I am Disembodied Yulebot X – 15735. HO HO HO HO HO <RUN>

Tis the season to be jingle. Yo ho ho and a bottle of eggnog. Silent Night Deadly Night… Disembodied Yulebot X – 15735 hopes that you have all been good little dear listeners, because you are about to be rewarded with a mammoth extra length merryjingle edition of SILENCE! The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus are joined by that stocking filler Bobsy for a rambling end of year round up fuelled by festive cheer and just a little bit of yuletide imbibement. But beware. If you’ve been naughty little dear listeners, then Disembodied Yulebot X – 15735 will hunt you down and feed him to his robo-reindeer…

In this free-jazz take on the podcast, the boys discuss (in no particular order)…

Dr Who, Ken Campbell, Mark Gatiss, M R James, the KLF, Illuminatus, Chester Brown’s Paying For It, Michel Fiffe’s COPRA, Jerry Sadowitz, Wimbledon Green, the Canadian Cartoonist’s Newspaper strip, Josh Simmons’ Furry Trap, Avengers Arena, Art Spiegleman’s Co-Mix, Chris Ware Whooppee Cushions, Chester Brown Condoms, All New X-Men, Nina Conti and Ventriloquism, Marvel Superheroes Bath & Shower sets, Artcomix, broseph porn comix, Jim Woodring’s Frank, Fran and Congress of The Animals, Robert Crumb, Joe Matt, English storms, the joys of Coach travel, and believe me when Disembodied Yulebot X – 15735 says, a whole bulging sackload more…

There’s even time for some admin, a couple of toilet breaks, the occasional belch and a Band Aid sized amount of seasonal goodwill.

So take it, shove it into your gullets on top of all the dead turkey, chocolates, cheese, port, brandy, beer, wine and mince bloody pies and head for the mistetoe, where Disembodied Yulebot X – 15735 will be awaiting, diodes glowing…

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23 Responses to “SILENCE! #87 – FESTIVE BEST OF 2013 EDITION”

  1. yawn Says:

    i thocht doctor who wiz quite final crisis-y naw? that means i loved it.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    How lovely to see you here, Brother Yawn.


    That’s all well and good in a comic but doesn’t work in time based media.

    All my love, your pal,


  3. Tam Says:

    The main problem with Doctor Who was that we all wanted to see Peter Capaldi so spent the entire episode waiting for Matt Smith to die but instead he just kept getting older and older. And older. And older. And older.

  4. ben Says:

    This was great. Loved the wide range of things discussed. More non weekly superhero comics talk please.

  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    They dragged the whole death out again, having him regenerate twice so they could do a wig-on-wig cameo.

    I was busy trying not to stress-kill myself in the kitchen – if I showed you what I ended up serving to my elderly parents, you’d send in the UN – but whoever those idiots were in the high-rise, it was too late in the game to introduce them. Where to had the kids and their widowed father gone? Who knows. Who cares. But he spent the whole second act in St. Mary Mead-On-The-Pleiades anyway.

    It felt like an attempt to bash all the plot points of the fourth series that Smithy wasn’t gonna be sticking round for into one sloppy special. I’m gonna miss him, but I’m not gonna miss the arcs.

    I still think they should have done some Cho Je/morphogenic graft jazz to make the new Doctor Jenna Louise Coleman. She was by far the best thing about this whole fan-ficcy series. Capaldi’s gonna be an interesting change of pace, though. His last line was good. Hopefully they’ll stop honking on about all the other Doctors.

    I didn’t get any comics for Xmas. I bought my nephew Batman: Year One, though, which means I win.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Mr Lactus, i saw your tweets about how embarrassed you were that of all the doctor whos your family could have watched, they happened to watch this one, and how cringeworthy and sods-lawish that was, and I, while really enjoying it, sympathised greatly too, COS YOU WERE RIGHT!
    It was crap. and yes, why did Doctor Who sound all mockernee, might as well get Michael bleedin’ Barrymore in to play the bloody Doctah! – Why?


    I hardly evah watch doctor who, so to see this kind of telly once in a while is surprising, mainly good surprising, and there was something greek mythical, something Hamletty, about the doc carrying round a cyberman heid roon the place (which activated ma braincells that store images of smashed up Bish in Alien 3 n aw).

    the gothy priestess and her attendant sauciness was memorable too, in that it reminded me of the sexy cheese of sorta 79-83 bbc sci-fi era, servelan in blakes, assorted womanhood in various doctor whos, and my eternal seven year old self, still front and centre, lapped up the mild jealousy of the tartan skirted young lass as she watched the mega-beings having a wee snog, so it did…

    best thing was the wooden cyberman tho. it made me think of alan moore and…and my liking of it made me think of the kind of people who hang about in comic shops talking to the owner and say how amazing small details in guff comics are, the kind of small details that very few people get hard over, which, in turn, (oh ‘in turn’ – wanker) made me realise I am quite like that kind of person.

    best thing on yer excellent talk, which I’ve only listened to the first 10 minutes of (not easy in current location to detach from family unit and do one’s own thang) was beast must die’s comment regarding new doctor wearing his Malcolm Tucker outfit for his turn as Doctor McWho!?

    I laughed out loud, my friends. I laughed out loud…

    to conclude: Now that the think white cock has left the show though (taking his farcical accent with him, an accent only marginally less shite than tennant’s orfal southern stab) it would be good to see a less finally crisis-y hermetic fugue unfurl for the new bug-eyed doctor who. such things are known as stories.

    anyway – Lakkers, yer right, it was crap. But it was good n aw, as long as you didnae huv the Broons watching it wi ye. (As Lord Bobsy pretty much said.)

    Mezba Chrisbaloidz!!

  7. yawn Says:

    dat was me.

    and the wooden cyberman reminded me of this:


  8. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Wooden Cyberman was pure Mike McMahon tho

  9. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    Jim Woodring scripts his stories before drawing them. He mentioned it in a recent Inkstuds interview.

    Glad to hear from all three of you this week. Christ Mass for you all and New Years for two. One of you will be trapped in 2013 forever.

  10. yawn Says:

    Ahh McMahon…

    that Dredd cover. amazing.

    Wondering: has McMahon survived the harrowing more convincingly than McCarthy?


    yars he has.

  11. Michel Fiffe » Life After C O P R A Says:

    [...] the Mindless Ones were quite gracious in their discussion of Copra. It’s a real pleasure to know the joy I [...]

  12. Tam Says:

    Should also add that was a great episode of silence! and fun because it was a bit more wide ranging than normal, covering not just comics (fun though they are) but comedy, tv, MR James, etc… Any chance of widening your remit to do this more often in the new year?

    In particular, it would be great to hear more reviews of soaps, shower gels and other bathroom products and is just the sort of information I need to improve my personal hygiene.

  13. Justin Victor Says:

    Yes, I’d much rather hear you guys talk about stuff that your passionate about, whether it’s art comics, stand-up, soap, etc. Don’t force feed yourselves superhero comics on our account if your not enjoying them. Anyway, great episode and Happy New Year!

  14. Mart Says:

    Yes, I was getting out of the shower during the Marvel foam discussion and nodding at the horror of soap getting sucked back up the bottle.

    Good show, chaps. I have a question as regards the MR James stuff. I watched the 1968 Whistle and I’ll Come To You again last night, by coincidence, thinking that in the last hours of 2013 it had a good chance of finally scaring me. Once more, though, the only unnerving thing was Michael Hordern’s noisy eating. Seriously, I love a good spooky film (favourites including The Others, the TV version of The Woman in Black and, best of all, the original Haunting) but the pace of this, the annoying Perkins and the deadening introduction by Jonathan Miller all make for a disappointing experience.

    And yet this short film is revered – I’m not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong, I’m just wondering what I’m missing.

    Happy New Year, all.

  15. Nate A. Says:

    Julian Cope! This podcast keeps getting better!

  16. Adam Says:

    Mart, I guess you hear the words “who is this who is coming?” and start to brick it or you don’t.

    Strong pod, men. Would’ve loved to have joined in, because obvs Christmas Friends time, but also the M.R. James digression. (We all know that, Christmas cheer aside, Nu Who is basically shite. What we got was more Matt Smith shouting about how amazingly awesome he is before a bunch of magic stuff happened that felt completely unearned. Plus EMOTION.)

    Bobsy, Gary when we were talking about the Tractate Middoth the other day I didn’t get the impression that the stylistic/directorial choices had bothered you half as much as they bothered me. Glad to hear that they did.

    As I said, the look and feel Gattis was going for struck me as “delicious christmas cake”: all that book-dust-as-snow nonsense, all those shards of light, that oh-so-rich digitally graded colour. The net effect was distancing rather than engaging. As if the bloke had missed everything that made the best of the GSfC work, i.e. controlled and confident direction (something I think Gattis incapable of at this early stage in his directorial career), minimal FX and stylistic flourishes.

    Thinking about it, I’m of the impression that the chap was trying to bottle that weird GSfC alchemy of nostalgia and fear and Christmas fuzzy that exists mainly in our minds. Unsurprisingly he failed.

  17. Adam Says:

    Watched the Signal Man again last night. It might be my favourite of the lot.

  18. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I think Warning To The Curious (original) comes close to perfection, with its authentic Suffolk coastal setting, but the silly tophatted ghoul really let’s it down

  19. Mart Says:

    Thanks Adam, I do find that line scary, but the rest, too slow and doddery. I do remember being scared by The Ice House – wasn’t that an original one.

  20. Adam Says:

    Ice House was one of the later ones, Mart. Haven’t seen it in an age. Now that I’ve got the GSfC box set I intend to remedy that soon. It gets a bit of a slagging from some quarters, but from what I can remember I think I might like it.

    Would like to add that I’m a very big fan of The Woman in Black TV movie. Have you read the book/seen the play?

    I should check out WttC again, Beast. Never really watched it closely. Always on when other stuff’s been happening. In what ways do you think it trumps the rest?

  21. madarab Says:

    Brooklyn!! The home of the craft beer revolution, organic fried chicken, and fiffe!

    Great analogy bobsy

  22. Mark Says:

    Hmph. It’s deffo The Signalman for me, every time.

  23. JamesGexia Says:

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