strong and sad and holding the promise of more and better to come (from the artist).

    I also also also read some Gumby comics by Bob “Flaming Carrot” Burden and Rick Geary. They were great! Hailing from about 2007, they’re full of fun, inventive stories about a gelatine-boy and his plasicine horse-dog pal. Feel like fans of Langridge would dig ‘em.

    I would’ve picked up Zenith Phase One, but the binding seemed a little weak. I just had visions of the pages tumbling out. Anybody else notice that? Or actually had that happen? Was I being overcautious?


  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Matthew Craig you are the prince of comments

  3. Matthew Craig Says:

    FIRST! in line to the throne.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    I concur.

  5. Zakaria Says:

    Music By Post is genuinly amazing.
    Didn’t you also do a blogpost once collecting all the various jingles?

    Looking forward to the comp-comp prestigous award ceremony.

  6. Thrills Says:

    It still blows my mind that Street Fighter 2, that cost £65 in the 90s on the SNES due to being such a big game, takes up less memory on my PC than the Daphne and Celeste mp3 I bought recently.


    Once, I thought my ideal video game comic would in fact be a Street Fighter one, but having read a load of those, I can confirm that they are at best ‘okay’. They need the Scioli TF/GIJoe treatment, some weird, joyful take that isn’t just the Udon ‘respectful animé-syle’ version. A Michel Fiffe one’d be pretty great, I think, but I would much rather he continues doing his own thing.

    I really like Street Fighter.

  7. Zakaria Says:

    Does anyone have/know the link to said^ jingle-pod?
    Much appreciated.


  8. Matthew Craig Says:

    Is that this, because this isn’t that, soz:


  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    That’s the one.

  10. Zakaria Says:

    Ultimate thanks!

    Between The Magic Whip, Music By Post and this, I should be set for the summer.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thanks for the kind words regarding Music By Post, Zakaria. Not had many kind words about it. Not really had any words in the six and a half years it’s existed, actually! If anyone needs any advertising and PR tips I’m shit hot at that sort of thing.

  12. Justin Victor Says:

    I’ve never gone from excited to crestfallen about a comic as quickly as I did with Nonplayer. I also read both issues last week and really loved them. As you say it’s got beautifully detailed art and great world building. It feels really different from Image’s kind of samey sci-fi crop of the moment too. I hope Nate Simpson can work out a way to devote more time to it, but I understand he has a career in video games that pays the bills.

    My other big fave of the week was Transfomers vs. G.I. Joe which just gets weirder and more awesome with each issue. Also, Action Comics continues to impress despite the change in status quo, and Justice League #41 is probably the best issue of that title I’ve sampled in at least five years, probably ten. I’m not sure JL’s actually been any good since the Joe Kelly era really.

    I think the main Secret Wars series is pretty ok so far. But I’ve been nonplussed with the tie-ins. The only one I care to read more of so far is Inferno. I have higher hopes for Aaron and Gillen’s contributions later this summer.

    Meant to mention last week – my brother and I mirrored your Harmontown doc experiences. I’ve listened to every episode of the podcast and the movie felt like supplemental material to me. But my brother has never heard an episode and got much more out of it as an actual film in it’s own right.

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