February 18th, 2014



Hello camp councilors Welcome to Camp Spam! I’ll be your resident favourite lumbering backwoods maniac, Disembodied Slashbot X-15735! Are you ready for a long hot summer of canoodling, light drug use, and half-baked attempts at childcare…? There are just a few ground rules to keep in mind however; make sure you do don’t get separated, don’t run around in your skanties, don’t make fun of the locals, don’t mock urban legends or local superstitions, don’t diddle each other on a haunted native American burial ground, don’t run off into the woods trying to entice your boyfriend or girlfriend into a bout of impromptu midnight streaking, and whatever you do DON’T BE FEMALE!

Other than that we can all look forward to a happy summer of carefree kicks and denim hotpants. So settle down round the campfire while we tune our radios to Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die and the latest edition of SILENCE! I’ll just nip off and sharpen my machete…*ahem* I mean fetch the marshmallows…

<ITEM> A glorious longform admin, with sponsordrizzle, and a discussion of both Harvester restaurants and The Chapman Brothers

<ITEM> A song in our hearts and we’re through, through, through to the Reviewniverse…taking on allcomers with reviews of Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Juice Squeezers, Stray Bullets, Walking Dead, Punisher, Wolverine, Fred Savage, How I Met Your Mother, The Royals: Masters of War, Batman: Black & White, Batman, Astro City, Secret Avengers, Justice League of America, Captain America, and Jason’s Hey Wait…

<ITEM> Just time to detach the Reviewniverse, for the Beast to big up his new favourite site Dc Comics In The 80s, the brief tease of Gary Dimbleby and The Beast Must Dimbleby, and then it’s lights out…for summer.


(RIP Bob Casale:

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton.
It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

19 Responses to “SILENCE! #93”

  1. Ales Kot Says:

    Since you were wondering: plot is by Nick Spencer & I, script by me alone.

    Thanks for the kind words! :)

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thanks for filling us in. Forgot to give props to Luke Ross who’s giving good MODOK here in Secret Avengers.

  3. Thrullz Says:

    Here is a horrible ‘Amazing Brother’ I over-coloured while waiting for delivery of a chair/questioning my life. Sorry.


  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ahh. So much better. More realistic.

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Andrew’s hands are really moving!

  6. Thrullz Says:

    Realism in action, like in the films.

  7. Craig Says:

    The thing that always amazes me about Jake and Dinos Chapman is that Brian Sewell loves them, and he hates (almost) every living artist!
    That tiny tableau in question had to be painstakingly re-created after one of Saatchi’s Art warehouses burnt to the ground.

  8. bobsy Says:

    The closest comics relation of those Chapman tableauxxxx is in David B’s Epileptic – childhood battle recreations becoming eerily appropriate representations of adolescent/adult existence etc.

    Frank and Sosa* from Scarface prob count as preberkoffian protoeurobaddies. Berkoff remains the ideal though, figuring out that the purpose of the type was to reflect audience desire to see clipped, formal SS-officer types in a modern, non-ww2 setting.

    His accent-mashing in Rambo is probably the apotheosis of the Eurobaddie type however, cleverly realising that as far as Hollywood was concerned nazis and soviets were EXACTLY THE SAME #makeuthink

    The eurobaddie type rapidly retreated from view, replaced by britbaddies like John Lithgow, who-

    -I feel like I’m repeating myself?

    *”You want me to believe Omar waS a Stoolie becauSe SoSa Said So?” Loggia’s a genius

  9. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    Please, please do the “Radio Silence!” episode!

  10. Avidcomicguy Says:

    You supernatural chaps frightened me with your crazy threats to delete your earliest episode. So I’m listening to Silence! Origins right now. It’s amazing. I have resolved to become your biggest fan. I have initiated a kickstarter to find me and my mate Travis travelling to the UK from where we live in Southern Argentina to lurk in dark corners of gosh and Dave’s waiting for you to appear. We will then take photographs (for our backers) and force you to have beers with us. Looking forward to it.

  11. Tam Says:

    Beast, did you also visit the new mini Serpentine gallery that opened recently? It’s got the best sculpture I’ve ever seen, an elephant (by Adrian Villar Rojas) that’s supporting the whole building and looks absolutely knackered but it’s not giving up! Not Ever!

    I’m not going to post a link here because it won’t do it justice but it’s as magnificent a portrayal of sticking to your guns as that famous Steve Ditko Spider Man lifting sequence or Judge Dredd’s ‘The Cursed Earth Will Not Break Me!’

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