February 24th, 2014


<ITEM>Far too busy with everybody in the House of Love, Mister Must Die can’t make it this week, leaving macrosexual space god Sir Gareth of Lactus all a-lonesome to present and perfect this most recent edition of SILENCE! (it’s number ninety-four) all by hisself!…

<ITEM>….Not really! Unforch, bobsy didn’t have anything better to do, lo this Monday’s eve, so at the merest prompt went slinking back to Gary’s spaceship like an abused shihtzu to talk comics with the oversize eidolon for the first time in ever such a long.

<ITEM> Spectacularly failing to get an easy rapport going, Gaz and bobz circle warily for  a while before the less than welcome interloper rants about the recent not-cancellation of the much needed Regular Show comic. It’s her birthday this week! Have a heart!

<ITEM> And then, en route to the reviewniverse, our enervated excrementalists pause to prattle about a few recently encountered graphic novels (bit like comics, to hell with the kids, kids) including See More Warts’ Divine Comedy, Brighton: The Graphic Novel by the much loved Various, Blexbolex’s Seasons and Will Eisner’s Best of Preventive Maintenance Monthly.

<ITEM> Thencewise into the reviewniverse where Gary talks about his recent floppy issues, including White Suits (except not really), Midas Flesh, Forever Evil Justice League, Wonder Woman, Amazing X-Men, Captain America, Uncanny X-MenDaredevil and Iron Manual.

<ITEM>We leave the reviewniverse and have a wee at some point, and then are frankly at a total loss, proceeding to ramble for more time than you probably have to spare about in ICAN’TREMEMBER what particular order Comic Convention Rules, Brighton Buses, and Darren!

<ITEM>All this, and much more, and yet also somehow significantly less, await you in this week’s special, low-energy, unappealing late-Feb edition of SILENCE! It’s far from a classic (#classic), for which I can only apologise.

<ITEM> Catch you later William and Theodore!

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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #94”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    You can read and indeed download the PMM/PS mags from various industrimil websites. I nabbed a very nice Joe Kubert Spider-Man issue back when Spider-Man 2 (the first one, with the cake) came out. Doc Ock as a fat pie with a DA hairdo was something special.

    One of my many comics regrets is not picking up the home handyman DIY graphic novel I saw in Tesco a couple of years back. I would append a link to’t, but given the genericity of those search terms, you can imagine how hard it would be to find.

    I’ve picked up a load of those Azzarello Wonder Woman comics on the digi, and I’ve found them a surprisingly good read. I fell out of 100 Bullets around vol. 7. It just got a bit boring, I think, or at least the stuff that was clearly supposed to be interesting – the sticky summer atmosphere, the sleaze, the snarling, hackley characters – just didn’t engage me. Azzarello’s Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is much jollier. I mean, I hate the hobbling of the traditional Wonder Woman mythology – the isolated immortal toga-party Amazons, Diana being sculpted out of, well, it’s supposed to be clay, but really it’s sand, innit? – but the stuff that’s replaced it is quite lovely, in a post-Gaimany way. The art of both Chiang and Akins is great, but Matt Wilson’s colours really hold the thing together.

    Poor The Steve Trevor, though. Ever fated to be Jilted John, when any fule kno he should be right at the heart of that series, the way Lois Lane…oh.

    Man, those two should totally hook up. “Oh, HI, Superman. HI, Wonder Woman. On a date to the International Space Station, are we? Steve and *I* are going to Moonbase Alpha to eat astronaut food with the string vest brigade.”

    In the light of the enskinnification of Amanda Waller on TV and in comics, in the light of Jamie Bell being cast as pro-celebrity dollop Ben Grimm, and also Thews Jackman well into his second decade as Wolverine, you have to wonder: how much of these characters’ character is defined or contained within their physical appearance? I mean, of course a lot of characters change over time as they become refined, but in a medium of visual shorthands and ironic inversion of those shorthands, how important is it that certain characters look the way they do?

    Man, remember when Disney tried to make Quasimodo pretty?

    I wish I’d read Brighton: The Graphic Novel Adaptation. Closest I’ve gotten is Martin Eden’s Spandex, which at least accurately portrays the town’s macrosapphic community. I am (slowly) working on a trilogy of comics set in my hometown, but sadly none of them will feature celebrity-endorsed buses, unless Arriva is the new name for, I dunno, Micky Flanagan.

    I bought the usual Beanos and Vizs last week to help me get over the lurgi. Smudge is back! Hooray for Smudge! Unfortunately, creator credits seem to be less standard than I would like at The Beano.

    Apart from that, all I read worth mentioning was when Spidey got his face literally caved in (in a cave) by Colossus in AVX, and also StudyGroup Comics (Dash Shaw’s Bodyworld), which was so good I wanted to cry and also hide. Never has some old letch blates checking out someone’s arse been so expertly articulated.

    Bonne Podde.


  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I should mention that Impossible Books is actually run by two of the lovely folk who work at Orbital Comics – Camila and Taylor, I beleive:

    (Can’t keep a good admin-man down…)

  3. bobsy Says:

    Gosh, Orbital – it’s the bleedin same innit


  4. bobsy Says:

    totally forgot to mention the Adriam Tomine and Joe Sacco stuff I read last week. Wasn’t on form last night, sorry Silencios.

  5. jameswheeler Says:

    bobsy’s paypal password is “paypal”

  6. Thrillzz Says:

    Edinburgh buses used to have local micro-celebrity Grant Stott on the side, along with different parts of his daily schedule helped by public transport, e.g. “6PM: cocktails” or “4PM: Badminton”. I was going to make a comic based on a ruined Edinburgh, focusing on an I Am Legend-style individual who kept buff by living by Grant Stott’s schedule. By the time I’d got my arse in gear, the ads had vanished and failed to have relevance to anyone except me.

    To turn this comments section into a hellish “ain’t it cool” style movie-gripe section briefly (sorry):

    Guardians of the Galaxy does indeed look awful. I like John C. Reilly, and Chris Pratt’s amiable dumbass schtick is good in small doses, but it looks like a rather Vince Vaughany piece of smuggo ‘bro’ shit. It’ll probably continue with the ongoing horror of the ruination and devaluing of the word ‘awesome’, I imagine.

    Plus, Rocket Racoon is just a terrible character. Not in an “Oh he’s so silly, and I want serious comics!!!” way, but in a “He’s cute but he’s badass! LOLZERS AWESOME!” irritating not-actually-entertaining way.

    That Bryan Talbot cover for ‘Brighton’ is pretty shocking, I agree. Digital Bollando-collage gone wrong.


  7. The Beast Must Die Says:

    That was TALBOT???? It’s literally one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen.


  8. jameswheeler Says:

    Chris Pratt, James Gunn, and Marvel’s Movie Organisation Designed Only for making Competent Sci fi (MODOCS): I’m looking forward to it.

  9. Mart Says:

    Top show, as ever. Isn’t ‘Fall’ another word that the Americans kept when we moved to the far superior ‘autumn’?

    Thrillzz, despair not, Grant Stott is still on Edinburgh buses, but on the back. I’ve met him odd times at theatre press nights and he’s a lovely chap.

  10. tam Says:

    How can anyone FORGET reading Sacco’s fascinating stuff? You’re a disgrace Bobsy! (unless you meant The Great War, which, good though it is, arguably doesn’t quite count as ‘reading’)

  11. bobsy Says:

    Yeah it was that one, my dad’s copy.

  12. Cass Says:

    The only con I’ve been to is NYCC, in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Based on my experiences there, I would say the person who wrote the con rules of etiquette was totally doing a noble service to the world. As far as the creators making their living off the attendees, a lot of people go to those cons to make a buck off the creators (e.g. bringing 20+ books for the artist to sign for resale on eBay). Creators also get harassed by fans raging over the current story direction. The crazy people you see in Robot6 comment threads are not just internet bots. They’re real people. And while they’re not the majority, they make their presence known at the big US cons (at least in my experience, and in con stories I’ve read and heard).

  13. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah, to be honest, neither myself or The Beast Must Die have any experience of proper massive American Nerdquakes.

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