April 29th, 2013





Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is sad to announce that this edition of SILENCE! comes broadcast from separate sides of the  quadraverse, as Gary Lactus and the Beast Must Die present The Silence Of Two Worlds…(in honour off this ridiculous non-event Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735  will split into two also, become beautiful binary star blazing in the infinite dataverse)

Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735  v.1 here am very happy to present: <ITEM> Gary Lactus, broadcasting from Mars, fires first, spraying the comicsphere with his sticky opinions and muscular baritone. A Welsh choir somewhere is missing an Angel, but the internet gained another blowhard…

<ITEM> Pushing his size 12 brogues into the Reviewniverse, he takes on Jupiter’s Legacy #1, New Avengers #5, Avengers #10, Uncanny Avengers #7, Fury #11, Avengers Arena #8, Young Avengers #4, FF #6, Fantastic Four #7, Uncanny X-Men #5,Guardians of the Galaxy #2, Wolverine and the X-Men #28, The Flash #19, East of West #1+2, Mind MGMT #10, Superman #19, Batman Inc #10, 2000AD #1829...Sweet Krypton that’s one bulging sack of comics. Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 hope that his spacegod brain has not been permanently corroded…

And then…

Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 v.2 is very sad to present: <ITEM> The Beast Must Die goes solo also, presenting the podcast version of a triple disc concept album about the English Civil War, played on banjos, synth and kitchen equipment …unlistenable rubbish!

<ITEM> Thank you listener jingles – booty bass and barbershop quartets? YES.

<ITEM> The hirsute one hop, skips and jumps straight into the pulsing warm embrace of the Reviewniverse II spouting opininon-forms on Young Avengers, Jupiter’s Legacy, Fury Max, Avengers Arena, Rachel Rising, BPRD: Vampire, Batman IncHaunted Horror, Wolverine & the X-Men, FF, East of West and Katana.

Now Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735  v.1 & v.2 come together to wish the listenerds well, and to reassure that this is not Yoko Ono time, no fear, no sir…this not Abbey Road time…Silence will resume normal service (ie embarrassingly amateur) next week. But for now…’enjoy’ as best you can.

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11 Responses to “SILENCE #60”

  1. Richard Baez Says:

    I think I had a religious conversion when I read the Jack Cole stories in that SUPERMEN! anthology – amazing stuff.

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    So this is what happens when you try and pull out of the Reviewniverse twice in one episode. It’s like Electric-Superman-Blue and Electric-Superman-Red all o’er again!

    Man, remember when that got on News At Ten, and it was An Event? I was living in Ditko’s Own City (Sheffield), and my flatmates were all like, “Matt, have you seen the news? Superman’s getting a new costume!!!” Remembering of course that these guys were all, relatively speaking, normals. It was quite disconcerting.

    (sigh, those boys. I do so miss them. And the girls upstairs. Remind me to tell you a story of our three months together next time we are in the same orbit)

    Anyway, sure and badonkadonk, hadn’t I just been to the comic shop, of which there were a few, that very day? And hadn’t I just bought the matchbox striking surface feely cover? That glowed in the dark?

    Nobody dared to breathe. We set the cover atop the dining table, retreated to the darkened corridor, and turned out the kitchen light. Three grown men, waiting for Superman’s thighs to glow.

    When I left that flat, I stole a photograph of three of the boys from the kitchen door. I left plenty of cash for a reprint, but no regrets. I gave the archaeologist upstairs my Spider. Which is not a euphemism!

    I haven’t read Rachel Rising, but I did read Echo last year. I’d read Strangers in Paradise while caught in a doomed entanglement in Leicester at the turn of the century, so I’d long had affection for Moore, T.’s work. His facility with drawing people – especially and obviously women – is something I envy. His ability to create flawed, relatable, imperfect female characters is worth anyone taking time to dissect.

    That said, the ending felt a bit off, to me. I missed a volume in the middle, somewhere, but there were a couple of moments towards the end that seemed a bit spurious and crowd-pleasey. The visuals are lush, though, and the desperate, bewildered, infectious story is pretty good, all the same. I’m pretty sure Moore avoids using tones, for the most part, so it’s all told with beautiful, scratchy line art, which is even more impressive.

    Certainly, guys like Moore, Jeff Smith, Paul Chadwick and Paul Grist can stand as inspiration to any novice comico. Examples of how a singular vision and dedication to the craft can pay off (if only metaphorically, hem-hem). Of course, to bost-handed basts like me, it’s also an example of how some cartoonists just plain don’t need your scripts. *fume*

    I picked up the 0+1 issues of MindMugMutt in a Dark Horse Free Bundle last week, and I really enjoyed them. I’ve never read any Kindt comics before, so I wasn’t expecting the art to be so expressive and unconventional. Which sounds backhanded, but no…maybe. I dunno. It’s a bit like finding Harry Hill’s Tim The Tiny Horse in ASDA(£3.86, go see): a small-pressish comic from a major publisher. Amazed it exists. The art is on the way from Jeff Lemire to Carla Speed McNeil, passing the Guy Davies Services without stopping off for a Ginsters. They compare it to Lost and are touting a movie version, but how could a movie possibly match the idiosyncrasy of the watercolour artwork?

    Hh. If Superman has already died in this iteration, does that mean he got to be all Kal-Leccy, as well? Does that mean he got to give that bull-angel the ol’Big Splash?


  3. abutt Says:

    The booty bass jingle was much appreciated! I nearly did a spit-take listening to this at work. Made my day-time drudgery less drudgy and more booty bass-tastic. Thanks Beast!

    One quick comment before I disappear back into quiet listener-ship. re:Mind Mgmt, Kindt has at least one great idea each issue. It’s not the incredible and loose idea-arrhea (see what I did there) of a Brandon Graham, but Kindt does a slick job of introducing a novel mind talent in a few quick panels, suggesting how it works, and most interestingly, its often tragic implications on the character wielding it. I could see multiple titles stemming from the Mind Mgmt world.

  4. Tam Says:

    Noble effort by the poltergeist to understudy Gary’s ‘Gosh’ but it’s not really the same. Quite surprised (and maybe even slightly worried) at just how comfortable you were talking to yourselves for quite so long but missed the shouty ‘Silence’ duet you close the show with. The Beast’s attempt at a solo show closer sounded like one hand trying to clap.

    RE : Iron Man being rude about Captain Britain, so what? The man’s scum, an alcoholic, arms dealer AND plutocrat (last time I checked) and I struggle to think of any marvel character whose opinions I’d value less. The Man Thing, maybe?

    And if you want to see Barracuda get what’s coming to him then you ought to read Ennis’ and Parlov Punisher Max. Check out The Barracuda arc for blackly funny comeuppance or his return in ‘Long Cold Dark’ for incredibly brutal comeuppance

  5. Tam Says:

    Also haven’t read any Hickman, (and don’t particularly want to) but his obsession with structure sounds like he’s read lots of Alan Moore comics but only noticed the structural stuff (which I always thought was the least interesting part of stories like Watchmen) without understanding that sort of thing is just parlor tricks without good characterization to back it up

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh yeah, we’ve all read Punmax. Nice to know the fate of Bastardcuda.

  7. Thrills Says:

    Tam says: “Iron Man being rude about Captain Britain, so what? The man’s scum, an alcoholic, arms dealer AND plutocrat (last time I checked) and I struggle to think of any marvel character whose opinions I’d value less”

    I’d agree with that. If anything, Iron Man’s popular portrayal in the movies have only served to make him even more smug and awful, whereas before he was just kind of dull.

    I’m not one for some chap wearing a Union Jack, but I’d take Captain Britain over Iron Man any day. I’d even take The USA Gent over Iron Man (but I secretly like him, the meatheaded right-wing prick).

    As an old Marvel UK loser, I take vague offense at the suggestion that London would have no heroes. Pah! Dark Angel alone could probably sort out all the troubles in a heartbeat, with her feminist-positive cosmic rave culture powers.

    I guess it’s just the flippant disregard for a whole country of characters that I like rubs me up the wrong way, and the fact that Brian Michael Bendis pretended everyone hates Captain Britain, just for the sake of a shitty joke. I like the Marvel Universe, and this makes me NOT like it. I feel like I have been un-included.

    I mean, I’m not even sure I care at all, other than right now, as I type this, but I DON’T KNOWWWWW and I’m just sick of bad comics and the Avengers are indeed the wosrt superteam, and how did they ever become popular again and and andddddddd

    There’s an Avengers book I saw at the library that looks morbidly interesting, being as it is a text-only ‘oral history’ of the team, where the ‘talking heads’ are the Avengers themselves.

    I figured it’d be a book featuring comics writers and artists talking about something uninteresting (how the comic came to be), but the fact it’s entirely fictional and written by Bri-Mi Bendis means I might just have to read it if only so I can continue to hate myself for all the dogshit culture I consume.

  8. Tim B. Says:

    Thanks for the different format this week. I am concerned about Gary Lactus’s continued cavalier attitude to entry and exit to the reviewniverse, and interesting that the Martians appear to be carrying out some roadworks near Gary Lactus’s spaceship.

    Whilst the ending of Batman Inc does not bode well for interesting Bat books in the DCU but there hopeful signs elsewhere – Jeff Parker’s Batman’66 series, as well as the Lil’ Gotham series doing well and Rian Hughes’s forthcoming Namtab project, so it’s the intriguing corners , but t’was ever such…

    And fuck Bendis’s cheap gag and his boring reliance on realism and long dialogue scenes. Hopefully DNA will get the recognition & financial recompense they deserve for the forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film.

  9. Eyemelt Says:

    Ennis’s Fury did leave me feeling a little dirty. Barracuda is amusing at times, but this makes you remember he’s a real scumbag. I haven’t read his Punisher Max appearances for a while, so will have to dig that all out again soon. I wasn’t expecting much from Jupiter’s Legacy, and the theme has been done to death, but I didn’t find it massively painful, and will probably persevere. For a while anyway. And Captain Britain is ace. Big baby Bendis.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    “I am concerned about Gary Lactus’s continued cavalier attitude to entry and exit to the reviewniverse”

    I was flying my spaceship to Mars and so was unable to enter the reviewniverse.

    “interesting that the Martians appear to be carrying out some roadworks near Gary Lactus’s spaceship.”

    I was traveling to Mars, not ON Mars. What you thought to be the sound of roadwork was of course my space engines. If you knew anything about space science you would know all of this.

  11. J_Smitty_ Says:

    I never properly thanked you for the jingle so, “Thank you, very kindly. I found my entry lovely.”

    This ep was really interesting. Sensing your anguish over missing the other. My feels!

    Re: Ennis’ Barracuda returns. You can just tell Garth feels he found the bottom of the barrel with ‘Cuda. He brings him back twice in PunMax and now bringing him into Fury you realize this is his UBER morally decrepit “the abyss stares also into you” kinda guy. “HAW HAW HAW” brrr…chilly in there.

    Thanks again for the bold experiment! Hope you didn’t have to eradicate anything, Lactus. That kind of thing puts years on a space god, you know?

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