April 21st, 2014



Happy Birthday to SILENCE!

Happy Birthday to SILENCE!

You look like  a monkey

and you smell like…Brian Blessed’s beard…?

I think that’s how the song goes anyway. It is the return of original and best of the Narratorbots, Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735! No fractal distillations of self, or parallell versions, just the real motherboard-flipping deal. Back to celebrate 100, 000, 000 episodes of reality’s most beloved poddlecaste, SILENCE! What once was a mewling, quivering babe, is now a stooped and saggy old man, with low slung testicles and a shuffling gait. And it’s all because of you enabling those two Radio Hams Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die in continuing to fool themselves into thinking the world wants to hear their unwelcome opinions. So congratulations dear listeners. this is all your fault.

What we need is an intervention.

<ITEM> As a special 100th birthday reward, The Dear Listeners have provided the twosome with a list of questions. You can guarantee that the important issues of the day will be cogitated over, digested and thoroughly dissected… there are so many quizzlers that we JUST HAD to call this Step Into The Quizzlertron, part 1! Comics Dialogue – John Ostrander, Del Close, Garth Ennis, Chris Ware, John Wagner, Wolverine deathcamp, Danny Beastman & Gary Lactenberg – where are we now?, Alex Ross, American Horror Story, Superhero movies, Jeff Goldblum, Gary eating eggs, Dr Strange movie – Burt Reynolds, Sam Elliott, Widescreen comics, Samuel L Jackson, Beano, Dennis The Menace, Early comics memories – missing Knight Rider tied to a tree, 2000AD, Ro-Busters, Secret Wars, Dredd mug, Flaming Carrot action figure, Comics day breakfast, Bob-Z, Ronin, Fantastic Four, Stan The Man Lee making breakfast, James from Twin Peaks made of plastic, Digital comics v analogue comics, Copra, indy vs superhero, Flaming Carrot, the rules of writing questions, Synth pop, Nu-Rom Antics, Lemmy, Keif Llam and so much more…

<ITEM> A sideways crab-like slide into the Reviewniverse to uncover the contemporary delights of Doop, Batman Eternal, weekly comics, Avengers Undercover, Stray Bullets, Auteur, Starlight

And this is just part 1! Aren’t you EXCITED? Couldn’t you just SCREAM?

Well go on then.

No-one’s listening.

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11 Responses to “SILENCE! #100”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    Marzipan’s personal!

    Good meaty podde, though. Just the tickey for a Bank Holiday Monday. I only expected you to address one question, though! I wish I’d asked one about the perpetual dissolution and reconstitution of the Fantastic Four with respect to the question of Scottish Independence now, although I feel I may have done that before.

    I liked James Twinpeaks’ parents: Stillgar out of Dune and the one-eyed girl he blinded, guilt-married and knocked up (maybe not in that order). Stilgarr was in sekrit love with Peggy Hotblonde from the diner, whose daughter in IRL life is Rashida “Anne Perkins” Jones. I think James took his Jimmy Dean fifties’ throwback style a bit too seriously.

    I remember that knob with Josie’s face on it. Gave me the fear. Didn’t care about the dodgy CGI they used to create it.

    I think my question about breaking the metaphor could have been phrased in actual English, maybe. I think you got what I was getting at with the subsequent question, though. I’m a bit obsessed with the notion that in superhero comics, True is better than Real (which is, by definition, impossible). I think I just want to see the sticky-out wings on Captain America’s helmet, missus.

    ¡Feliz Poddleaños!


  2. Cass Says:

    The download link on this page is to SILENCE! #99.

  3. David Wynne Says:


    i’m so alone

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Download link is fixed now, eagle-eared listeners.

  5. Thrills Says:

    This was awfy enjoyable. Literal ‘LOL’s, as they say in the mainframe.

    That “Wolverine uses his mutant powers to make a vague moral point to a bad guy over a period of years instead of slaughtering all the nazis and freeing the prisoners” comic sure is fucking rotten!

    Also, Akira is completely amazing, proper “boo hoo I will never be as good at art as this but fucking hell it makes me want to try” awe-inspiring comics magic, which is also a total great story.

    Twin Peaks: James never quite pulls off the greaser look, feeling a bit too much like one of the squares trying too hard. He got to sing that “You and I” song, though. BEST SCENE (other than the aforementioned Albert Love-Speech).

    Good to hear Stan Lee again, though one day I hope he’ll break his silence and explain how he came up with the idea for Spider-Man. But he’s too busy trolling the Comics Journal!

  6. tam Says:

    Be interested to hear what TBMD has to say about The Question. Haven’t read it for years but there was a lot to like about it, it started off a bit awkwardly and was a bit too self consciously ‘adult’ but the art and the writing got steadily better as it progressed and was I believe, the first major strip from either Marvel or DC to tell a long but finite story. It was also unusual in having a book recommendation at the end of each issue which introduced me to a lot of good stuff including stuff like The Tao of Physics and Ed McBain terrific 87th precinct novels so I retain a fondness for it.

    Also, I’d be interested to hear what all of you and Bobsy in particular thinks about Mega City Confidential, an interesting take on the Edward Snowden affair which has just finished in 2000 ad. I don’t think John Wagner gets nearly enough credit for the way he’s still using Dredd to examine contemporary events through genre fiction and it’s a real shame that more creators don’t try to do this sort of thing…

  7. Zakaria Says:

    Fantastic podbaby, baby. Will we see any guest appearances soon? It seems like the celebration will continue, or at least the questions will. You must have the artist formerly known as “boBz” on during part 2.

    Silence forever, silence for 100 years, silence and mindless, mindless and silence,,, silence for one hundred years, one hundred years of silence. Mindless and silence forever, mindless and silence for 100 years!

    (With apologies to Dan Harmon)

  8. Eyemelt Says:

    Top stuff gents, I was chuckling away behind my headphones in the office whilst pretending to work. I enjoyed the sheer disgust of TBMD with that Wolverine story. I’m familiar with it myself, and although I did find it a little lazy, was certainly not as offended as a lot of the mulch I’ve read in the last few years. Off the top of my head, Ultimates 3 for example. Looking forward to more whimsy, maybe another guest appearance by Lady Lactus and her cosmic shopping list?

  9. AvidComicGuy Says:

    Podtastic, gentlemen. Listening to it on my commute has been The Highlight of a fairly miserable work week. The best bits of Silence idea is not a bad one, you know. If you punctuated Lactus Almighty’s reliably insightful commentary on Spider-man with Classic songs, like the song of the Swamp Thing and the song about the Thing’s thing (neither of which are affiliated in any way with Swamp Thing), it would be almost as good as being able to download a Silence! Greatest Hits album from iTunes. Which I would probably pay Manet for. If it existed and had cover art by that obscure pencil pirate Dan White. Just saying.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Avid, you can listen to and download many of our brilliant classic songs here:

  11. AvidComicGuy Says:

    Wow Gary! Just. WOW. As soon as I have cleaned up the many bodily fluids I just spilled – because of my extreme excitement – I will listen and so on and such forth and yay.

    With deepish gratituninals


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