Patrick Troughton and Nicholas Courtney. No jokes about these two.

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  1. Emrullah Says:

    The best thing about this video – besides its klelir production and musical ensemble – is the bit where child allie is just running left to right of screen, with cat firmly lodged in brain. For about 30 seconds. Then a darker version of that happens. Hollywood script writing potential right there baby.Also, cats aren’t so bad. Can you blame them for totally not respecting peoples personal boundaries and not liking children? Why not make a community service announcement about the dangers of lizards? 1. They are like snakes, but with legs, which makes them so much worse. 2. ‘Lizard’ has the letter z in it, and Z in the shifty-est letter in the alphabet. Search in your heart. You know it to be true.

  2. Drawjen Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!omg…this almost haepenpd to me except instead of a cat it was a dog and instead of claws it was her teeth and instead of my head it was my lip. bad news. We had just gotten a toy poodle puppy (dumbest dog ever btw) and my brother and sister and I would fight over who got to hold her. She got so agitated at one point that she yelped and snapped her teeth and my lip just haepenpd to be in the way. A bloody face, ruined shirt, and 7 stitches later I got grounded for the dog biting me….

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