September 30th, 2014


There we go, that’s the quote done. Now I have to do some sort of blurb. Gary Lactus here by the way. I was all excited about The Beast Must Die coming back from Croatia and Bobsy coming round to my space ship for a lovely 3 person podcast when illness and circumstance all struck at once! Let me tell you, I was all ready to give up on life when I thought, “Hey, there are more than three people who like comics and stuff” so I asked the internet. I Googled, “Pod Pals” and Kieron Gillen, James Baker, Steve Heller-Murphy and Matthew Craig fell out of my laptop almost instantly! Me and my new pals talked about things. Here is a list of them:

Witches, People Inside, Memetic, Six Gun Gorilla, X 23, X-Men, BendiXmen, Megaton Man, Aztec Ace, Reid Flemming World’s Toughest Milkman, 2000AD and a whole load of other divergences.

Come join me on my interractopodical adventure…

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25 Responses to “SILENCE! #116”

  1. Thrills Says:

    90s Australian soap actors and the Scottish Referendum! I can get behind that, entirely.

    Toadie’s wedding day wife-death was harrowing.

    As were the results of the referendum.

    I would have got in on this podcast, but you already seemed to have someone from Edinburgh. BULLET: DODGED

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Who are these imposters?? Who is this ‘Kieron Gillen’?

  3. Thrills Says:

    Kieron Gillen was the guitarist from Marion, I think? And he wrote that comic ‘The Vinyl Underground’?

  4. Tom Healey Says:

    Top quality Neighbours chat.

  5. Derek Says:

    Such a great episode. Nice work, Lactus.

  6. Tam Says:

    What a great (and different) episode! I’d be really interested to hear that discussion on American Flagg if you ever get around to it. It’s one of those comics with great art, but I’ve never quite been able to get into the story, (see also Grendel). And Gary, if you haven’t read Daredevil : Born Again, you should; it’s probably the best crafted superhero story ever. It’s comparatively easy to tell a powerful origin or end of era story, because the context automatically gives them gravitas, but Born Again is just as powerful while also being mid continuity, which is much, much harder to do well. And the art is wonderful !

    Also really enjoyed hearing Matthew after reading his comments for so long, although he loses a few points for talking about Telford without mentioning the Iron Bridge, which is probably the most interesting thing about the place… Shame on you, Matthew! Shame!

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Tam, I have the Bad Guilts over the Iron Bridge. I fully intended to write a classic graphic novel about its construction, but didn’t because I’m a total screw-up. I will be making up for that with my Telford Trilogy, if I ever get my honk in gear to write it. Plus the logo design I recently turned in for a local firm may have accidentally made the thing look like a giant metal fanny.

    (it’s okay. I had a better, less disturbing idea later)

    Fun Fact: that weird silence(!) at the start of my segment was actually the sound of me pulling my trousers up. Thank Christ we weren’t on Twitch.


  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    If it happens again I’d rather you pull your trousers down.

  9. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Well, what a top special guest version of SILENCE!

    Belated Birthday greetings Mr Gillen!

    Gary, I enjoyed your explanation regarding vinyl. Perhaps you should consider more in-depth articles regarding bizarre inventions. Glad to hear a nod to God Hates Astronauts, a seriously hilarious book- Ryan Browne’s work is brilliant.

    Steve was a find, I must admit I was concerned when he said he didn’t listen to the show, but I soon shut the fuck up when he elaborated on some old-school classics!

    I also enjoyed Mr. Craig’s Spider-shoe rant. I agree entirely! It’s STUPID! From his voice I picture Mr. Craig as a slightly hairier Simon Pegg.

    Also, Gary Lactus- on a number of occasions I’ve heard what sounds like a washing machine in the background. Obviously this must be some sort of intergalactic space washing machine to clean your purple centurion outfit, although I’d strongly suggest you stick to dry-cleaning that thing.

    I also get that belly-pushing-down-trousers thing, I’d imagine it’s due to my similar diet to Mr. Craig’s.

    Anyways! Congrats again everyone, stellar ‘cast all round!

  10. Thrills Says:

    My current gutsy problem is my belly getting irritated by my belt buckle, but that’s what I get for being shaped like a bowling pin and only eating meat, raw veg and bread (on separate plates, obviously). And drinking a lot of delightful ales, of course.

    I am enjoying this vague Silence! Exciting Dietary Support Group. It’s a bit like Life Mechanics.

    I have similar concerns to Tam regarding American Flagg. I bought the first two volumes using book tokens (I am a relic) and while I like the Chaykin art, the story was all a bit too meandering and whimsical. It didn’t really ‘grab’ me, and though it passed a couple of Megabus journeys nicely, I have no real desire to revisit them, other than to maybe look at some hunky jaws.

  11. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    I also went full pelt into both volumes of American Flagg, my only prior experience being a couple of dog-eared issues half-read in my youth. I did enjoy them, but I thought the first volume was far superior. Strong start, but sort of wandered a little. Not too keen on Chaykin’s later art, and it felt a bit ‘stuck on’. The art in the first one is terrific though.

  12. Cass Says:

    Listening to Matthew Craig on Spider-Man, I don’t think I’ve nodded so much in my entire life, like whiplash levels of shaking my head. I loved Matthew’s description of Dan Slott’s Spider-Man as “too loud.” I haven’t used that phrase myself, but with Slott I always come back to the word “epic,” he’s trying to make it epic, which seems to be what everybody goes for now. But like, the thing is: it’s fucking Spider-Man. It’s not supposed to be epic. It’s supposed to be small-scale and personal.

    Now to be fair, the majority of Superior Spider-Man was a return to that kind of story. I particularly enjoyed Otto’s relationship with the Anna Maria character. But then all that personal stuff seems to get drowned out when you have an entire army of Green Goblins, apocalyptic angst with Spidey 2099, Spider-verse-spanning epics and so forth. At some point, Spidey transitioned from being a man with personal problems who punched bad guys as an outlet, to being the man who deals with his personal problems in the few minutes between stopping the destruction of the Earth and saving the timestream. Maybe I am getting to be one of those entitled fans, but fuck man, I kinda just want my old Spidey back.

    PS: Yeah, that destiny thing they’re doing in the Marc Webb movies is just gross.

  13. James Baker Says:

    If we co-hosts are all confessing the Secret Origins of the weird noises at the beginning of our segments, mine was probably from moving the laptop from it’s position on my actual lap, to a desk.

    hope this helps.

  14. Tim B. Says:

    Really like the format of this week’s show.

    Have to agree with all Matthew Craig had to say on Amazing Spider-Man 2. (I’ve never got into Spider-Man in comics so can’t comment on that part of the convo)The annoying thing about it is that there’s no definite wrong-step that the film-makers take like the Zod murder in Man Of Steel. There’s just a diffused sense of wrongness, sort of a death of a thousand mediocre cuts combined with a Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End-esque sense of just doing stuff to pass the 2 hours 20 minutes to get to the only decent scene (the Rhino introduction).

    That the best thing you can say about it is that it’s this year’s fourth worst Marvel film says it all.

  15. Matthew Craig Says:

    Fair play, the opening sequence with the plane was pretty great. Although they tried to do a scene where Richard Parker turns up at Gwen’s grave to confront Peter. Because of course they did.

    I’d've been happy to see Gwen survive and then get on the plane to London Oxford Airport. It would have required a bit of uncharacteristic maturity on Peter’s part, though.

    (I get a bit dogmatic about Spider-Man if I’m not careful. Need to watch that.)


  16. Gary Lactus Says:

    The noises heard in the background of my spaceship was Lady Lactus performing minor engine room maintenance in my spaceship in space.

  17. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    “Silence!” is the most portuguese artist friendly comics podcast that I know! (First Filipe Andrade and now Nuno Plati.)

  18. Alex Serra Says:

    What a wonderful episode. I always miss the Beast Must Die during his absences, but the change of pace for this episode was a pleasant one.

  19. Martin Gray Says:

    Well, what a fun potluck podcast that was, let’s have more. My favourite but was Steven telling us David Boswell (or was it Bob Burden?) had broken off email contact when he suggested meeting, so he tracked down his building and began reading the doorbells …

    I’m in Edinburgh too, thrillingly. The indyref result was right and proper. The 45 per cent are ignoring the people who didn’t vote, while condescendingly claiming those who voted No were stupid or deluded. It’s democracy, move on.

    So Toadie’s wife was killed or the actress got hit by a bus?

    I agree that Born Again is wonderful, and I wish Matt Murdock’s story had ended there. Mind, there’s now the possibility he could open a legal practice with Toadie. Or get a giant head and become Matt MODOK.

  20. Gary Lactus Says:

    I like Matt MODOK. Also, as a fan of naughty universe touching, Toad Fish and Murdock law firm working with Kojack and Columbo.

  21. Matthew Craig Says:

    “So Toadie’s wife was killed or the actress got hit by a bus?”

    First one, then t’other. Missed the bit where she was robbed while lying in the street.

    Weirdly, the Google Image search for Madeline West I’ve just done returns lots of pictures of her in glamorous clothes (and out), as well as a pic of her wearing a gelatine face-mash. Talk about facing your flashbacks.

    “Toad Fish and Murdock law firm working with Kojack and Columbo.”

    That would be the best Law & Order ever. Gerry Conway’s back on Spidey next year, so we’re already a step closer.


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Bang BANG.

    Anyway, could we have more of Mr Craig on the podcast?

  23. Matthew Craig Says:

    Basically all I have is talk about stars of turn of the century soap operas and Spider-Man’s fashion choices.

    (My friend’s best mate was in Family Affairs. He confided this to me at her wedding, thinking I’d never have heard of it. I had heard of it. Still waiting for Pooky Quesnel’s autograph, J.)


  24. Mart Says:

    Family Affairs? Bah! I can sing the Night and Day theme …

  25. Steve Says:

    wow, this is a blast from the past. Martin Gray – it was David Boswell, creator of Reid Fleming I semi-stalked on a trip to Vancouver. Incidentally that building exterior features in the pilot episode of Travellers.

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