April 29th, 2014



And what costume shall the poor Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 wear
To all tomorrow’s SILENCE?
A hand-me-down dress from who knows where
To all tomorrow’s  SILENCE

And where will Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 go and what shall Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 do
When SILENCE comes around?
Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 will turn once more to Sunday’s clown
And cry behind the door

Yes, it’s that time when the party goes sour, when the brave and the beautiful have gone home, or on to wilder more fabulous parties, and all that’s left is the desperate dregs and the too far gone. The man that no-one knows who smells of milk. The broken, the twisted and the boring. And Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die of course, sat in the corner pretending they have a podcast, shouting at the wall, laughing, singing idiotic jingles about imaginary people and talking, talking always talking.

Time to go home.

<ITEM> Admin time, with Batman Eternal, start at the middle, Hollyoaks vs Game of Thrones, Dinner Dance on Douglas Mountain, jingles and PREMIUM BONUS CONTENT.

<ITEM> The 100the anniversary self-congratulations continue with another gruelling session of The Quizzlertron! Think that scene in Clockwork Orange, but no-one’s wearing any clothes and there’s a lot more comics lying around. The ramblings include: Image comics jam session, De LA Soul’s Fallin, Judgement Night, Jack Kirby and Bernie Wrightson, The SILENCE Comic, Brightonandhove, The Secret Origin of Silence, Young Love, Fame, The Full Gronch, Penis Fancy Dress, Joe Sacco vs Frank Quitely HOTTTT, 2000AD Prog 626, Frank by Jim Woodring, Dave’s and Gosh, Micronauts, ROM, James Stokoe, The homo-eroticism of Johnny Alpha, the hunkiness of Rogue Trooper, Rob Liefield on Wireheads, Fantasy 2000AD, 21st Century Tank Girl Kickstarter, Geoff Darrow & Pat Mills on Flesh, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ryan Gosling, Claire Balding, Eric Stoltz, Steve Gerber, jack Kirby’s Fourth World, 1986, Little Nemo, Krazy Kat, Gleat, Machines taking over, and so very much more.

<ITEM> A brief dip into the Reviewniverse to talk about Evan Dorkin’s excellent Eltingville Club, then it’s home for tea and biscuits.

So stop grubbing aound those ashtrays looking for stub-ends, stop mine-sweeping those half-empty beercans, and plonk yourself down next to Milk guy for a nice listen to…SILENCE!

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #101”

  1. Cass Says:

    The weirdest thing about the Microverse – and I suspect this will spark TBMD’s memory – is that it’s home base to the Psycho-Man, a green and yellow villain who sports a Kirby-tech control panel with three buttons, labeled Fear, Doubt, and Hate respectively and evoking the corresponding emotions. If I remember right, the control panel gimmick has nothing to do with the Microverse gimmick, so it’s just a totally weird nonsense combination.

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    I’d pick ROM every day. Ditko does The Beyonder, man. Also, watch him make his gestural tics work, even when the characters have fused metal fingers.

    The Micronauts were a bit like the Guardians of the Galaxy are today, though. In fact, it’s a bit of a surprise that they haven’t repurposed Bug for a role in the movie. I think Marvel owns him outright.

    Man, that era of 2000 around Necropolis/Zenith pIII was the business. dead Man, Harlem Heroes w/Dillon, Zippy Couriers, Moon Runners. Yer man with the pink goblin living inside him. ARMOURED GIDEON!

    Hollyoaks is terrible in two senses of the word. People firing into each other with knives, cars, hurtful remarks, genitals. But it’s okay! There’s a helpline. I made the mistake of allowing myself to not ignore the omnibus a couple of times, and now I know all the names and stories and snogtrees. They’re all Londoners, for some reason. It’s like a producer from one of those horrid American teen dramas was asked to make a British soap and they’d never eard of Chester. Figuring “Britayne? That’s like, Big Ben and some shit? Done.”

    I’ll settle their hash when I get me Trixie Biker show. gr

    Johnny Alpha does have that whole Martin Shaw thng going for him, doesn’t he? Not sure I’d kick Tyranny or Arthur Ranson’s Anderson out of the restaurant, but he’s a handsome fella. Plus, he’s from the Keynes, so at least we’d have New Towns as a common frame of reference.

    I read some rad comics this week, including a boss Commando about a half-English Norwegian guerilla fighter whose uncle was convinced he was a Viking.

    I also read that Daredevil 1.50, which was okay apart from a creepy Bendis/Maleev story about Daredy marrying some random and knocking her up. Big twist: Bullseye tops her. What is Bendis’ obsession with Matt Murdock’s porky piping bag? A whole mini-series devoted to it (with a terrible non-twist ending), now this? Weird.


  3. Thrills Says:

    Good call on Rogue Trooper being the alpha hunk. This is especially true of the Jose Ortiz-drawn stuff. So hottt.

    And Quitely, too. I pure loved that telly programme about him. “3 Akiras!”

    Just say ‘no’ to Hollyoaks.

  4. PapoCrapo Says:

    In a shocking twist, Jason Papanicholas IS PapoCrapo. Thanks for the song guys!

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    You win!

  6. Aaron Says:

    I can’t believe I forgot to ask about Tymbus in my anniversary question. I imagined the Mindless Ones gathered around a big round table, Justice League style, voting to kick Tymbus out because he’d revealed Gary Lactus’s secret identity to the world. Or that he’d gone into the wild, never to be heard from again. Thinking about it now, I’ve probably spent too much time thinking about Tymbus.

  7. tam Says:

    I thought the Eltingville Club was great, but it was also probably the harshest thing I’ve read since… Well, probably since the original Crossed series. Dorkin spent a while working in a comic shop and knows of what he speaks, but there’s also a lot of empathy there and the characters come across as real people rather than caricatures and that’s what makes it worth reading.
    By the way, there’s a nerdy term for Dorkin’s lovely habit of stuffing as much into each panel as possible, it was coined ‘chicken fat’ by his hero, the Mad creator Will Elder

  8. Eyemelt Says:

    Top show gents! Thanks for answering my feeble questions, I’m a little saddened I didn’t gain a stupid voice but I can wait until episode 200 I suppose.

    I loved Judgment Night when it came out, and thought the soundtrack was ‘da bomb’. Or whatever kids were saying back then. They managed to make the trailer look absolutely appalling, and interestingly, Jeremy Piven in one of his pre-hair roles. He must have a Lazarus Pit in his Hollywood mansion.

    I enjoyed the moment of revelation of what the Microverse actually was to TBMD in this episode, that pure gasp of realisation was just priceless. Those early issues were mindblowing. I remember seeing an ad for Micronauts 8 (I think) with Man-Thing on the cover and the Micronauts all flying around him and climbing on him, and drawn by Mike Golden. I was completely in awe.

    I’m on and off with Dorkin, I picked up an issue of Dork and thought most of it was quite self-indulgent and not very funny, but then I picked up another one and thought it was brilliant. I especially identify with Eltingville, no idea why. I thought his Bill and Ted stuff was good, especially for a forced tie-in.

    Here’s to the next 3 billion episodes!

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