October 28th, 2013


Oh hello. It’s Disembodied Morrisseybot X – 15735 here, and it really is too awfully dreary to be sentient isn’t it? No doubt I shall expire soon in a drizzle of lukewarm tea and ennui.

I suppose I should blunder blindly through this maddeningly dull preamble and lead you by the gilded glove to the rancid spectacle that is this week’s edition of SILENCE!

<ITEM> Somebody take my pulse and check I haven’t slipped away into the gloom, as we endure the administrative business at the top of the show…sponsorship, ghost girls in the comic shop and more information about the upcoming SILENCE LIVE at this year’s Thought Bubble. How plainly sickening and cruel.

<ITEM> It only gets more gruesome as those two boarish blitherers head into the Reviewniverse, old bones groaning. Puffing and wheezing they sing the praises, or cast onto the stones, the following comic books: Pretty Deadly, Hinterkind, Indestructible Huls Special, Wolverine & The X-Men, Velvet, Daredevil, Young Avengers, Samurai Jack and Marvel Now What..?!

Really. I’d rather not.

<ITEM> In a typically ham-fisted attempt at retaining their skinny fingers on the pulse, the two sample the questionable pleasures of the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer… absolutely vile.

And so we come, inevitably to the end; alas all things must end, especially those precious and delicate moments of respite from the sordid boredom of life. Although in this instance I’m rather glad to see the back of it!

Life is very long, when you’re listening to podcasts…

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17 Responses to “SILENCE! #82”

  1. Eyemelt Says:

    Fun and laughter with the SILENCE! team once again. But dear The Beast Must Die, why didn’t you discuss the poor quality of your telephonic subscription last week? By coincidence I also had the idea that if myself and the Mrs shared the same network perhaps we could save some money. So on Saturday we toddled off to the shops, where I signed us both up for a 2 year contract with 3.

    Oh yeah, comics! Iron Man does sound more interesting than it has in years, one thing you didn’t mention (I’m sure you both knew anyway) was that Arno Stark is actually the Iron Man of 2020. Remember he appeared way back in that great Machine Man miniseries circa mid 80s? Top stuff! Mr Gillen has gotten me intrigued!

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh yeah! Thought Arno Stark sounded familiar. I like that.

  3. Rick Vance Says:

    So I don’t know if you guys take requests but VIZ recently updated their WSJ Free Sampler with the new line up and I think you guys reading / talking 200+ pages of random Shonen manga would be pretty great.

    Some first chapters some 700th chapters etc etc

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Hey thanks for the heads up – I’d be up for some more Manga.


    Manga Lactus?


  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Let me have a look…

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Having neither an iPad or iPhone I’m not sure I can read it.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Any ideas?

  8. Matthew Craig Says:

    I’ve just nabbed some free indie manga from the Kindle store – Gen, it’s called. (there’s also free sample chapters of Roy of the Rovers and Charlie’s War, but that’s less relevant)

    Gen is an anthology of indie manga of the sort I guess they probably sell at Comiket, the Japanese equivalent of ThoBubs (but bigger). The stories in the random issue I read were pretty typical of the stuff we see over here – youth-focused, relationshippy, but hung on skeletons of sport or sci-fi. One story was about a popular gigolo in feudal(?) Japan – no nookie in that part, but maybe in others?

    The art wasn’t bad at all. Not much in the way of backgrounds in one strip, and they all wore their influences on their sleeves. The art in the gigolo strip was my favourite, as it was the most accomplished (in terms of figures, shading, layout) and least likely to default to overreaction faces.

    It’s small press work of the sort that you’ll find at ThoBubs or any decent comic show. And at zero pounds for four lots of ~160 pages, that’s not bad.

    I think there are some more digimanga things coming soon (this week?). I’d keep an eye on Spurgeon’s site.

    That Silence!Live panel sounds ace. I won’t be at ThoBubs this year, sadly (for me), but I hope you all have fun. Maxibonchance to The Beast’s earthly condensate at the awards ceremony.

    Can I recommend some folks? It seems like picking out a couple over the rest would be bad, but Martin Eden’s got a new supersized Spandex Special. As Spandex is at least one of the best superhero comics of the last few years, that might be a fun read. Also, some of it’s set in Brighton! Home of Dave’s Comics of Brighton! I’d like to say there’s a cameo by Gosh! as well, but I may be confusing that with something else…

    I feel like any more would be too many more. Here’s a obsequiously luvvieish piece I wrote last year:

    That last issue of Daredy was great, as well. Page turns, eh? Ya gotta love ‘em!


  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Aw, I’ve been hoping you’d be able to make it, Matthew having talked briefly last year I was looking forward to talking more. SAD FACE.

  10. Rick Vance Says:

    It works on the computer Mr. Lactus although I am not sure if you are used to reading lots of comics through a monitor.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Alls I know is I double click on the thing and nothing happens. What windows software will open it? This crude 21st century technology is confusing to my advanced space future brain.

  12. Rick Vance Says:

    Mouse over the top right corner of the image and all will be revealed.

  13. Matthew Craig Says:

    Yeah, I wish I could attend, but after last year, I can’t really conscience the expense if I’m not exhibiting. I’m saving up to get my dear old Mum a new telly, which will be the better buy inasmuch as I’ll be able to plug the laptop in and read comics at a whopping 32″ sca – I mean, I’ll be able to plug the laptop in and get her a Netflix sub, natch.

    Next year. I’ll be up to watch Silence To Astonish:



  14. jameswheeler Says:

    Anka’s no inker! Or rather, he’s also a talented penciller in his own right, having done the first chapter in the apodmentioned Arms of the Octopus thing, and loads of lovely stuff on his various blogs over the years

  15. Gary Lactus Says:

    ANKA IS AN INKER! IF HE WAS A PENCILLER HE’D BE CALLED PANCALLA! SUSSED! (yes, turns out I’m fairly familiar with his work actually)

  16. Gary Lactus Says:

    Silence to Astonish is good!

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