September 24th, 2013


<ITEM> There is no such thing as Disembodied Narratorbot-Xetc.

<ITEM> There is just a happily married man having a nice pretend.

<ITEM> Human-ape intelligence is fantasy. Robot intelligence is a holocaust. Human on human is brain plus.

<ITEM>There is no The Beast Must Die this week, while he licks his honeymooning lips with Tyra and the Next Top Models crew in Bali

<ITEM> So Gary Lactus summons from his box the poor substitute indeed of bobsy mindless, to join him for the first ever CUSS FREE edition of SILENCE!

<ITEM> After a bitterly begrudged birthday song for a listener who’s having an absolutely horrid time in the famously awful island paradise of Hawaii, Gary and his less charismatic new sidekick get on that comics thing

<ITEM> With the air between them crackling with Belgian chemical energy and technical shittery all over the place our aging boyoboys tackle such comics as ZERO #1, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd, Resident Alien, Superior Spider-Man, Thor God (not Prince) of Thunder, Batman ’66, Dial E #1, FBP #3, Magic Whistle #13, Uncanny X-Men, Infinity, New Avengers, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, 2000AD and The Phoenix.

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. There are quite literally almost zero swear words to be heard in this episode of the world’s finest comics podcast.

Oh, and GOSH!

21 Responses to “SILENCE!#77”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    Somebody get the Beast on the ‘gram: he’s got the nom:

    *thumbs up*


  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yep. That’s good that is.

  3. Thrills Says:

    My ‘favourite’ Hickman bit of ‘design’ is the one from right at the end of his Ultimate Thor Origin, which made me actual ‘laugh out loud’.

    I also really enjoyed ‘Justice Boyz Dial E 4 Ever’, quite apart from the fun Villain-per-page aspect (Baba Iago!). I’m perhaps more invested in the main two Dial H characters than I should be, so the final panel made me smile and got my imagination racing.

    I guess the central dude from Walking Dead’s still then? I keep expecting him to die as a ‘shock surprise’. I kinda wish they’d hurry up with that, really, as every passing issue it doesn’t happen lessens the impact. That said, I’m SO FAR BEHIND with reading it that maybe that all changes. I dunno. I think I hate that comic but it’s a real page-turner from the library, abysmal dialogue n’all.

  4. Thrills Says:

    ‘still alive then’, I meant to say, about the Walking Dude.

  5. tam Says:

    The Beast< Posy Simmonds and Al Ewing all get nominations AND Leo Baxendale gets to enter their Hall of Fame?!? Best Comic Awards EVER!

  6. Jason Faris Says:

    Uh, thanks guys for that very unexpected (and slightly embarrassing) b-day shout out. When my wife woke me up on my B-day and told me of her gift, that was the best song I never heard. Yours was pretty good too.

    Congrats to the Beast and the now Mrs. Beast on their nuptials! I just finished drawing them a picture for a wedding gift. I relaxed and relaxed and relaxed some more before getting started on it but for some reason it came out all wrong…really wrong at the end.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Jason! Happy birthday! Sorry your special amazing gift which you love was a little late. Don’t feel embarrassed about your newly unblocked talent! Glad we could so effectively help you. You’re welcome! SPECIAL BIRTHDAY BONUS KISS: X

  8. Asteele Says:

    Christian Thorne shout out! More modern continental philosophy.

  9. Matthew Craig Says:

    “I guess the central dude from Walking Dead’s still then?”

    Kirkman’s idea for the comic is for it to be a 300-issue saga of Rick “Grimey” Grimes’ life from coma to…well, we’ve all read Cerebus, right?

    Anyway, bon podde, all. Bobsy makes a grand poddenaut pro tem, although I wish I hadn’t been nodding off when the audio cut out. /fear

    The main difference between Spider-Man NOW! and Spider-Man 2099 is that one zigs when the other zags. What that might mean in real terms, I’ll leave up to you. (Miguel’s an adult when he becomes Spidey, is the main thing, plus his Dads are kinda dicky).

    Zero sounds great. My experience with Marxist thought is limited to once owning a teddy bear called Karl Marx (which I won at a Marxist tombola; he vanished some years later in what I can only assume was a plot by my Stalinist draft-excluder to rewrite history), but I did rather enjoy Zizek’s documentary essays on Channel 4 last decade.

    That God/Prince of Thunder thing annoys the piss out of me, as well. I mean, fuck history, right? Fuck actual factual fact. I guess they don’t want people to think thoughts, or something.

    I read the latest Viz tonight, which was good, especially the page where you could fold in the paper to make it look like Emma Watson was making out with Bungle from Rainbow.


  10. Man and House Says:

    Great stuff. Nice to hear more from Bobsy. Any chance that Robo-Beast will feature in the coming weeks?

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    I’ll see how much time I get to tinker with the Robo-Beast but at the moment I really don’t feel like spending any more time with that chuckling bucket of bolts.

  12. Gary Lactus Says:

    Especially as Bobsy is such a fine replacement.

  13. Bombie Says:

    Thanks for the podcast — always good to hear Bobsy’s take on things. I am always amazed at the ire elicited by the shape of noses and the logistics of backpacks, amidst all the interesting points you make. Speaking of bobsy, in your review of Zero you mentioned a website featuring a Zizek-primer – would you mind posting the link? That would be very much appreciated. ‘The Pervert’s guide to Ideology’ has just come out and really rekindled my interest in Slavoj’s worldview.

  14. bobsy Says:

    It’s up there under the word Zero, but it’s here too:

    sometimes they petty things bug me, sometimes they don’t. If they do it’s an indicator that the plusses weren’t strong enough to make you forget about them.

  15. Tam Says:

    Good effort at restraining your potty-mouths, chaps! Fun to hear Bobsy’s take on things. I don’t like Zizek much, (what I’ve read by him reminds me of Christopher Hitchens, someone who’s main aim in life is to prove that they’re cleverer than I am) so I think I’ll definitely check out Zero.

    As for 2000 AD, last issue was the weakest jumping on Prog for a while, (although I love the art on Flesh) but this latest prog is a definite improvement with Gordon Rennie’s Aquilla returning, I think this reinvention of the old Blackhawk strip is one of the best new strips they’ve run over the past few years and Patrick Goddard’s one of their best current artists.

    Not so keen on Brass Sun myself, but I think it’s probably aimed at young teenagers, (like ‘age of the wolf’, which preceded it) and I think it’s great that 2000 AD still keeps trying out such a wide range of strips instead of settling into a rut even after all these years.

    Also I’ve got an uncomfortable feeling they’ll discontinue 2000 AD when we reach prog 2000 so cherish it while you can…

  16. Bombie Says:

    good stuff, thank you!

  17. Eyemelt Says:

    Sterling work, gents! Good to hear from Mr Bobsy again. Definitely spot on with the Black Bolt whisper thing, it’s so much more effective. I remember reading an old Hulk issue where BB (or Blackagar Boltagon to give him his full name) flattens ol Greenskin with a whisper.

    And congrats TBMD on getting hitched and nominated and stuff.

    And Mr Lactus, you know full well the Red Hood isn’t an Alan Moore creation, so stop twisting our collective melon, man.

    And give Stan the Man another guest appearance.

    And always refer to Daredevil as ‘Daredy’.

    And stop wearing that shirt, I prefer the blue one.

  18. Gary Lactus Says:

    I honestly thought The Red Hood was an Alan Moore thing. I am an idiot. More next week!

  19. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    The only thing I have read of Hickman was the first tpb of The Manhattan Projects and I enjoyed it a lot…

  20. Gary Lactus Says:


  21. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    But I have no intention of going near his superhero comics…

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