November 3rd, 2014


One day a REAL blurb will come…and wash all the other blurbs away. Until that day, you’re stuck with this. Deal with it or deal yourself out. NO DEAL, BANKER, NO DEAL!!!!
No Bobsy this week, so get yourself used to a classic double-hander from those two double-handers The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus. It’s a slim, trim, fighting fit SILENCE! that looks just super in those leopard skin jeggings that have been shoved to the back of the wardrobe since January. But don’t worry – there’s some extra treaty goodness attached to the end of this, with Mindless Men-At-Arms lord Nuneaton Savage, Brother Yawn, and no less than Pat Mills and Kev O’Neill. So  peel back your earflaps and plug in to around two hours of splendissement.
<ITEM> Just a good old fashioned sponsorshipping news, a bit of Thought Bubblage and some of the old classic legendary bruv-bants just the way you ‘like’ ‘it’.
<ITEM> The boys climb into a patented ACME Giant Catapult and fire themselves deep into the heart of the Reviewniverse. THERE WILL BE TALKING! The following periodicals will be discussed: The Thought Bubble 2014 anthology, Wild’s End, Edge of Spiderverse, Marvel Golden Age Special, Saga, Supreme Blue Rose, the free Halloween Batman: Legends of the Drak Knight special, 2000Ad and The Delinquents.

<ITEM> Bonus extra specialism – following the screening of Future Shock: the Story of 2000AD, the excellent documentary directed by Paul Goodwin (read a cracking interview with him here) at the BFI, Kev O’Neill and Pat Mills discussed the film with Paul and the producers. You can hear that, plus the collective reaction to the film from The Beast, Lord Nuneaton Savage and Brother Yawn. Opinions! They are shared! And check the film out whenever / wherever you can – it’s ace.

Now you go please. Thank you go now please. GO!

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17 Responses to “SILENCE! #121”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hi. I realize this is probably not the best place to ask this but where can I get a copy of “The Prism #1″? I’m working my way through the archives and came across it but the link for the file was dead. I assume only one issue came out and would very much like to read. Thanks.

  2. bobsy Says:

    I’m not even sure what that means and I live here. Someone might be along shortly who can help.

    Bon podde the lads. Ace-xcellent roaring with Savage & Yawn at the end, nice Gaiman scoop too. What a toss-bell that geezer is.

    Not seen it yet obvs but it strikes me as a shame that the doc movie shows how 2K has internalised its own mythology a bit too much, rendered itself historically irrelevant (while arguably producing better quality and more politically sharp work than ever in Dredd’s case). The zeitgeist has some time since swung back 2Ks way again, but they sacrificed edgy for slick nostalgia-mode entertainment in the 90s, and may never recover their biggy big boy balls.

  3. Thrills Says:

    I think 2000AD needs the dullsville Scorcese biopic treatment. SUCK THE FUN OUT, CULTURE.

    The filmmakers sound almost too respectful? I’m bored of the take on 2000AD that dwells too long on the more non-Thrilling Douglas Adamsy aspects (Alan Moore, Gaiman, terrible stuff about whimsically ‘funny’ aliens). More grimy weirdo unsettling body horror-for-angry-kids is what I want. Pat Mills, John Smith and Peter Milligan, really.

    Is John Smith in the documentary?

    Is there anything in this not already covered by David Bishop’s not-too-great ‘Thrillpower Overload’ book?

    I want to live in a world where I’d never seen or heard Gaiman. I lived a hell when I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to Middle Class Smugness Live! with Gaiman narrating. Terrible. It was odd, though, they missed out the bit when Kryten says “Smee Heeee” and Dwayne Dibley didn’t even show up!

    I enjoyed the Lakes comics festival last year, when a Dream Gang of 2000AD people were in the pub, and I overheard them laughing about Gaiman. That was a proper ‘I AM BEING STARSTRUCK’ moment.

    Could not care less about a continuation of Halo Jones. It’d be like the non-Moore Skizz.

    ‘Saga’ is awright. It’s one of those cosplay comics that doesn’t make me feel tooo much like I’m not pretty or posh or popular or young or ‘Has No Critical Faculties’ enough to actively enjoy it.

    Wouldnae pay for it, but. Borrows and library.

  4. Thrills Says:

    Inomprehensible and grumpy, that’s me.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    no john smith.

    film-makers were too respectful.

    as for gaiman:

    he took miracleman off moore’s hands.

    he’s did a public reading in Sydney for which eddie campbell did the stage artwork which has now been turned into an illustrated book. (birth caul etc. ‘thanks alan, again, you thick working class precocious teenager non-adult’)

    now he’s roping in his favourite midlands idiot once again with Halo Jones.

    yes. sandman IS swamp thing’s american gothic except in 60 episodes rather than 12.

    no – I don’t have a boner for moore. yes – i do think its time gaiman was found out.

    In a book.

    Published by a big brand (not gary spencer millidge)

    and come to think of it, how the fuck did gaiman manage to renegotiate his sandman contract with dc?

    you know what? i think he’s got a stash of alan moore’s special cheese. (moore nicked his stash off steve moore, so perhaps, fair enough, you say. We’ve al got wur ain succubus.)

    someone please, end him.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dat was me, brother yawn.


    all hail the only real cheese, AKA:

    S O M N I U M ! ! ! ! !

  7. brudder yawn Says:

    actually bit more on FS:

    another news nugget, equal to, if not greater than, the ‘gaiman to write halo jones books 4-10′ scoop.

    there’s a snippet with karen berger explaining that when she asked moore who was the next big talent worth signing up back in the heydey, he said:

    ‘Gallus’ Grant Morrison.


    you heard me, suckas.

    which kinda puts a whole new muthafuckin spin on the all-British wizard battle dey badasses been havin since way back like car seats, bro


    thing is, i reckon there’s prob a whole load of other super-facts and ultra-goss that the film-makers don’t even know they have in the hours of footage they shot. sounds mean, but they don’t really know their source material…

    still – lots of great bits in this film..just didn’t cohere.

  8. tam Says:


    I’m not sure 2000 AD’s original edginess would even work on a young audience today.

    For example, there’s an episode of Invasion where Bill Savage does a complete rip off of a Dirty Harry speech, asking his victim if he’s fired five or six bullets and asking him whether he feels lucky!

    What I find interesting about this is that the writer knew they could steal this, confident that their readership would have been too young to get into the cinema and see the original (but probably would have heard about it in the playground) and thought it sounded exciting. These days all the kids would be have downloaded the clip for themselves! Part of 2000AD’s charm back then was that it offered young lads a window to a slightly forbidden world but these days it’s just a few clicks on the internet to find out anything about anything…

    All of which said, they still do manage to pull out the odd shock. Pat Mills and John Higgins’ Greysuit, (their reinvention of Mach1) is back, the earlier volumes had some very nasty fictional goings on which have recently been shown to have at least some basis in reality

  9. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    I went to the Future Shock thing, it was ace. Agree about the credits semi-animated thing, it got me all excited and fired up with that heavy metal music and explosions and things. I can remember as a youngun getting pretty freaked out by a few strips in 2000ad. My first exposure was probably at my local barbershop Tony’s, he often had a good few scattered around on top of one of those 2 player Space Invader tables. He was an awful barber, but I always enjoyed a trim.

  10. Matthew Craig Says:

    Doomlord was the scariest and best of all the maskses. Ryan Taylor has a Doomlord mask he wears to shows. It’s a drawn on board one, but it’s pretty effective.

    I used to love Doomlord, and only tonight, thirty years after its original publication, did I stop to consider how well-acted it was, and how much of an arse that mask must have been. None of the stiffness or self-consciousness of yer Smash Hits or tabloid problem sofwank (hell’s bells are they the only ongoing example of fumetti in the UK??!?)

    Best of all revelations, though, is the thought that somewhere, out there, there have to be, surely to goodness, have to be COLOUR VERSIONS of those Doomlord photies.

    I once dreamed the closing credits to an episode of the Doomlord TV series. One of my favritist dream-mems of all.

    There’s a collection of Doomie comics over at Comicsy, but here’s the most terrifying (illustrated) strip of all:

    Fumetti is a total arse to do, I bet. Man, finding artists is hard enough, but actors? Lighting? Sets? “Green” “Screen?” Yikeahootie.

    There is something quite beautiful about seeing someone like Doomlord down the local precinct, though. Stealing Pic-’n'-Mix. Sitting on a park bench with an old dear. Busting out some fly B-boy moves.



  11. Matthew Craig Says:


    Four fluppping pages. Jakers. Talk about economy.

    PPS: Some Bendis-style stat panel action on the final page.


  12. Thrills Says:

    I am glad I was unaware of Doomlord, as a child. I would have been terrified. It’s like “What if Sram from Terrahawx was your local Bobby”

    I’m waiting for that call to action, Terrible TV List Show about the 80s.

    I planned on making a photocomic, but ended up just making a horrible photoshop collage thing instead, as it did indeed seem like far too much work actually doing it properly. Here is a ‘still’:

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