October 8th, 2013


<ITEM> A girl was sick on the bus on the way home!

<ITEM> It’s OK! I reached my stop before the stench got too overwhelming…

<ITEM> And it gave me something to start this post with, this post wot’s all about SILENCE!#79 innit

<ITEM> bobsy’s recent squat on Gary Lactus’ spaceship comes to an end this week so the boy’s go full blub and do some shoutouts to important chums and some other Mindless/Silence housekeeping before

<ITEM> Our tanned and rested bro (sorry for calling you bro) Beast Face Ghost Must Die Killah sends us a lovely message from beyond Bali and demands your listener love else he might not return – SILENCE! dies at dawn unless you touch him on the winky!

<ITEM> We spend a few mins flicking off bouncing Belgian Brecht Evens’ marvelous The Wrong Place (Graphic Novel! Not For Kids etc!) before shambling rudely into the Reviewniverse, where we have a good old look at

<ITEM> In no particular order: Batman Black & White #2, The Witching Hour one-shot, Hinterkind #1, Trillium #3, Solid State Tank Girl #4 (comic of the week btw), Marvel Knights Spyider-Man #1, Forever Evil #2, Swamp Thing #24, Batwing #24, Superior Foes of Spyider-Man #4, Iron Man #16, All New X-Men #17, Daredevil Dark Nights #s4 & 5, Infinity #2 and then a few of the week’s other floppies, but we rattle through them quite quickly.

<ITEM> Then Gary waves a lace hanky at bobsy as he wishes a fond farewell to – - yeah not really it’s fine you’ll enjoy it. Back next week with the big Beast!

<ITEM> Peace out cheers yo

click to download SILENCE!#79

click to download SILENCE!#79

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. This was bobsy’s last time in the spaceship for a while so we (well, he) (well, me) went full swears on this, blue air all over the fucking shop, sorry Steve, love you X

Oh, and GOSH!

23 Responses to “SILENCE!#79”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    A fine podde to bow out on, The Bobsy Must Fly. And I didn’t even get to draw you as some kind of Ludwig-style eggborg, such as I imagine you to be.

    TORMENT was the Spider-Man story that sold a metric spunkton of variant covers. I love that cover to issue one of The Non-Mutant Superhero Spider-Man 1, even though it contravenes Rule 1 of drawing Oul’ Web-Head (one spoke up, two spokes down). I had a ginormous poster of it on my wall in my Master’s year of University. I was happier then, and blasé about the repellent effect of Six-Foot McFarlane on cute girls that looked a bit like Caprice.

    Calypso was the villain; a partner/paramour for dead Kraven The Hunter, who turns up with half his head on. The comic was comparitively restrained compared to today’s more profligate fare, where post-Loeb&Sale every damn comic has to have every damn toy on every damn page of every damn issue. I don’t think it has that much to do with resale of original art, but it can’t hurt. And fuck theme, right? Fuck story. Imagine a lazy macro, pumping out gauntlet after gauntlet on a computer screen forever.

    Is it old Madame Web or the new one, who is Julia Carpenter, the former Spider-Woman? I rather like both, but in different ways. The proper original MadWeb was creepacrapamongous, with her big oul’ tech-web and bulbous throne. The new one is hilariously badly-written viz. dialogue (and her costume honks like a grieving goose), and one can’t help but pretend that it’s deliberate – that because she’s basically an ordinary thirty-something single mumperhero who has had spidervoyant powers thrust on her, she has no idea how she’s supposed to act anymore, so she puts on this ponderous portentous voice to big herself up. I’d love to write that comic; it’s my number two fantasy WFH book (no. 1 being Nu52 WWII Red Tornado UK, obvs.).

    I’m a little shaky on whether or not I shall be attending ThoBubs this year. Moolah, tsuris, etcetera. I should hate to miss the livepoddeganza, but there it is.


  2. Tam Says:

    The Beast was reading The Corrections on his honeymoon? I hope he enjoyed it more than I did and if he didn’t then he has my deepest sympathies. I thought it was one of the most overwritten, bloated books I’ve ever read. It made me resolve to give up reading contemporary literature altogether and never again to read any novel written since the introduction of the word processor* which seems to have been responsible for far too much verbal diarrhea and very long novels without much to say. Stick to comics, they’re far more succinct!

    * Neal Stephenson excepted

  3. jameswheeler Says:

    Any rebuttals to Bobsy’s take on the Brett Lewis/Cliff Chiang story in The Witching Hour? I know there’s some Winter Men fans hereabouts, and I’d seen excitement about the anthology based on Lewis’s presence alone. (It didn’t impact me much either way, the Mars story).

    Bye bobsy, the reconfigured SILENCE! has been a real treat, though of course we all look forward to the Crypt-dwelling Cockney’s return. Space God, with these mindless you are really spoiling us.

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’m sure we can persuade Bobsy to partake in some threesome action near in the future…

  5. Thrills Says:

    I am a huge fan of Winter Men (“Your Russian sounds like roadworks” is one of my favourite bits of writing EVER for some reason), but I’ve never really felt the need to track down any other Brett Lewis stuff. Hmmm. I guess it just never impacted my psyche in a personal “OMG THIS IS FOR ME” way that works by yer Milligans or Morrisons did, so I’m happy to have this one piece of Brett Lewis writing and no more.

    That said, I’d totally read anything by him were it to show up at the library, which is indeed the greatest comics emporium of them all.

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yeah Winter Men was fantastic, dense and intelligent writing. Excellent dialogue that would make Bendis weep with jealousy…

  7. jameswheeler Says:

    Thrills: I don’t think there’s an awful lot of his out there, is the thing. I know of Winter Men, Fall Out Toy Works (licensed comic for the probably excellent* band Fall Out Boy, which the mighty Jog has spent some words on, here: and… the abovementioned short? Oh, he scripted the Moebius piece in the Halo Graphic Novel**, Bulletproof Monk.

    **I assume this is a type of comic?

  8. jameswheeler Says:

    I am one of the Winter Men fans hereabouts, in case that wasn’t clear – pretty sure I read it on a Bots Beast recommendation. John Paul Leon will always make a thing good, but that dialogue really is fantastic.

  9. Tam Says:

    Aye, the Winter Men was great although there’s a nagging feeling it would have been even better if they hadn’t had to bring it to a premature conclusion a few issues early. Why don’t you discuss stuff like this in the next episode instead of wasting your time on yet more underwhelming New 52 dreck?

    Bobsy’s been a great understudy for the beast and I hope he’ll appear a bit more frequently in the future. He’s had lots of perceptive things to say and been interesting to listen to even when talking about things I have no intention of reading. But have to confess that I’ve most enjoyed his reviews when he’s viciously laid into stuff he doesn’t like until Gary points out he’s not really read it properly whereupon Bobsy gives lots of profuse apologies…

    And the show (and accompanying not very good book) was called ‘The World Without Us’

  10. Eyemelt Says:

    I want to read a full comic with someone falling through the whole issue.

  11. Matthew Craig Says:

    I think that might have been done…Mike Allred’s Vertical minicomic, published through Vertigo.

    I always wanted to do a comic in an outsize format. I read a collection of diary comics by James Nash in an A3-folded-across-the-long-axis, or “skyscraper” format. Loads of ideas for that. Ah, someday.


  12. Eyemelt Says:

    I was going to mention that actually! Although it’s not all falling, there is an abundance of falling, and that format is just great to look at even if impractical to read. But I NEED a comic of JUST falling.

  13. Matthew Craig Says:

    I remember a Luke Cage story where he falls out of a plane onto Mont Blanc, and does roly-polys all the way down to the bottom.

    That would probably take an issue now, adjusted for inflation. :)

    Al Ewing, are you reading this? The internet demands a return to the roly-poly standard! All-Mighty, All-Roly-Poly, All-Avengers! All The Time!


  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    It’s not really about the falling though. The perfect All Falling Adventure would be 20 plus pages of a character falling and hitting things. It’d really be about hitting stuff, as all good comics should.

  15. Gary Lactus Says:


  16. Gary Lactus Says:

    It would be perfect for the limitless scrolling of the webternet page actually. In print it would be reproduced on a scroll. Not enough scrolls about these days. DC should do an All Scroll month.

  17. Gary Lactus Says:

    Lenticular scrolls.

  18. Matthew Craig Says:

    Wait. Didn’t BOULET just do an all-falling comic?

    Well, it’s not exactly _all_ falling, but it’s definitely all vertical. Le Pa-Zow?


  19. Gary Lactus Says:

    That’s great!

  20. Eyemelt Says:

    Well that certainly is brilliant! Even though it’s not all falling all hitting, it is a beauty. I doff my hat Mr Craig. What a treat!

    I hope nobody from DC is reading this, because it will guarantee an all lenticular scrolls month, and unless it’s all falling comics, I’m not interested.

  21. Thrills Says:

    The only scrolls I’m interested in are the ones DC’s Liefeldian artists sign their names in, and who needs falling when you can have 20 pages of characters standing in an abstract space, sometimes jumping or kicking?!?


    Make Mine Mrehjregljkfkllbl!!!

    PS in all seriousness that Boulet is rad.

  22. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I like the Kree /Scroll war.



  23. Tom Murphy Says:

    Re ‘falling’ comics: I remembered this 8-pager from ‘The Body Shop’, a UK small press comic of the mid-90s!

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