October 21st, 2014

HELLO LISTENER and welcome to SILENCE!!!!?! It’s a SPECIAL EPISODE this week as THE BEAST is off answering the battle challenge of a deadly horse that will KILL AGAIN unless STOPPED!!! And leaving GARY LACTUS to face his spaceship alone! But what’s this??????? SPECIAL GUEST AL EWING here to talk SHOP, or rather SHOPS as he immediately launches into a tediously long mention of BUDGENS SUPERMARKET. And the THRILLS don’t end there. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:::::

ITEM! Sponsorship discussed! Tom Baker sold a dictionary! The twist in the tale will COMPEL you!!!?!

ITEM! Superman? Or POOPERMAN? Secrets of Supes’ Poop Tube! Hear tell of the EXTRAORDINARY ANAL POWER Superman tried to hide!!!!!!

ITEM! Long discussions of KINK and MUNCHES in your local area! OH JOY SEX TOY discussed! Plus webcomics talk as BAD MACHINERY is plumbed and PUNISHER 2099 gets a HOT MENTION! Also TREES!

ITEM! In depth on the strange small press offering known as BRUTE! What was it? Very problematic in places! But Al reads a story from it out anyway in his INIMITABLE TONE!?!?!?!???

ITEM! Duff talk of reality shows! The BOOM BOOM BOOM and the BOOM BOOM WOW! Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist mentioned! WORK OF FART — MORE LIKE! “Your guff was not enough” screams Tyra Banks as she SMITES WITH HER EYES!!!

ITEM! Annihilator DISCUSSED! Frazer Irving PRAISED! Then we wrap it up so Gary can PEE!! LIKE A RACEHORSE!!! Perhaps the very same racehorse that THE BEAST MUST DIE IS HITTING WITH A HAMMER!!!! AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!!!?!!1!!!!!!!

ITEM! ITEM! ITEM! NO FURTHER ITEM!!!???!!???????!??!?????????!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #119”

  1. Arch Stanton Says:

    Edgy Spelling must become a regular future. For the children.

  2. Sean D. Daily Says:

    Ah, man, I wanted my all singing Al Ewing.

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    He does a nice song at the end of the reviewniverse. What a voice!

  4. With Genuine Sincerity Says:

    My Sexy Sasha Grey Sex Hole is amazing. Endless hours of hand-held pleasure. Easy to clean. Get it now!

  5. Jacob Says:

    I remember Al Ewing from 2000AD Review Online (I hope I’m remembering it right) where I was the smug sanctimonious prick who had a pathological hatred of Si Spurrier and wrote Devlin Waugh fan-fic so fucking bad John Smith felt compelled to contact me and give me writing tips.

    So yeah, well done Al at your rise in comics. I still have an email from John Smith from 2004 telling me to check out your Future Shock and talking about how well you’ve done even back then.

    Also I’m currently living in Cranleigh, just outside your former stomping grounds of somewhere unnamed outside Guildford. Even in this day and age it’s possible to live in this area and still be 45 mins walk from a pub.

  6. Derek Says:

    Lactus, you must start a sister podcast that is something like WTF: Comics Edition. I can’t wait to hear Warren Ellis cry.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    John Allison interviewed about webcomics, audiences, dosh, ici:

    Pat Mills and Tony Skinner took over me favrit ‘ninety-niner, binman superhero Ravage 2099, and turned him into an off-brand Wolverine. Not as good as their Punisher, esp. the guy with the magic hand made out of Chipsticks.

    On the question of choc avec tickelle, I saw an advert for a *whii-hoo* website last night on the channel True Entertainment – think harrowing soft-focus drama, Waltons repeats – and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the word “bondage” used in an advert. Of course, the actual advert was rather coy – not the overly chipper and extravagantly middle-clarse affairs that the LoveHun adverts have been


  8. Martin Gray Says:

    Well, who needs Silence (Because I’m Eating Delicious Food) when we can have Silence (Because I’ve Got a Ball Gag in My Mouth)? Fun … brings a whole new meaning to Det Munch of Homicide/Law & Order/Every Us show of the last 20 years.

    More Al Ewing!

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