May 5th, 2015




<ITEM> Roll up, roll up, roll up your trouserlegs and get your baps out for Baphomet for Lo! and Yea Verily! is tonight the long awaited moment of The Beast Must Die’s initiation into The Grayt Lodge (Scorch Rite) of Freely Accepted special-time Masonry!

<ITEM> This means in effect much of Silence!’s easy banter,  welcome charm and aural chemistry from its well practiced hosts is Alas! gone for the evening and Gary’s cosmic couch aka The Spaceship is filled by just bobsy instead.

<ITEM> Undaunted, in fact lubricated by some of England’s Cheapest, Most Ingredienty Pilsner the intrepid pair do a bit of (r)admin where they talk about a very good comic shop and a very funny comedy show what you can see this month

<ITEM> and then they enter the Reviewniverse where among the burping, digressions and ill informed pomposterousness they review Secret Wars 0 – Freebie Edition, Bitch Planet 4, Johnny Viable And Other Terse Stories 1, Pisces 1, SFX Vertigo Pop something, Secret Avengers 15, Fantastic Fourskin #645, Daredevil 15, Pastaways 2, Batman 40, Convergence 4, New Avengers Ultron Thing 1, War Stories 8, and Reads 1 & 2 (which are the best two winners of most by very)

<ITEM>Even homos perfectuses need a break from their angelic geometry lessons, so at a certain point La Bete Doit Mourir pops in and souls out for a quick look at Comic Event Multiversity ish 2. Let us know what you thought of said floppyback in the comments below! Yoink!

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16 Responses to “SILENCE! #141”

  1. Cass Says:

    There’s something really upsetting about those lowercase letters in the title of the post. It’s creeping me out man. Ooooohhhh, change it! CHANGE IT!!

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh, Bobsy. Amateur blurbage.

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    I have changed it now.

  4. tam Says:

    And while we’re criticising Bobsy’s lacklustre blurbage, I’m quite peturbed by the way the tags for the show include the issue numbers of the reviewed

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yes. He didn’t do the tags so I copied and pasted from the body if the blurb. Great blurb chat going on here. Glad no one’s listening to the podcast.

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:


  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Blurb always was my favourite Autobot, along with Hufty, Jez and Auntie.

    Glad to see the boys are at the leading edge of the zeitSkypeist with the MultiV chat. Still recovering from Ultra Comics’ tense-’em-up trauma. There can be no Final Crisis, unless it’s a room full of mirrors like the end of Enter The Dragon with the shrieks of oversugared urchins after someone’s just shouted BUNDLE! and locked the door.

    What did I read this week? Not much. I’ve been drawrin. I do have the new Beano, but the first thing I saw was a leprechaun on the back cover, so I’m a little trepidatious, bedad.

    I’ve got a tonne of boss FCBD digicomics to read, though, such as Chris Doherty’s Video Nasties (more people should know how ace Chris is), Giuseppa Barresi & Andy Saxon’s Farsight, and Stuart Atholl Gordon’s Everything From His Comicsy, so when I get a minute between fending off underwear models and barbershop nightmares, I’ll get back to ‘em.


  8. Thrills Says:

    I thought Multiversity was a disposable laugh on first read, but I’m looking forward to rereading the whole thing in one go, to get a ‘proper feel’ for the thing.

    I did enjoy how my first reading made it seem like it all ended with the superheroes triumphantly coming to our world to take my money, but I am willing to accept that wasn’t the intended message.

    I was well into Eggy Gentry. Just a total jerk. I imagined a lot of the characters speaking in Darkplace voices, also. Fun!

    Didnae go to Free Comics Day. Far too stressful. Looks like I missed some awright stuff, but there was very little chance I’d have got it, anyway.

    I echo Bobsy’s dislike of the Fantastic Four children. Horrible, bad-precocious and smug. Very Peter David. Could a genius kid not be portrayed in a more interesting way? Less verbiage, more skillex puzzle solving and lateral thinking, or something?

  9. Zakaria Says:

    Not enjoying the (amazing) Netflix Daredevil series, that I’ll let slide. I’m just generous like that.

    But the fact that you lovely boys did not bring up how “GENTRIFICATION” is the bad guy in both Multiversity AND in the Netflix Daredevil. THAT I cannot let go.

    Come on Bobsy. I need you to tell me what that means!
    What does it mean!!
    Wod it miiN!!!

    I can’t be expected to analyse this myself. My tools are inadequate for this particular task.

    Lovely show otherwise. It has a different texture than with the regular gruesome two-some. But the taste is still great. Bobsy is quite cinnamon-ey.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yes, but what about the blurb?

  11. Zakaria Says:

    It’s the Blur(b) to your Oasis.

    I’m not actually certain if that means anything. Please don’t tell Kieron Gillen.

  12. Justin Victor Says:

    I’m with Bobsy on Batman #40. The Batman/Joker relationship stuff is not nearly as clever or new as they think it is and I totally don’t buy the ‘Batman as tragedy’ thing at the end. I don’t think Snyder actually has a good handle on the character at all. The new, armored Batman angle coming up looks ridiculous.

    On the other hand, my interest was piqued by Justice League #40, which isn’t necessarily a good book, but the mix of old COIE and Kirby stuff intrigues the undead DCU fanboy that lurks within me. Might have to follow this Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid War.

    I love that Multiversity #2 is a big, messy feast of a comic, but I’ll echo the thought that it is perhaps a little harder to digest and make sense of than usual. I do look forward to the attempt though. The internet consensus seems to be that the Empty Hand and the Gentry just represent all the bad ideas that are killing what’s good about classical superhero comics, in Morrison’s view anyway. It’s interesting that this came out on the same day that Hickman wiped out the Marvel multiverse.

    My other big fave of the week was Star Wars #4, which managed to make Jabba the Hutt into a genuinely menacing villain. I’ve been on the fence with this title, but this was the best issue yet.

  13. Justin Victor Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that DC accidentally released a great Convergence title in the form of Parker and Shaner’s Shazam. It’s lovely.

  14. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    I listened to this. It was good. I have to commend you gents on a truly beautifully harmonic Reviewniverse intro, even if it was ruined by the spectral non-presence of TBMD.

    I did enjoy the Daredy TV series, but I was unimpressed that they bottled it and gave him a dark purply ‘meshy’ armour suit. Every comic character on film always ends up with that stuff. It looks like everyone in the Batman Superman movie is wearing grey and brown.

    Comics eh? I also missed Free Comic Book Day, as I was recovering from a nasty cold, thus allowing me to catch up on some of my ‘to read’ pile, so I wasn’t too sad. I’m not really sure what to make of Secret Wars, the final issue of Fantastic Four was a bit of a damp squib. Some of the approaching titles look amazing/awful so I think I’m going to just grab a few randoms and see how it goes.

  15. Derek Says:

    I’ve let a couple eps slip by without registering my enthusiasm for receiving them, so here goes….

    I read Cluster’s most recent issue, and I’m sorry to say it’s fallen off a bit. I’m along for the ride now, but there were no tidy universe-reveals here so the plot had to stand in the harsh light of its own inconsequence. Lots of space prison stuff out right now, huh?

    Bitch Planet continues to be my fave monthly. I even have “the wife” (lol) reading it, tho a bigger victory on that front was convincing her to read the second omnibus in the Vorkosigan Saga. I had to agree to read Elena Ferrante’s Naples Quadrilogy as recompense. Worth it. You guys need to meet my friend Miles if you ain’t already.

    Despite falling woefully behind on the floppies, I have managed to read a bunch of artsy fartsy indie stuff:

    The kuš! minis I’ve read are all pretty good. Jesse Jacobs’s “Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis” is a wonderfully Swiftian pamphlet, I like everything Lala Albert does better than the last thing, and Marie Jacotey sexy pencil crayons are at least worth a look tho her tumblr would serve just as well… Keep in mind that while kuš! ships out of Latvia, it does so at very very very approachable prices. I think they have govt grants or some such to make it possible. The anthologies are nice little objects.

    Sammy Harkham’s Crickets 3 & 4 should be easy to get, as I think they’re distro’d by Fanta, and boy howdy I never took that guy seriously for no good reason and here he has blown me away. The main story of these two issues follows a haggard striver in the seventies independent drive-in movie production scene. Think Corman more than HGL. The attention-to-detail and understated story have a yin and yang thing going. It’s one of the best things I’ve read this year.

    I’m a subscriber to Youth in Decline’s Frontier series, so I got a copy of the recent issue in the mail before it was dubbed MOMA’s”book of the show” by Jog and Mautner. And while I basically think Tamaki can do no wrong, I didn’t get that same feel from it. Lots of ideas, but underwhelming as a narrative. I don’t know. It does read interestingly as a follow-up to Emily Carroll’s issue. I think the two stories fold into each other in certain ways and maybe begin to describe a mode of storytelling that has not quite come together for me.

    Also, a recommendation exclusively for Bobsy: Days Longer than Long Pork Sausages by Gabriel Corbera. Basically indescribable, so I’ll reach for cultural signposts: Two extras from an Australian biker movie waiting for Godot in an endless dungeon. It’s hilarious and weirdly affecting. Def worth a look. Lactus might appreciate the absurd humour as well…. Unfortunately, not sure it’ll be circulating at your local library :(

    Finally, the man Ron Rege is one of my fave cartoonists, and I loved his resolute middle finger salute to Vice readers in this guest spot:

  16. Derek Says:

    Oh yeah, and Lactus: Rocket Girl is back. Still something of a mess, but beautiful and unique.

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