March 13th, 2013



Lo! What light by yonder window breaks? It is the irradiated glow of the small town that Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 has just obliterated with his I-Beams and patented Molecular Prolapsotron 5000! And all before breakfast? Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 is a busy bee, make no mistake! But the fleshy ones did not come here to hear my genocidal grandstanding – no! They came here for the aural assault & battery charge that is….SILENCE!

<ITEM>The Silence! News arrives like a mugger in the park at night, makes off with your valuables but leaves you with ALL the hot headlines. Beastman & Lactenberg INFORM.

<ITEM>Shhhh. Quiet! Or we will wake the fledgling Reviewniverse. TOO LATE IT’S AWAKE!!! Look into it’s eyes and you will see…Nemo: Heart Of Ice from Uncle Alan and Brother Kevin, Avengers: Age Of Ultron from Brian Ultron Bendis, Glory, Dial H, Red She-Hulk, The Answer, Justice League, Fashion Beast, the Walking Dead One-Shots, Legend Of The Dark Knight, Winter Soldier, and Building Stories (kinda). Oh, and Gary Gysin (the poet of our generation) reviews Joe Casey’s Sex.

Okay, so that’s that. Now Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 has to do the washing up and think sad Morrissey-thoughts, so be off with you fleshy scamps. Happy listening!

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SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

12 Responses to “SILENCE! #53”

  1. James Says:

    Wonderful episode, gents! I’m particularly enjoying all the soothing dubstep

  2. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    When you guys going to talk about TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE? Have you been checking it out? It’s Furman, but I guess it’s not the continuity that you guys grew up with, yah?

    It’s not a great comic but it remains a violent and inappropriately serious story, involving genocide, mythology, betrayal, and murder, based on a children’s toyline, just like we likes.

    Also, re-read Morrison’s ACTION COMICS before buying the most recent issue. It’s much more coherent and thematically connected than you’d expect. Again, not very good comic, but not a ‘hot mess’ like most people figured.

    Keep up all the talking and singing. Thnx.

  3. J_Smitty Says:

    Oh god. Surely the creative teams on IDW titles represents a high water mark in the pod.

    Manara’s favorite Pole Position has to be “knees” right?

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Cripes, I’m gonna fall asleep with the MP3 on and dream along with that theme tune, aren’t I.

    It’s all right: I’ll leave me Dad a note so he doesn’t think I’m having a turn when I wake up screaming. :)


  5. Thrills Says:


    One good thing about this podcast is that it actually reminded me I’d left a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and I’d totally forgotten about it.

    I’d love to read Action Comics in trade, but unless I buy it in hardback, DC won’t let me. And that’s just volume 1. I expect the softcover volume 2′ll be in about 18 months. The shits.

  6. tam Says:

    Really enjoying this thrilling arc on the progress of TBMD’s chesty cough. Can’t wait to find out what happens next week after this cliff hanger. My guess is that the flu virus will stage an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ style fightback next week but who knows?

    Rob Williams has been writing some pretty good Dredd, dealing with the aftermath of Day of Chaos in 2000 AD recently. Worth checking out the progs since the non John Wagner Dredd never gets collected.
    Actually on that subject, they’ve put out a collection of the first half of the recent brilliant Day of Chaos collection recently. It’s mostly build up because things don’t really kick off till the second half (which is out in a few months) but it’s the best collection I’ve read in ages even so and well worth a read

  7. Illusionator Says:

    Lovely podcast. As head of A&R for EMI records I’d like to offer Mr Lactenburg a 6 album deal. Beautiful pipes, like a New York Skylark.

    As an aside don’t comment v often as I listen to the cast q late (just finished it now) so feel a bit “from the past” on the rare occasions I do have anything to say.

    Loving your work though.

    PS as EMI records has folded can’t actually offer Lactenburg that record deal.

  8. Mister Attack Says:

    @Zig Zag Zig It is the continuity we grew up with, but beyond the nostalgia factor it’s… Not very good. Every book Furman writes for IDW moves at a glacial pace, with only the “oh, fuck we’re cancelled” madness of Revelation bringing the old school charm. As it is, this is just a massively slowed down version of G2 with the terrible ‘CNA’ thing he brought in during Spotlight Arcee lingering around like a bad smell.

    Compress it to half as many issues as it’s been, it’d actually be fun.

  9. Mister Attack Says:

    @Zig Zag Zig The next issue will be the halfway point, so I’ll put a companion piece to my review of issue one:

  10. Mister Attack Says:

    Or I’ll give the Podobots a prepared statement to read out…

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Ha! That could be fun.

  12. Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » Flashing Back To Action Comics —-> “The place is here, the time is now” Says:

    [...] The Beast Must Die’s (second hand?) point about how Morrison has managed to smuggle a lot of the rich weirdness of Superman history back into the camera-blur addled, modern blockbuster world of the New52 is well taken. The fact that Morrison only managed to successfully integrate these queasy fantasy textures to his ALL ACTION ALL THE TIME approach in the last arc is an obvious storytelling fault, but as a no doubt soon to be ignored bit of structural work it’s not half bad: the goofy future kids and extradimensional kids are here, and they’ve adapted to the challenges of their new, frantic landscape well. [...]

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