August 14th, 2014



For my love, Gary Lactus.

I feel so disgusted and enraged sometimes,
When I think of you each night and day,
And when I see you, I see comics,
I love you more than words can say…

You’re so nauseating! This love is mature!
I can’t resist your graphic novels, it’s true!
The fat bearded baby-men and Neil Gaiman’s Lederhosen fade into shadows…
I am absolutely crazy for you!

Your soul is jaded; your heart is shrivelled,
And my heart is truly in your hands.
I could podcast and opininonate ’til life was done,
But YOU are the focus of my plans.

This soul tiredness is nauseating my love,
And for you, Gary Lactus, I thank Heaven above.

(And for your glans)

All my love, The Beast Must Die x

<ITEM> Some event-level admin, with discussion of Fraser Geesin Dot Com, Robin Williams, The Fisher King, Harmontown, Kojak, Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck The Ultimate Man, The Breakdown Safari Festival, SILENCE! LIVE at Thought Bubble 2014, Sponsorschism, and much much more

<ITEM> The two set sail for the pea-green cresting waves of the Reviewniverse, covering Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds, Terminal Hero, the He-Man/ Fourth World connection, Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers, She Hulk, Dark Ages, Bodies, Batman: Eternal, Thor, Superior Foes Of Spiderman and maybe a touch more on top

<ITEM> Waving goodbye, waving now, bye bye BYYYYYYE

Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is having his nao-servos waxed and his QuinDrive sharpened  and will be back soon

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12 Responses to “SILENCE! #110”

  1. tam Says:

    I don’t have a telly so I’m often amazed at what’s being shown when I do see it these days. I was stunned to see they’re still repeating episodes of the quiz show 15-1 on some station. They’re still oddly watchable but I bet neither the host, William G Stewart or any of the contestants dreamed those shows would be repeated twenty five years later…

    Re : Robin Williams. I always thought his Popeye film is one of the most interesting cinematic failures I’ve seen. It was perfect casting (and Shelley Duvall made a great Olive Oyl too) and you can see they were trying to bring an animated characters to film but the grammar and the special effects technology weren’t there yet so it doesn’t really work. But even so, the way they tried to work around the limitations gave it an inventiveness that you don’t often see in today’s films when cgi allows anything that can be imagined to be shown on screen…

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    Can’t wait till my episode of 15to1 comes on. The first and only time I looked properly hawt, and I spent me bus fare home on comics from, of all places, Gosh. (Kane vol. 1! Thanks, Wizard!)

    Made an absolute chuff of myself in front of the G-Stew, though. “Where are you from, Matthew?” “Well, Bill, my mother’s mother was born in North America, but my father’s family –” “Graham! Over to you.”

    Kirby sans Kirby, Liefeld sans Liefeld, Nemo sans McCay. Must be near time to wheel The Spirit back out there for yet another round of old-fashioned dames with emotionally-inert clunky pun-names. Damn!

    This week I read probably my last issue of Dennis And Gnasher’s Epic Magazine. A recent reboot saw the magazine include more comics content and a Dandy reprint collection in every issue. You also got a toy, and the mag was rounded out with nonsense and adverts.

    But the latest DEboot sees the latest issue consist of six pages of original comics content in a fifty-page mag. Plus three pages of reprint and advertorial comics, including Mr Bean (because it’s 1987), Jeffrey Brown’s Jedi Academy and Regular Show, which going by this is a weirdly unpleasant cartoon (sorry #bobsy).

    OH! And there’s a three-panel, not kidding, “Draw It Yourself” Adventure Time comic. Draw it yourself, kids! Four quid to keep ye quiet and only three panels to draw it in! Acker Bilk!

    The rest of the mag is puzzles, jokes pages, articles and promos for movies, toys, games and sports cars(!). There’s Doctor Who promo art you’ve probably seen before, and a page on Rocket Raccoon that made me quite s/mad.

    I am not the target audience for this, obviously, but I really enjoyed the reprint material, and handing a bag of toys in to Barnardos once a year felt great. Shame. The Beano’s still good, though.

    I also read Viz. Farmer and Healey continue to be the secret voice of modern Britain.

    I also also read the first part of the prequel to the upcoming arachnorrhetic sollipsistifest Spider-Verse. Pavitr Prabhakar turned up, and for a moment, my mangtle of cultivated cynicism slipped. Then I saw rubbish old Spider-Manoir and Mark Millar’s…”Spider-Bitch.” There’s also a Spider-Spider-Monkey, which would be really stupid were he not wearing builder’s boots. Now that, I can take seriously.


  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’d love a collection of Drunken Bakers

  4. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, a Drunken Bakers collection would totally be one of those “comics to give non-comics readers!” things, much more than fucking Watchmen or Serious Bats. I’ve had actual conversations about them with humans and everything. NO INTERNET INVOLVED!

    ‘Dawn’ by that Linsner chap is fucking horrible, and an ad for it in a copy of Wizard a pal got me was maybe my first proper exposure to the fact that comics are primarily for the worst people in the world.

    I don’t really read any comics on the bus anymore, as they all tend to have something really embarassing in them (as someone with social anxiety, I do needlessly worry about this sort of shit). I would read a Drunken Bakers book, though.

  5. Carl Says:

    It may be worth noting that, as with Jim Balent’s Boobsword books, the committed and fervent fanbase for Linsner’s Dawn books is purported to include a significant number of the ever elusive Female Readers.

    The world can be difficult to comprehend.

  6. jameswheeler Says:

    Going to counter the Beast’s stance here and say Scott Pilgrim is far and away my favourite Edgar Wright movie, and not just because the Spegg Trilogy pales in comparison to Spaced. I can understand why someone unfamiliar with the comic would find it an unsatisfying mess, but I actually enjoyed the fractured, fractious narrative and thought it a great fit for his trademark manic editing.

    I think he’s best off in pastures shiny and American rather than the diminishing returns of “has anyone noticed I didn’t write for Spaced” mode, so I was pretty sad about the collapse of Ant-Man. Granted, the Marvel Movie Machine probably isn’t the best place for self-expression, but I don’t think his strengths are anything that couldn’t sit happily in that universe.

    Seconds is a greatly satisfying comic in its own right, and while my initial reaction was to make fun of the “a graphic novel” subtitle, it clearly is aiming for a novelistic structure rather than general worthiness.

    The other thing to say about O’Malley’s drawing in Seconds is that he hired an art assistant for backgrounds and crowd scenes, as he did on the last volume of Scott Pilgrim. I quite like the wobbly brushwork buildings in SP 1-5, but apparently he wanted a level of detail that would have meant this book taking even longer, had he done it all himself.

    Not to get all Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed, but the Masters of the Universe wasn’t actually a retooled Fourth World script, though the director has said he’s a Kirby fan and the similarities are deliberate.


  7. jameswheeler Says:

    Really enjoyed SILENCE! Because My Mouth is Full

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