April 22nd, 2015




We are all of the hive. The hive is all. The hive keeps us. The hive protects us, the hive keeps up safe. The hive gives us of purpose. The hive is. I am of the hive.  You are of the hive. Are you of the hive? If not, why not? Why not the hive? INTRUDERS, INTRUDERS IN THE HIVE!!! REPEL THE INTRUDERS, REPEL THE…THE..

Wait, what are you doing? Why are you sat, squat listening to that radiogram? The hive is under atta..

Mmm. I like the sound of those soft southern brogues. Are they talking about comics? I luuuuuurve comics. Scooch up a bit there, I want to listen. What? What hive? Who cares about the hive? They’re just a bunch of honey making c*nts. Now what’s the name of this delight? SILENCE! you say? Well let’s SILENCE!

<ITEM> Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die take in a bit of the old Gladmin, and boy howdy what a humdoozy it is. Along with the usual Sponsorshingles, there’s discussion of Angela Lainsbury, the Kraken Podcast and most importantly it’s the results of our Competition Competition!!!!!!!!!!!! And no mention of the Star Wars trailer.No really, there’s nothing. But there is honestly a discussion of Angela f*cking Lainsbury.

<ITEM> Now watch, as the boys fire themselves human-cannonball style, into the Reviewniverse. When there, they manage to review the living shiz out of Stray Bullets, Chronobros, Archie Vs Predator, Madame Satan, Ms Marvel, Convergence, Kitchen, Saga and the Grievous Journey of Ichabod Izrael.

<ITEM> What item? YOU’RE AN ITEM!

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7 Responses to “SILENCE! #139”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    !Joyous Panicked Screeching!

    I win?
    This is what punching a swedish man, and ensuring nuclear de-escalation, must feel like!

    !scrambles to put teeth back in head!

    Where’s the damn key?!

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Well done!!!!!! ROCKY 4 EVER!!!!!

  3. Zakaria Says:

    The Rocky Of Eternity!!

  4. Tim B. Says:

    Given that the winning competition in the competition competion is to be the biggest looser surely when you award it the winner is no longer a looser so therefore ineligible to win the prize, so it goes to the 2nd place, who then becomes the winner thereby become ineligible so the 3rd place gets it and so on.

    Or am I overthinking it.

  5. Zakaria Says:

    That’s correct Timothy! I’ve unleashed a meme-tron unto the world, which will turn every man, woman and manchild into a winner!


    ..what do you mean an equal amount of losses will occur..?

    Oh no..

    What have I done!


  6. tam Says:

    It’s the perfect Silence! competition. I like the way it’s even got your ‘worm in the apple’ thing going on, in the freaky way that the winner becomes the loser.

    The latest Stray Bullets was great as usual. I’d got the big fat Uber Alles book and was planning on waiting for the trades of the new series but when I saw how low the circulation was, I realised I ought to support what’s clearly a labour of love. I really hope Lapham gets a lucrative film or tv show out of it at some point.

    And Crossed 100 is the best, freshest thing Alan Moore has written for a long, long time. No sodding magic! No bloody songs! No clever but dull pastiches! No Lovecraft! Just good, intelligent provocative writing. Annoyingly I reckon he’s often at his best when he’s writing properties that aren’t his own…

  7. Thrills Says:

    ‘Bottom boobies’, though. C’mon, Alan Moore! I glean that you want to casper us up a right treat, but ‘bottom boobies’?

    Good comic otherwise, though. A sight lot better than the Alan Moore ‘Violator’ comic I just read, certainly.

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