This week, still bereft of The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus goes on a quest to find him. His journey takes him into a lonely Reviewniverse where he mutters to himself about Tank Girl: Solid State, Daredevil, Justice League, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Superman Unchained, Batman, Ghosted, Astro City and Avengers Arena.

Then we venture into a whole new realm baring little or no relevance to the already fairly loose remit of SILENCE! Gary Lactus’ manufactured alter ego Fraser Geesin talks to lovely Dan Fardell about comedy, the Man Of Steel film, Ivor Cutler, Ron Geesin and other stuff. Dan is currently filling in for Kerry Herbert on Kerry On Comedy, every Tuesday 3pm on BHCR.


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7 Responses to “SILENCE!#69 Gary’s Big Adventure”

  1. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    Completely agree about Justice League #22.

  2. manandhouse Says:

    Enjoyed that interview. Nice to get some background on our hosts. Do The Beast Must Die next!

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    He’s been done by Alex Fitch for Panel Borders. It’ll be out in the Autumn on Resonance FM as a 28 min edit and the full interview will be available as a podcast.

  4. tam Says:

    Way too short on comics related bollocks but a good listen even so and interesting to hear about your background. you have surprisingly humble beginnings for a space God…

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah, sorry about that Tam. I hope you understand that all that back story shit is made up to round out the chatacter of “Fraser Geesin”. There wil definitely be more comics related bollocks next week.

  6. Thrills Says:

    I really enjoyed all that comedy-world backstory! My Significant Other is a comedian, and as a result I meet all manner of objectionable dickheads who don’t converse as much as try to awkwardly force their ‘material’ into everyday situations. It is SO refreshing to hear people in that world that don’t make me want to scream solidly into a pillow, stopping only when the tears make it too sodden to be comfortable. So there!

    The Geesin Dad seems cool as fuck, also. Gary Lactus benefits from having that cosmic being in his backstory. Gravitas.

    PS I am, as ever, drunk.

  7. tam Says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t figure out all that stuff about Fraser Geesin was just made up! I now feel as silly as the time I believed my mate when he told me Darkseid originally comes from near Penzance.

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