February 18th, 2015




This…is the voice…of the Mr Rons! Welcoming you, your skin and ALL your internal organs to the family bucket-sized extravaganza that is this week’s SILENCE! Dundering halfwit Gary Lactus and professional irritant The Beast Must Die are joined by know-it-all princeling Bobsy in what is already being touted as the finest podcast of the year. Isn’t that special? Yes. Yes it is special. Mummy’s special podcast. Smart time!

<ITEM> Bit of the ol’ who’s yer sponsor, and The Beast tells the boys all about the magnificence of Grey Gardens.

<ITEM> Who’s afraid of the big bad comics? Not these three fearless psychonauts as they bravely push against the 4-colour skein and break through like calves hanging out the back of a cow into…The Reviewniverse! Plus for the first time in the history of time… the weighing of comics! So: Transformers v GI Joe – 68g, Darth Vader – 78g, Uber – 76g, The Names – 49g, Amazing Spiderman – 65g, Winter Soldier – 53g, War Of the Trenches -620g, Freud – 463g, Bitch Planet – 63g, Prometheus : Omega – 93g, Trencher, 2000AD – 75g, Shackleton – 208g, Hip Hop Family Tree – 554g, They’re Not Like Us – 46g

<ITEM> What are you looking at? Is nearly two hours of solid hott goldchatz not enough? Well it’s time that you lot learned to lower your expectations. Nope, lower than that. Lower. Sort of Real Housewives of Vancouver low. Good. Now kick back and enjoy.

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #131”

  1. Kieron Gillen Says:

    It pleases me that my work is finally objectively proved to be heavyweight.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    Really dug the Brett Ewins tribute in this post lads – a fitting counterpart to The Beast Must Die’s awesome image tribute.

    Youse goize are often at your best when you talk about British comics from that era – it’s obviously formative stuff for you but the cultural currents are a bit less predictable than yer average babyman shite. Much as I enjoy Transformers vs. Action Force‘s attempts to unstunt itself by way of pulp modernism (good read from Brother Bobsy, as per) it’s… I think it might be healthy that your Secret Origins are more complicated than that.

    A reliably nice thing about a Bobsy Mindless guest spot on SILENCE! is that it will usually feature him lecturing Dan and Fraser on why some dumb action movie is a manifestation of the struggle against global capitalism, or some mid-level critic-friendly comic is insidious neoliberal propaganda, then giggling like an idiot when the boyce get back to trying to discuss comics because he thinks as spaceship looks like a giant cock. None of you need me to tell you that this mix of the casual and the intellectual is very much of a piece with the UK comics of the Ewins/Kane/Milligan/McCuntry era, or that this blurs into the classic (#classic) ranty music press shite most of us grew up on, but… I like it, we do it, and too few others do these days.

    Like Gary Lactus, I was relieved to find that Bobsy had the correct opinions on Bitch Planet. our Bob is one of the few comics critics who is good enough at their job to make me worry that I might be wrong on a regular basis. Seriously, if you’re going to write about an art form you should be able to ‘Ether’ someone’s passion, to find that niggling about something that makes people abandon their convictions and agree.

    Anyway, like I said on Twitter, my basis thought on Bitch Planet is that if this is what happens when “social justice warriors” co-opt pop culture, I wish they would do more of it and fast.

  4. bobsy Says:

    Wow I’m really sorry for the big burp towards the end of that one. I was getting pretty drunk by then, as I think comes through loud and clear.

    Illogical Volume incorrectly identifies me as a comic critic. I have the beard and the belly, but I am more comfortable being the endless sideliney snarkester, throwing snide and shade at guilty and innocent alike,before disappearing, cowardlyly.

    Bitch Planet is the comic god has been waiting for since she first invented comics.

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    Awright, so you’re not a comics critic either, but that doesn’t stop you from being good at it.

    Quality burp at the end though, A+.

  6. Matthew Craig Says:

    Good show today, buoys. I was out on me own around Craigytown, listening on the bus, as I bought mesel’ a wee bag, as I tried not to call that shop where they sell all the canvasses covered in stolen fanart a nest of honking wankshafts, and as I havered around the front of the Harvester, trying to decide if I could go in on me own and not look like the biggest loner of all.

    (I couldn’t, but fuck it: went in. Sans podde, though. I mean, bad enough that six out of the ten waitressers came to check on me. Food was delish, but. Three hot meals in one week? I almost feel human.)

    In non-human disaster news, I’ve sold more comics than I’ve read this week, because I’m such a hulking superman. The Telford Comic-Con Movie Cosplay Film Robot Wars and Edged Weapon Showcase was last Saturday, and the Comics Village was really well-patronised. Not that you’d know it from all the coverage we haven’t had. Plenty of pics of cosplayers, though, so next year I’m going as Red Sonja Fowler.


  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    “as I bought mesel’ a wee bag”

    A rucksack, not drugs.

  8. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Top ‘cast again, gents!

    I think weight is important when it comes to comics. Checking a review of ‘Wolverine- The adamantium edition on Amazon I see a reviewer left the helpful comment- “…this will surely break your elbow joints if you try to hold it open and read it”. Might give that one a miss.

    Good to hear Trencher namedropped. I do like Giffen, and remember around that time I’d read some of his Legion stuff and that Epic miniseries Video Jack. When he did that Lobo series I had difficulty, then I read a bit of Trencher and it melted my brain. Even now I can appreciate what he was doing but it’s a bit like reading a Pollock.

    I was horrified with the decision to remove the plastic cover from the library book. You bumbling idiots! Don’t you realise the little ticket thing inside the cover could also add weight?

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