September 9th, 2014



<ITEM> So this is SILENCE! And what have you done?

<ITEM> Sponsorships passing in the night, with added talk of Blue Peter in the 1970s and 80s. It’s Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die doing that thing they do. Doo doo.

<ITEM> Reviewniverse = Saga 22, Grendel Vs The Shadow, God Hates Astronauts, Transformers Vs GI Joe, Original Sin, Superman, Outcast, Bodies, Doop, Batman, She-Hulk, Uber, Wein & Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing, Superior Foes Of Spiderman and more, oh so much more (well sort of)

<ITEM> There’s a bit of Dr Who chat. You know. For kids.

<ITEM> SILENCE (Because My Mouth Is Full of Delicious Food – it’s the new segment that has the world on it’s knees


worst. shownotes.  ever.

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13 Responses to “SILENCE #113”

  1. Illusionator Says:

    My third favourite Butthole Surfers track as intro. Yay! Happy birthday to me :)

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ahh happy birthday indeed! Been having a big ol, Butthole Surfers revival recently. ‘Jimi’ is still my fave though.

  3. Illusionator Says:

    I’d go either “Too Parter” or “Perry”. They were extraordinary though. A clip that sums them up?


  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Silence! (Because My Bog Is Red With Buttroot Watter), feat. Gary X Laxus & The Beast’s Meat Diet.

    I was a bit down on the comics as well this week. The latest load o’jizz Viz was turned over to promotion of some bulldirkey cake thing. I thought it was a weird extension of the Drunken Bakers strip, but that was about Aunt May haunting the Jimmy Stewart Baker, so no.

    The Beano wasn’t working for me either, although again that was more about my mood. No Little Plum, which meant I didn’t have the guilt of reading something so troublingly retro. It’s good, don’t get me wrong – Bears, “Babyface” Finlayson, and so on – but on the other hand, “um” and I think I may have seen a “heap.”

    I mean, it’s no Fiddle O’Diddle, bedad, but still.

    Oh, and continuity: The Dandy’s soppy seaman Jonah was revealed to be Plug’s uncle in the new Beano. Or maybe “uncle,” depending on his home arrangements. No judgement here, hem hem.

    Speaking of heaps, the first issue of Totleben/Bissette/Moore’s Swamp Thing run is free on the ‘Ology: Fantastico. The pacing, the atmosphere. Talk about yer cinematic comics; the EYES, man. The EYES.

    I got sick to the gorge of cute little descripto-caps after years of Authority & X-Men comics. “Master Strategist, leather trenchcoat aficionado, favourite food JUSTICE PIE.” Blleehh. “The Carrier: swimming against The Bleed like an anarcho-syndicalist fish up the wee-stream of Corporate Malfeasance.” “She’s Welsh. It’s like Irish, only more child-like and kawaii-y. Doctor Who comes from there.” I dunno. I can’t remember any real ones.

    Handy tools in a shortcutty pinch, mind.

    Still a little concerned that nobody noticed Peter Parker making out with a woman who is his semi-half-sister (on his spider’s side), though.


  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Sorry, Craig. I did notice that spider sexy times but always forget to mention it. Perhaps I shall sing a song about it, especially for you.

    Probably won’t though, it’d come out all smutty.

  6. Thrillzz Says:

    Peter Parker’s always getting up to dodgy crap. If you’re going by a Morrisonian “All the stories happened to him, definitely” thing concerning non-What Ifs, then he’s a wife-beating, incestuous, devil-dealing sack of crap with an absolutely terrible sense of humour. You really wouldn’t want to hang out with him in either his secret identity or superhero modes.

    HE IS THE SPIDER, just like Vic Reeves, eternally caged and harnessed, reaching for terrible prizes in front of an embarrassed and embarrassing general public.

    The Beano still has Little Plum? Oh dear.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Fortunately, the deal with Mephisto erased that bit where he backhands his pregnant wife into a wall, if not the pregnancy entire, along with the marriage (and that honeymoon with Puma). Which also means that Norman Osborn didn’t poison the…

    …I can’t complete that sentence. Christ on a bike, Marvel.

    I’m fine with there not being a song about Peter slipping his sister the oul’ pedipalp. But t’s gonna be great when they introduce Silk to that overwound cartoon about Peter being a good little soldier in Nick Fury’s secret big brother army.

    …cripes. Between this, that, and that stupid movie…


  8. Thrills Says:

    Puma should always show up at Marvel honeymoons, sort of like the Watcher always showing up for significant events.

  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Watcher – never, ever brings a bottle.


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