October 27th, 2014


It’s that time of the year Dear Listeners, when the goblins, ghoulies, witches, wizards, monsters, vampires, werewolves, wraiths, poltergeists, demons, golems, landsharks, weredragons, living dolls, homunculi, lizardmen, banshees, reanimated corpses, killer robots, giant rats, zombies, and razor-wielding monkeys all troupe down to the pound shop and get themselves dressed up as office-workers. That’s right! It’s HALLLLOOOOOOOWWEEEEENN. And what could be better than a special nearly 3 hours of SILENCE! with your undead (from the waist down) hosts The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus and the Bobsy from Beyond the Grave!
<ITEM> Some gladminadminsadmin and sponsorshazammery from the boys, with some discussion of The Red Ghost, Goat Rider and anarchic kids comic OINK!
<ITEM> Bobsy arrives just in time to rip open a hole in the skein of timespace and climb into the intestines of the Reviewniverse…there’s some words and they form themselves into sentient opinions about the following: Arkham Manor, The Green Arrow, Flash and Gotham TV Shows, Lisa Bonet, Dothraki, The Just, The 90s, Seven Soldiers, Starlight, GI Joe, Punt & Stick Job, Crystal Ball, Joe Hill, Transformers UK, The Diary Of Nam Frank, Wicked & The Divine, Proust, Pop, Tharg, Stray Bullets, Zero, Wolverine: Logan’s Legacy, Dinner With Lady Deathstrike, She Hulk, Aliens, Predator, Prometheus and Naughty Universe Touching.
<ITEM> But that’s not all! Our Halloween sextacular continues with a ready made TV Terror marathon from the boys (with associated commentary):
10.  Nigel Kneale’s Beasts
9. Threads
8. Shalcker the Painter
7. Twilight Zone “The After Hours”
6. children of Green Knowe
5. Children of the Stones
4. Apaches 
3. Robin Redbreast
2. Tales From The Crypt “Naughty Or Nice
1. Ghostwatch
Guaranteed to scare the pants off your willies and all the way out of your bejeezuses. You’re welcome.

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67 Responses to “SILENCE! #120”

  1. PapoCrapo Says:

    Bryan Cranston actually voiced Gordon in the Batman Year One animated movie.

  2. Thrills Says:

    Altered Images is in the same annual as that harrowing story ‘Peace’ about the never-ending nature of the space robot fighting war, I think? Boo-hoo Rodimus Winnebago on his knees, head in hands, as the Autobots shoot the hell out of each other. Yessss.

    A fine annual.

    That GI Jobbie comic sounds terrible, and not unlike this:


    The Aliens omnibuses do have interesting creators on them. I got a bunch of them out the library recently. They’re all pretty dull, but. Woodring’s writing has a good flippancy, like he realises the whole thing isn’t worth anyone’s time, and the Kelley Jones issues look nice. There’s so much dreck in there, though.

    I used to enjoy Hallowe’en, and saw it as an opportunity to put a box on my head representing a robot or a dice or something. Nowadays, I hate fun, and think I shall just stay in and watch some Alan Partridge or something. Not Prometheus, though. It’s shit. I like when they run away from the rolling thing, though. Idiots. Absolute idiots.

  3. Thrills Says:

    PS had to skip the Stray Bullets bit and the Nigel Kneale’s Beasts bit, ‘cos they are both on my ‘to buy’ lists. RRRAD

  4. The Beast MustDie Says:

    “Boo-hoo Rodimus Winnebago on his knees, head in hands, as the Autobots shoot the hell out of each other. Yessss”

    Love you Thrills

  5. The Beast MustDie Says:

    Remember this shit:

    Straight up cold.

  6. Thrills Says:

    It’s the flailing arm of Cyclonus that makes it.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Oink flexidisc with Marc Riley et al.:

    I’ve got all the classic UK Transies loaded up on me tablet. They are hella good. Dan Ross’ greasy fleshy robots are the best. A fave prose-o was the Headmasters story told from the perspective of one of the dillweeds tasked to be turned into a cyborg napper. The casual, matter-of-fact description of his mutilation and encyborgisation – in a kids’ annual! – is sublime.

    I think goat riding is probably how Johnny Blaze got cursed in the first place…


  8. Thrills Says:

    Those Headmasters stories were unsettling and compelling to Young Me, both in prose and in comics. What a weird thing to have done to yourself!

    I’m surprised I’m not now heavily into body modification as a result. Edgier than any amount of Claremontian bondage identity swap stuff, them comics.

  9. Matthew Craig Says:

    The Targetmasters, too. I mean, Be The Head, Be The Guy, right? Head On! and all that. But Be The Gun? That’s what you are, Nightstick? That’s what your Mother wanted for you? You freaky orange-faced firearm? To be “binary bonded” with a dead-eyed revenant Thundercracker from the future but also subsequently the past?

    “It’s da adVENTcha, Ma! Da adVENTCHA.”

    The interview process:

    “Can you touch your toes for me?”


    “Now, how willing would you be to channnel terawatt-levels of energy through your buttocks?”

    “You mean outta my ass?!”

    “Oh, heavens, no. How horrid. No, we’re not monsters here at Giant Robot Scorpion City. Are we, Guy Who Turns Into A Head But Also Another Head That Looks Like A Gorilla?”

    Or the Powermasters!


  10. jameswheeler Says:


    It does, it fucks it up. No matter how enjoyable and well-crafted it is, Cameron’s nerdy “they’re like bugs and there’s a queen that lays the eggs and the gunmen are here” fucks it up. DallasEgg is way better.


  11. Nate A. Says:

    Fun fact: David Leach of “Oink” was a contestant on “Come Dine With Me,” a show Al Ewing described in the last episode as “four twats yelling at each other,” or something like that.

  12. Matthew Craig Says:

    It certainly hews to a formula, I’ll give it that.

    (fun Silence! connectofact: The Beast Must Die and I both had strips in the anthology New British Comics 3, along with such fine comicos as David O’Connell and Warwick J Cadwell. Beastie’s strip starred Cindy & Biscuit (and was fab). Mine, illustrated by the ace Rich Johnson, was a CDWM parody. Ahem: )


  13. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ha! Didn’t know that. Good old Karol. There was some good stuff in those.

  14. bobsy Says:

    I think from about 1.40 it becomes increasingly clear that I started this podcast with an empty stomach and enjoyed a few premium Belgian lager brands and a bottle of lovely Halloween ale – the quality dropoff is alarming. Apologies to all the dear listeners and thanks for having me as always.

  15. erstlaub Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this epic, always look forward to Multiversichat particular when Bobsy is also involved.

    I remain completely scarred/in awe of Ghostwatch along with, I expect much of my generation. Entirely on the money about it being decades ahead of itself and that it essentially broke TV/horror/reality.

    I had no idea of its nonreality, even after the credits rolled. I recall in detail the circumstances of watching it and the absolute post traumatic terror (lights on and no sleep for me too).

    I definitely have never experienced such a powerful experience with horror since.

    Some great sounding oddities on that list that I’ll definitely be looking into.

    Cheers you spooky bastards.


  16. Thrills Says:

    I have been completely unable to find whatever the latest Granto Multiversity comic is called in Edinburgh shops, so also skipped that part of the podcast. Looks like I’m going to have to buy it from the internet again, thus crushing local businesses. Hooray! This is a regular occurence. Maybe it’s time I moved elsewhere. But not Dundee. Their comic shop has had the same stock on the shelves since 1997, in the exact same place.

    I bet Gosh! and Dave’s are better. Actually, I know Gosh! is better as I have been there.

    Been watching some Quatermass on Youtube these last couple of days. Great stuff. Thanks to Silence! for reminding me about great UK telly creepy stuff. I didn’t see Ghostwatch when it was on, but my classmates were talking about it the next day, and I thought “I am glad I didn’t watch that”, as it sounds like it would have scared my guts out.

    Powermaster Transformers were a missed opportunity. Instead of turning into Robo-abs, they should have been the robot’s hearts, for extra crying droid party-pathos.

    Targetmasters were shit. The guns didnae even look cool!

  17. Matthew Craig Says:

    There’s….probably a Shazam! or Rick Jones-type Captain Marvel story to be had out of the *Master line of Transies. Like, Hi-Q becomes Optimus Prime’s engine, but is totally forgotten until near the end of the original run, when Prime hawks him up and sets him free before dying – whereupon poor old Hi-Q’s identity becomes subsumed into Prime’s and he is bodily transformed, haha, into the leader’s new incarnation.

    I mean, oul’ Hiqqie is a middle-aged scientist who becomes an immortal robot revolutionary’s literal beating heart. And his is probably held together with water pills and muesli!


  18. erstlaub Says:

    Haha, I’m in Dundee and we eventually braved our way into black hole and it was as depressing as it looked from the caged windows. Literally thousands of pounds worth of stock in piles and rammed into weak cardboard boxes so thickly you can’t even browse through them (not that there appeared to be much in the of series or chronological organisation anyways.

    I suspect the owner has a we stash of super rare editions in the safe that he occasionally sells to finance the operation as, although I walk past it every day, I have never seen a single customer in there…

    Was tempted by one of the big pile of Barb Wire movie tie in ogn’s at 17.99 but decided against it.

    I almost knocked over the cassette tape sale display on the way out.

    (I decided to continue just getting my books out of the internets).

  19. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Having a gun that could potentially disagree with you and refuse to fire seems like a potentially very shit idea.

    Mind you having a head that does the same thing might not be so shit hot either…

  20. Thrills Says:

    There’s a rumour going about that the Edinburgh comics shop owner is an illegitimate royal who was given a lump sum in order to keep quiet, and that’s how he keeps his business going.


    The Black Hole is chilling, though. When I visit dundee I’ll pop in, but I’ll always think it’s closed as I approach it. I then head straight to the cheapo 90s Ghost Rider section (which I eventually found, and now know exactly where to go), get what I need, and get out. I also have almost knocked over the tape bit.

    Comics: the glamorous ‘hobby’.

  21. The Beast Must Die Says:

    “There’s a rumour going about that the Edinburgh comics shop owner is an illegitimate royal who was given a lump sum in order to keep quiet, and that’s how he keeps his business going.”

    The Monster of Glamis?

  22. jameswheeler Says:

    Still haven’t finished The Just so I’ll have to go back to that bit, but that was a great episode you mindless – bobsy you were great as always, pished or no.

    My heart raced during the Halloween countdown – I thought you might namecheck the Dramarama episode “Back to Front”, which had me covering mirrors in holiday bedrooms for a year or two from a mere half-watch. I haven’t revisited it as an adult, so I’ve no idea if it retains any power, but I’m fairly sure it’s on youtube.

    My Ghostwatch memory is bittersweet – my grandparents refused to believe my parents that it wasn’t real, and the scene got so fractious I was sent to bed (or maybe it just got turned off? Either way I was robbed). I’m gonna make sure to watch it this year, but I’ll always be a little gutted I didn’t get to see past the beginning Live! Real! Haunted!

  23. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I dun a 30 second Transformers comic for you:

  24. Thrills Says:

    ‘The Monster of Glamis?’

    That’d explain a lot, actually.

  25. Derek Says:

    Loving the classic British television horror primer (how’s that for a string of modifiers?). Very little of this stuff made it over to the States, though I think “Children of the Stones” played on Nickelodeon.

    Anyway, your childhood memories evoked my own. I remember being scared shitless by this episode of Unsolved Mysteries:

  26. Tim B. Says:

    Ghostwatch was scary as fuck. Can remember watching it and then going around to a friends because I couldn’t face been alone in the house.

    As to Nigel Neale, the Stone Tape is worth a watch as well and Simon MacCorkindale also chews up the scenery in the 1979 ITV Quatermass series. It’s worth a watch if only for the fact that it appears to be Nigel Neale yelling at the kids to get off his lawn for the best part of 4 hours of peak 70s bleakness & decay.

  27. Martin Gray Says:

    If I send cash will you forego the song and give us one just episode that doesn’t conjure up the image of Gary Lactus having a pap?

    Speaking of which, surely The Big Tissue should be printed on bog roll? Read an article, tear it off …

  28. Gary Lactus Says:

    The answer to your question is yes but you’ll get a song too.

    As for the suggested printing of the Big Tissue, I have had experience with printed crossword shit tickets and I can tell you it’s a compromised experience.

  29. tam Says:

    I think I remember reading the upcoming Ennis – Parlov Punisher story is going to be about Frank’s second tour in Viet Nam, (AKA the middle section of Nam Frank’s diary) so it’s basically just an excuse for them to do another war story; not that this is a bad thing.
    Another great conversation about Morrison and the multiverse although it still doesn’t make me want to read it. But I will check out the ‘watchmen’ one. Interesting to hear that he’s whining about trolls in the story, just like Alan Moore did in that ‘God is Dead’ story!
    And that was far and away the most shambolic sponsorship section ever. I ended up going to Gosh this week out of pity for them though so I suppose it did its job…

  30. John Bishop Says:

    I loved a bit of Oink! Still got a fair few issues knocking about. It was great seeing Frank Sidebottom’s weirdness in comic form.

  31. With Genuine Sincerity Says:

    ZERO consistently wins the weekly cover challenge when it comes out. SAGA, which tends to come out on the same week, consistently loses. As does PROPHET. This according to the judgement of my wife who does not read comics.

    Great podcast this week guys. Big money big money big money.

  32. The Beast Must Die Says:


  33. tam Says:

    Threads is definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever seen though I’d also recommend the 80s day of the triffids series which riffs off the same nuclear paranoia and is probably scarier than ever when watched today despite being made on a budget of 50 pence.

    Also, in case you haven’t seen it, check out this IMDB page for an actor who has a small but crucial role in Threads

  34. Matthew Craig Says:

    That version of Triffids scared the absolute shit out of me, long after it aired. Used to be so scared of being stung by one while going number one, I’d dash from my room to the bog like an escapée from Colditz.

    (I was 28 yrszzzzol…)

    And even today, thanks to Threads I can’t hear an air raid siren in an old movie without my blood running cold. Me Ma had a booklet on what to do if The Bomb hit The Wrekin (or more likely, Cosford). All the places to go (as if) were marked down, turning all the local landmarks into nightmarish visions of scabs and weeping. There was a little cartoon of a Policeman with his head and eye bandaged, that I think was talking about the pressure on the Emergency Services in such an obviously survivable scenario. That booklet lived on a shelf, radioactive in its own, portentous way. A dark presence at the back of the mind, lurking and daring you to read it again.

    …and now The Beano. :(


  35. Thrills Says:

    Threads is astonishingly good, and all the more effective for the first half hour basically being Coronation Street but with all the plots being resolved by a nuke. There are too many ‘good’ memories of it, I can’t really pick one that stands out most.

    Similarly, Where the Wind Blows really hits the spot for that day-ruining blast of Nuclear terror. And why not follow it up with Barefoot Gen, for some joyless grand guignol nightmare prompts?

    The only episode of the Triffids I’ve seen is one where a man and woman hide out in what seems likes a BHS, and it was very low-key and I enjoyed it a lot. Keep meaning to see the rest, like.

  36. Justin Victor Says:

    Epic episode guys. Lots to chew on.

    I watched Ghostwatch near the end of my Halloween marathon/blogathon thing this year, based on you guys talking it up on an earlier episode. I was impressed. It builds up nicely, and the TV presenters are surprisingly solid actors. Sounds like I missed some Pipes action though, so it’s back to youtube for me. I’m going to try and hunt down some of the spooky stuff mentioned this time as well.

    I gave up on IDW’s Joe comics years ago, except for the terrific Scioli one. I’m a big fan of the mythos, but the military aspect of it is increasingly hard to reconcile. That’s why Scioli and Barber’s treatment is so brilliant. They totally embrace the fantasy elements of the surreal 80s cartoon. GI Joe was/is so endearing because it’s like all the best ‘boy’s adventure’ stuff rolled into one crazy whole. Focusing on the military part is definitely a gross mistake.

    Regarding Multiversity, I was thrilled to see all those forgotten 90s characters all together. Even if they don’t do any actual heroing, it’s neat to glimpse an alternate reality where the likes of Alpha Centurion, Argos, and Bloodwynd actually caught on. The 90s was actually a really creative period for DC. It’s kind of sad how so much of that has been tossed out now, and it underlines how ephemeral the superhero universes are in actuality.

  37. Justin Victor Says:

    Boy, I say ‘actually’ and variations thereof an awful lot in that last paragraph. Bad commentating form.

  38. Illusionator Says:

    Was it Oink! that did those “I like Simple Minds because I’ve got one” badges?

  39. Thrills Says:

    Finally read that new Multiversity comic. I thought the first few pages were great

    The meta-commentary was pretty snoresy, and it certainly did seem bitter. It reminded me of the bit in that hagiography about Morris, ‘Talking With Turds’ where he says all his optimism about technology and youth was crushed when he saw how people behave on the internet. That was ages ago, though! Ages ago!

    I’d almost rather his comics were about nothing other than the comics themselves, sometimes (as he is often accused of), as he’s rapidly becoming the old uncool embarassing dad (not that he’s ever really been that ‘in touch’ with what is ‘cool’, y’know, what with him being hott for Kula Shaker and cybergoth, or dropping names like Gerard Way and Robbie Williams).

    I also worry that Aquamanlad being arsey about people using ‘Aqua’ off-handedly is Grant Morrison saying people that pick up on racism and sexism etc in comics are being ‘too sensitive’. But that might just be me being too sensitive.

    I sound complainy (AND I AM) but I enjoyed the comic! It was satisfyingly long (though the end was indeed baws), I like the Haunted Comic stuff (been looking forward to that since I saw him give a talk a couple of years back), and it was a nice take on Offspring, the Quitely-drawn one-shot of which was the only good thing to come out of Kingdom Come.

    This comic was sort of a banal take on the Super Young Team, and the feeling of malaise and boredom came through well (in a non-boring way?). It also made me like Bloodwynd (wasn’t he Martian Manhunter in the end, originally?).

    I enjoyed The Intimates by Joe Casey, in theory. Camuncoli! Exciting Bleach-series-1 colours! Dense info-boxes for pop laffs! Really turgid, unlikeable writing…

    Oh, I have since seen the Marvel ‘sixis’ logo. Took me a while to realise it was supposed to be ‘Axis’. Horrid.

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