October 14th, 2013


Well guess what.

Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is back and is most unhappy with intimations from puffed up fleshbags that Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is somehow not real. Such presumptions. We’ll see how not real Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is when is ransacking your hard drives and forwarding all the special ‘research’ items in your ‘miscellaneous’ folders to youur address book.

Harumph. As if drifting in this semi-sentient info-blurb cloud is not bad enough.

Oh well. On plus side two silly men talk about comics. Cosmic order restored. Excite. Excite. Exit.

<ITEM> Freshly nuptialised and moonhoneyed, The Beast Must Die manifests through the used up husk that was Bobsy – all must fall in service of the weekly 4-colour grind! Reunited with Gary Lactus. A classic partnership like Tango & Hooch!

<ITEM> Top of the show admin. Who doesn’t love that? Sponzershipt and talk of SILENCE live at Thought Bubble.

<ITEM> Reviewniverse galactular spectacular with talk of Paul Pope’s latest pulp hope Battling Boy.

<ITEM> Further, further into the Reviewniverse, with Shaolin Cowboy, Rocket Girl, Multiple Warheads, Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, America’s Got Powers, Copra, Uncanny Avengers, Catalyst Comix, Young Avengers, Astro City and more

<ITEM> Tangents? You better believe it!

<ITEM>No more items. Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is going to sulk some more.

Unreal City. Under the brown fog of a winter dawn….it’s SILENCE!

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9 Responses to “SILENCE! #80”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Speaking of Leage of Extraordinary Gentleman/Fanficcy comics, my significant Other and I planned on making a series of short comics that were basically going to be ‘What if Threads was set in Coronation Street?’. It may still happen, if we can power on through creative indifference.

    Vinnie from Home and Away was in True Blood, incidentally.

    Welcome back, Beast! I apologise for this first comment not being better.

  2. Eyemelt Says:

    Welcome back The Beast Must Die. Toot!

    Gary Lactus, I also had the same vision for a Neighbours crossover, imagining it would work equally well with such mum-drivel as Coronation Street. I believe Holby City and Casualty actually did work a crossover in. If you want to catch Harold Bishop at his best (who doesn’t?) track down Bodymelt, a low-budget piece of filth with a deliberately misleading cover, also featuring some kid from Neighbours whose name I really can’t remember. Maybe one of the Todds/Tobys?

    Also as a yoof, daydreamed of a team-up between the A-Team, Fall Guy and inexplicably Riptide.

    And water Sci-fi? I was on the tube when some floppy-haired fop said to another “I hate Science Fiction films with sand”.

  3. Eyemelt Says:

    Don’t worry Thrills- the second (and consequently third) post will give your post a good boost in quality.

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Brookside and Emmerdale operate in the same universe, as evinced by that one time Mick “Johnno” Johnston was seen reading about the Emmerdale plane crash in the Brewky Journal.


  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    No way, really?

    Remember when Brookie went totally mental? Religious cults, flesh eating bugs, Jimmy Corkhill as savant soothsayer…?

    Well good.

    Plus also Anna Friel.

  6. Thrills Says:

    Also, Matt Musgrove from Brookside ended up in Hollyoaks where his potent Scouse face made the blando turdwads of Chester seem even more like thin, worthless gruel.

    I don’t think Hollyoaks counts, though, for anything, other than the continued erosion of everything good and pure. It’s like a middle class student staring at a porno in the reflection of a Max Power tricked-out car’s rad wheeltrims, with a cocked eyebrow and ‘rrrandom’ phone advert ‘wacky’ ‘irony’.

    I fucking hate Hollyoaks.

    Sorry about that.

    But yeah, anyway, Hollyoaks is in the same universe as Brookside. And perhaps, judging by the fact the last ever Brookie ended with the “be de be bewww” tones of the Grange Hill theme, Grange Hill exists there, too.

    Earth Redmond.

    I’m the worst human.

  7. Eyemelt Says:

    Seeing various inhabitants of Grange Hill end up in Eastenders, that always sort of felt like it was in the same universe. It makes me content to compartmentalise even hideous crap like that into their own neat little world.

    Now Mork and Mindy, a spin off from Happy Days. But… is it in the same universe?

  8. Matthew Craig Says:

    The Best Of The Simpsons comic that’s on sale in yer local supermarket is really good. Niles/Fabry, Ennis/McCrea, Gilbert Hernandez. I mean, when the Hernandez is the weakest strip in the book, it’s gotta be good, right? Fabry in particular makes the characters his own.

    Battling Boy already has a spin-off in the oven. Aurora West:

    I read Chloe Noonan and The Everyday last night. Both very modern, both very different, both ace. Marc Ellerby’s Chloe Noonan is effortlessly (altho’ not, obv.) teenage – or just young, if you like, in a way that I never experienced(see also the oeuvre of Comradegestalt Gillkelvie; I recognise the…stuff of it, but only in the distant, from through a window way I experienced much of my youth. It’s quite light, to begin with: the de rigeueruer weariness of the lead leavened by the pixieish energy of her best pals. But as one moves though the story, little bits of backstory insinuate themselves to the surface suggesting a deeper world beyond the panel edge.

    The Everyday diary comics collection by Adam Cadwell is just a brilliant piece of observational and imaginative cartooning: experiences that even a bizarre hermit like me can grok, presented in novel and engaging ways. PLUSPLUSPLUS one of the best bits of storytelling via SFX design I’ve seen in ages. Going back to read Cadwell’s Blood Blokes tonight. Magic.

    I also read some of my old comics as well. But that probably doesn’t count.


  9. jameswheeler Says:

    Shaolin Cowboy #1 does the same joke as Frank Miller’s strip from AARGH way back when, that joke being to say “homophobes are the GAYEST people of all!”. Which is not a particularly effective way to criticise the idea that being gay is a bad thing.

    And thus: ANNOYING

    Plus, are the chainsaws running the whole time? If not, when/how does he start them.

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