April 16th, 2013




Blah blah blah fleshbags, Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735, podcastic postulations etc


<ITEM> No Silence! News, but much jinglage, in thanks to the financial resuscitations of the many SILENCERS out there. Beastman & Lactenberg come in from the cold next week, yes?

<ITEM> Sponsorship Special – The Beast Must Die (in his human skinbag form, Dan White) will be at this year’s Free Comic Book Day at Gosh! Comics.

<ITEM>Wade up to your knees in comics in the Reviewniverse with 2000AD, Indigo Prime, Saga, Wolverine,    Batman, Avengers Arena, Walking Dead, Secret Service, Constantine, Hawkeye, X, Sex and a special consideration of giant cosmic toga-wearing baby, The Beyonder.

<ITEM> Then, wade a bit further out, till the broiling waters of the Hyperrevieniverse tickle your conkers…Avenging Spiderman, Age of Ultron, Avengers Assemble, Saucer Country, Thor, Uncanny X-Men and Fantastic Four.

AND NO MORE! So get out of here, go back to your flesh-pens and weep. Leave Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 to his vintage basic-coding pornography and printer-ink martinis…

click to download SILENCE!#58

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

6 Responses to “SILENCE! #58”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    “That’s the costume The Beast wears to blend in with us. Dan White is how The Beast views us. And what are the characteristics of Dan White? He’s weak…he’s unsure of himself…he draws on children with a big felt pen. Dan White is The Beast’s critique on the whole human race. Sorta like Lady GaGa and Avid Merrion.

    “And that’s why The Beast Must Die.”


  2. kieron Gillen Says:


  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    I am also horrified, but being a good Scorchlander I’m horrified by the suggestion of Bono rather than by Gary Lactates’ hairy nipples.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    I did say sorry.


  5. kieron Gillen Says:


  6. Tam Says:

    Great to hear some love for 2000 AD which I returned to a couple of years ago. It’s far and away my favorite ongoing title these days and one of the best things about this country as far as I’m concerned.

    Not a huge fan of Indigo Prime, but interesting to hear about that first story which was only revealed to be an Indigo Prime story at the very end. Probably doesn’t work nearly so well in the collection, but would have been a fantastic twist for readers of the weekly which is one of the things I love about the title.
    There’s a strong tradition of stories being written primarily for readers of the weekly, rather than for the subsequent collection. They sometimes use the format to do some great things like the original Dead Man story or last year’s excellent Trifecta story which need to be read at the time in the weekly to get full thrill power from it. Which is why you ought to be reading it more frequently. (And another reason to buy it is that they’ve stopped running those godawful Sinister Dexter strips…)

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