October 22nd, 2013


Hello fleshbags. It’s Disembodied Translatorbot X – 4451G I ‘m the cousin of Disembodied Narratorbot X – 15735. I’m afraid Disembodied Narratorbot X – 15735 could not it due to illness so I’ll be there ! Excuse my English is not so great – I hope I’m right! Welcome to another edition of SILENCE!

The two most lovable rascal Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die returns with more views of champagne and jokes comics ! Rejoice .

<item> Management, talk about at the top of the program through sponsorship , a discussion of his upcoming appearance at the Thought Bubble in 2013 and Gary appeared in one of the next Dr Who based comedy night ! And do not forget to tune in The Beast Must Die ( Dan White in his alter ego ) interviewed by Alex Fitch of Resonance FM within its Panel Borders panel program ( full interview here)

<item> Then we take a trip to Reviewniverse the boys discuss the best recently released Best of Milligan & McCarthy Collection .

Then <item> business as usual with cartoon above Legends of the Dark Knight, After Life with Archie , Zero , Hawkeye , Uncanny X -Men, Avengers , Three, Fantomex MAX and more fun .. .

Then <item> The Beast Must check some of the younger children Comics issues , see Mega Man and Sonic , Spongebob Comics , Simpsons, and Herobear.

Well , I hope you like it! I really enjoyed that it was for my cousin got lost when he was sick. I hope to see you soon!

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18 Responses to “SILENCE! #81”

  1. Scales Says:

    Huh. I never thought I’d be excited about picking up a Megaman/Sonic comic, but colored me interested. Also, I really liked the conversation on Milligan & McCarthy, guys.

  2. Julian Frundt Says:

    I’m fucking bummed that Ales Kot is off Suicide Squad. He had three (?) issues on it and it was showing huge amounts of promise. DC just has no idea about what they’re doing.

  3. Julian Frundt Says:

    PS I like the idea of the Gaiman Effect. There’s a great Adventure Time episode where Finn hates on “The Imagination” because “imagination is for turbonerds who can’t handle how kick butt reality is”. At some point he’s caught in this weird imagination land and a lame fairy flies up to him and starts spouting super twee bs. It’s a pretty good piss take of that lukewarm Gaiman/Burton snooze fest stuff.

  4. Eyemelt Says:

    Yeah, the Francavilla cover tricked me into buying Fantomex Max. That writing was pretty poor. “Hey, it’s a MAX comic so we can fucking swear and shit”.

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    We are a MAX podcast.

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Silence! MAXXXXXXX!!!!!

  7. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    They could have at least changed the character’s name to FantoMAX…

  8. Matthew Craig Says:

    More kids’ comics is a good thing. The Spongebob comic was briefly reprinted over here in magazine format. And yes, it surely was brill-o. Experimental, hilarious, with a nice range of artists, even if the JK strips were pretty but flat. I miss that comic, especially the bit where you can draw a new hairstyle for Squidward, which invariably became a canvas for my nightmares.

    The Simpsons comics tick along comfortably enough, but will occasionally throw up a gem. Plus, if you pick ‘em up from your local supermarket, you can sometimes get free Haribo. Which yes, is vile, but free!

    I’ve been to the comic shop today. I bought that Marvel Knights Spidey trifle, which was artdulgent as anything. I’m very glad they got Spider-Man’s mask right. I think I might wait for the 69p digisale.

    I also read Ultimate Spider-Man 28, the 33⅓rd and final issue of that comic, and the end of Miles Morales’ origin story.

    The second issue of Fraczdarsktion’s letch-comedic was good, too. Another origin story, but one that takes 645 fewer pages. Zdarsky is kinda spesh, and his columns for the National Post are great:

    I have a voucher for this and that, so I can buy supercheap Ultimate Spider-Man trades on Google Play or superpricey trades on Dark Horse App(les). Would Millicarthy be just as good on the digi, do you think, or is the object of vital importance?

    Also, I’m sorry about Revolver. I should have read it, but didn’t. I knew it at the time, as well.

    Sorry everyone.


  9. Thrills Says:

    I also was no reader of Revolver, as I was a tiny fool who was probably reading Transformers and Marvel and some BattleBeasts special, or something.

    It does mean that I hadn’t read the majority of the stuff in the Milligan/McCarthy collection , so it was a rare treat. Been after Rogan Gosh for a while, and I was not dissappointed. Excellent stuff, really awe-inspiring in so many ways, perfect synthesis of words and pictures etc. What a team!

    I was also interested to see that Freakwave existed beyond the instalments in those 3 Vanguard Illustrated comics I bought a couple of years ago, and then bemused that the collection didn’t have them all, as it seems so inventive and aesthetically pleasing that I demand IT ALL. Also, I kinda wanted to chop my old Vanguard comics up to make some sort of ‘wall piece’ but cannae now as they’re not contained in this collection. COMPLEX LIVING.

    Julian Frundt, that Adventure Time episode sounds pretty ace! I might go watch it, though I find the show itself rather unbearable at times due to the culture surrounding it, of ‘feels’ and “can’t even”s. But that’s my fault for being old and bitter and not young and full of enthusiasm and sometimes I just get SO ANGRY.

    Oh, here’s a terrible gift to everyone, which might count as spam but I am not sure. It is a pdf of the comic I made for 24 hour comic day. Please do not judge me too harshly?

  10. Matthew Craig Says:

    Thrills got the SKILLS.


    //\Oo/\\ (please feel free to avail yourself of the .pdf freebs at the other end of a click on my name, Thrillsy)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thrills, if you want to enjoy anything on the internet now you have to ignore the central fanbase.
    also that comic is the definition of rude

  12. Thrills Says:

    Cheers, folks! Matthew, I downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Vitale’, and I shall now download another one, each day, as a special treat to myself. Ta for the link!

    Anonymous: The problem about Adventure Time fandom is I have no reason to get annoyed by it, and it is really just my own issues that cause the problem! Gah!

    PS Mindless Ones, sorry for slight thread hijacking.

  13. Gary Lactus Says:

    No problem. I have downloaded and skimmed but not read but looking forward to. Looks like transgressive fun.

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