February 14th, 2013



Love is in the air for Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735, happy listeners, love is in the air! If by ‘love’ you mean a lethal blitz-swarm of nano-locusts, and by ‘air’ you mean the burning red sky of this shredded techno-pillaged burnt out husk of a reality…it’s the SILENCE! Valentines Special.

In this sticky, throbbing, hormonal edition of the podcast that some people claim to listen to on a semi-reglar basis, The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus open their hoary old hearts to you gentle listeners, and beg ‘LOVE US! LOVE US!!’ And what hard hearted swine could resist?

<ITEM> The SILENCE! News features the hottteszzt noose stories from around the world, presented by smooth-talking, leather-skinned, white toothed Gary Lactenberg, and grizzled old divorced news badger,  Danny Beastman

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse splits opens it’s maw and sucks the twosome into it’s mindmelting reality-soup…but they don’t go down without a fight, no! They talk about the DC Young Romance Special (and tangentially the Fleetway Action Special from the 90′s), Red Team, Dial H, Channel 52, Iron Man (from Gillen & The Gland), All New X-Bendis, Snapshot, Multiple Warheads, Fashion Beast, Mud Man, Earth 2, Hellboy in Hell, and Adventure Time (with a stumbling mention of Thomas Herpich).

<ITEM> There’s a Guest Review of Star Wars from Kevin Trevors

<ITEM> The Beast talks up the re-release of the incendiary Seven Miles A Second from David Wojnarowicz, James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook

<ITEM> A live, beautiful acapella version of Defenders Of The Earth??? Surely not (yes of course it happens)

So when you’ve finished making sweet love to the sentient object of your choice, why not lay back, spark up a gasper and listen to SILENCE! no.50!

click to download SILENCE!#50

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.




12 Responses to “SILENCE! #50”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    Okay, while I go and sort through all my Valentine’s cards, here’s a wee pressie to commemorate your semicentennial:


    Congats, chaps. Keep up the good work. :)


  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ha Ha! frickin’ awesome! You captured my stoop perfectly…

    Cheers Mr Craig!

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    …And my cosmic nobility! Thank you Craig Mathews of Earth!

  4. Thrilla Says:

    That Action Special sounds fantastic. I’m now going to track a copy down, and hope it’s not ten zillion pounds. I am confident it will not be.

    There’s an Amazon review of Seven Miles a second that describes the colouring as “garish and impossibly over-saturated”, so I reckon that’s probably a purchase fae me, too.

    Thanks again to Silence! for helping me spend my money on things that aren’t food and warmth.

  5. Thrills Says:

    That should have read ‘Thrills’. not ‘Thrilla’. Oh god.

  6. tam Says:

    I tend to agree that some of Garth Ennis female characters are cut from very similar cloth, although I think O’Brien had some of my favorite ever comic book scenes in both Hitman and Punisher Max.

    But he’s been much better at depicting more believable female characters in his war comics. Check out the heartbreakingly sad Dear Billy and his trilogy or stories about the Russian pilot Anna Kharkova. The latest issue in particular which came out this week, about her time in a WW2 POW camp with a British pilot is one of the most powerful comics I’ve read for a while…

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah it was good. Loved it. As I was reading it though, Best’s words were ringing in my ears and I found myself agreeing more than not. I dunno. Hope he’s read Battlefields this week.

  8. Matthew Craig Says:

    Glad ye liked the pics, boys. I feel I may have to sue for trowma however, as I fell asleep this afternoon while listening to another podcast, only to wake at the end of this one, having found myself being held at gunpoint by Willem Dafoe round the back of the Phoenix Club. My last request involved singing along to the theme from Defenders of the Earth WITH A TERRIFYING INTENSITY.

    Consequently, I awoke with a sore throat, and I demand a Lemsip.

    I mean, I wish this was the first time I’ve dreamt along a podcast (House To Astonish, an entire episode of Sarah Millican), but I’ve never had to defeat a (Da)foe with Dream Karaoke before.

    Take THAT, Gillen and Gaiman!


  9. tam Says:

    Where the heck is this week’s SILENCE!? I realise you may be busy people with lives to be getting on with, but you need to take your responsibilities to us, your nerdly and needy listening public a tad more seriously. Have you considered asking Danny Beastman and Garry Lactenberg to do a fill-in for you if you’re too busy? Or Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735?

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thae Beast Must Die is dead. We are mourning. Not mourning that much though as we can see in the Diamond solicitations that he’s coming back next week, all nice and re booted.

  11. Thrills Says:

    7 Miles a Second and the Action Special have both just arrived in my letterbox, as commanded.

    Both look and smell fucking tasty, in the literal sense of the word.

  12. Accitle Says:

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