October 13th, 2014


Oh hi there! You caught me with my hand in the pickled onion jar! Welcome back DEAR LISTENERS, to this very special* technical-hitch FREE episode of SILENCE! With a rejuvenated The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus, freshly back from judging the 3rd Annual Electroplegic Bodyshunting Competition. Slipping off their ceremonial robes, the pusillanimous pairsome are hot cocked, and ready to rot! Let’s get podcarousing!

<ITEM> Sponsorshines, Breakdown Press, Thought Bubble…you know the drizzle. And Gary reveals his nefarious plans to sexually entrap all the DEAR LISTENERS!! Who let the dogs in?

<ITEM> Like a perfectly launched stone skipping across a still pond, the two enter the Reviewniverse, a song in their hearts, and their hearts on their sleeves (and their sleeves tucked into their undercrackers). And what a week it’s been. Vivisected this week: Punks, Ed Pinsent, Inkstuds, Rob Liefield, Batgirl, Gotham’s Brooklyn, Gotham Academy, Axis/6xis, Pickled Onions, Sex Criminals, Astro City, Mark Bell RIP, Masterplasty from James Harvey, Courtney Love, Sinestro, and the terrifying Earth 2 weekly challenge!

<ITEM> How could we forget – a guest star studded edition of SILENCE! Because My Mouth Is Full of Delicious Food! The real reason you all came.

Now get out of here before my husband gets home.

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26 Responses to “SILENCE! #118”

  1. Cass Says:

    Crappest Foreword: Bendis introducing the 2011 reissue of Moebius and Jordorowsky’s Incal. Lots of vamping to cover up for the fact that he hadn’t reread the book since it was first released. Here’s an excerpt: “I literally bought Moebius graphic novels in lieu of buying things that would somehow help me get ladies.”

    The comments thread below features a round denouncement of Bendis intros. Apparently he does a bunch.

    Honorable mention for crap forewords goes to Stan Lee in Marvel Masterworks. He probably did dozens of them, all the same format. First, run down the title of each story, then conjecture as to its level of greatness, going solely off the title.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Bendis & Moebius?? Holy crap that’s a doozy. You’ve set the bar high there Cass

  3. With Genuine Sincerity Says:

    White manages to present the reader with something that is beyond black and white children’s adventure literature. Cindy and Biscuit is not simply a collection of stories concerning a magical young girl and her plucky dog fighting monsters that no one else can see; it is very much and more than anything else about the limitations of reason and the transcendent power of imagination. Cindy’s relentless poking at the earth monster, for instance, is the human will to know given form.

    I literally buy these comics instead of toilet paper.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Fantastic work there.

  5. T. Reader Says:

    For long centuries, the spinner of tales clothed humanity against the dark chill of night, until his voice was lost under the cheap trappings of modern life. Now, when our looms stand dusty, who will pull the threads which warm and bind us?

    Hark! A figure materializes in the nightish night, just beyond the dying fire’s orange glow. In years hence, his booming call, uttered from the shadowy shadows, will resonate in our history: “Here be White.”

  6. D.R Lisner Says:

    Greetings Gary and BMD,
    Recent listener, first time commenter. Love the show – you guys cast a quality pod.
    I bought Sabrina AND Wytches this week and couldn’t he but compare the two. Whilst I enjoyed both of them I’d have to say Sabrina was by far my favourite. It managed to balance a lightness and humour with sense of dread and foreboding and in doing so made me laugh and shit my pants in equal measure. I’ve now got Afterlife with Archie off the back of this which is also ace, two thumbs up, horror good-times.
    Wytches had a great opening (“Pledged is pledged”) but got weaker as the issue progressed, but was still a top notch read (just not as good as Sabrina).
    Silence! My mouth was filled with delicious butternut and cream of coconut soup.
    D. . Lisner

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Let there be White!

  8. tam Says:

    Well, the publisher asked me to write an introduction telling you how wonderful Dan White’s work is but I’m not going to do that. Instead I’m going to tell you a story about myself with lots of faux self-deprecation that has nothing to do with Dan White or his work but is obviously a terrific technique for quickly hitting the required word-count. I’ll then employ some sophisticated literary techniques at the end, to make it seen to the less astute of the readers that I was putting far more thought into this than I actually was and it was really about Dan White after all. And THAT dear reader is why I think Cindy and Biscuit is so wonderful. If you’ve read them before, then it will be like welcoming your best old friends and if you’re encountering them for the first time, then you’re about about to enter an enchanting and dreamlike world that you’ll never want to leave

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Or something.

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Perfect, Tam. The only thing that could improve it would be a wildly out of context quote from The Bard.

  11. Thrills Says:

    That Liefeld interview is pretty great. I especilly enjoyed the Todd Macfarlane impressions, given that I know nothing about him as a person or what he sounds like.

    Liefeld’s early stuff is strangely compelling, in a ‘teen draws nearly-professional superhero comic that will never be published so he may as well draw what he likes’ way, almost as if it’s some self-published thing he’d sell to his mates at school. But as soon as fancy paper and computer colouring got involved, it lost what dubious charm it had.

    Sarah Horrocks wrote some ace stuff about it, which I am sure you are aware of already.

    Still, those comics are a bit of a chore to get through, eh?

    I liked the photos that used to be in Wizard of Liefeld and Ian Churchill, super-tanned, just hanging out in shades and having larks, doing karaoke and having white teeth. A strangely healthy vision of the comics world, as long as you didn’t actually look at the work Awesome/Extreme/Pumped (or whoever) were putting out.

    That Bendis Incal intro is horrible. I read it in my coffee table comics-buying pal’s copy, and felt a bit ashamed that ‘my’ comics (superheroes) had leaked all over his expensive fancy-dan ones in the worst way.

  12. Matthew Craig Says:

    I could never imagine being so prepared that I would have a jar of pickled onions handy when I need them. Fortunately, a bag of Transform-a-Snack usually tickles that otter.

    I do like a nice tomato, though. With a li’l salt? Sloo. Sadly, I’m not together enough to have actual tomatoes in the house, either.

    Man, now I want a tomato. And a tuna sandwich, like I used to make for myself back when the world was young. I’ll have to settle for Me Usj, plus a Chocolate Choux bun.

    I listened to this week’s podde on the way to Leamington Spa, where today was held the best, or my best at least, show of the year. It’s amazing to see that there’s still room for new quality local shows.

    I haven’t read any comics apart from the latest load of jizz Viz. Pretty great ish, usual salutes and salutations – I think one of the Top Tips made me hoot like an owl in a mousetrap – although I’ve noticed a pattern in the text features that either means I’ve been reading too long, or they’re getting a bit samey.

    And that’s why Cindy & Biscuit is the dogs’.


  13. Matthew Craig Says:

    PS: The Patrick Stewart/Transmetropolitan connection is, if I remember this right, to do with Patrick being in line to voice Spider Jerusalem in a cartoon or something. Him and Wozza became pals as a result.

    (I’d enjoy seeing the other Patrick, Considine, in the role, fwiw. But then I thought Linda Henry would’ve been a great Constantine, so there)


  14. Thrills Says:

    Cripes, Linda Henry would indeed make a great Constantine!

  15. Justin Victor Says:

    A couple years back, I was loving everything Rick Remender was doing. I’m still reading most of his books but the magic is gone. I like the big sci-fi scope of stuff like Uncanny Avengers and Black Science but all the characters are insufferable. Everyone in Axis talks like a quipping sitcom character. They all have the exact same voice. Maybe he’s just spread a bit too thin.

    Regarding Autumn and scary movies, I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where I reserve all my horror film viewing for the fall. Hammer and ghosts and exorcisms and Boris Karloff just don’t have the same heft in June, y’know? My picks from this year’s Halloween marathon so far are Ken Russell’s The Devils and Death Spa. If you like a ‘good’ bad horror film, you must see Death Spa.

  16. Thrills Says:

    I feel the same about Remender. I really liked his Uncanny X-Force, Punisher and Venom (and Fear Agent is okay. I’m mainly working my through it to see Tony Moore and Jerome Opena’s art evolve), but, as you say, the magic’s gone, and his current work does absolutely nothing for me.

    On a ‘modern Marvel’ scale, I’d say he’s much better than Jonathan Hickman, much worse than Jason Aaron.

    What a ranking system.

  17. Gary Lactus Says:

    That’s a fair ranking system I’d say. By “fair” I mean it’s what I think too.

  18. Matthew Craig Says:

    I find it intestingish that the new Captain America comic…by which I mean the MarvelNow! one, not the newnew one…had such a strong Frank Miller flavour. The dialogue, the rhythms of the caption boxes. Hell, even the art…although that’s more to do with the artist being John Romita jr, who has himself internalised a lot of FM’s style. The urgency of RR’s work seems to be very FM, even if he avoids question mark many of Frank’s excesses.


  19. Mart Says:

    Golly gosh, I’m so behind, but just wish to thank you for another fine episode, apart from the bit when you were both eating pickled onions, as I hate hearing people eat noisily. Oh well, could’ve been worse, you might’ve been slurping a peach.

    ‘Interestingly’ Gary, you’ve been at the Edinburgh Fringe on at least one occasion when Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda, actor Caroline Rhea, was doing stand-up. She was rather excellent.

    It was nice of you to play tribute music at the end, but whatever it was, the needle seems to have gotten stuck …

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