November 24th, 2012


2 Responses to “Regeneration8”

  1. Veli Says:

    , the music totally does sound like, “COME HERE KITTY, KITTY COME!!!” Which is hyiasrectl.Also, I think my brother wrote you a note on your fish post about how he laughed so hard he got a headache. But he says it was soooo worth it. And I’d like to thank you for making my brother (and me) laugh, because he has this annoying, oppressive job that pisses him off all the time and he needs stuff like this. If it weren’t 1 am, I’d call him right now and tell him to watch this.In short, you are awesome, and more people should be you.

  2. Natalya Says:

    You are my hero. I just recently dieovcsred your blog (I can’t remember how… I may have been drunk) and am totally internet stalking you and read all of your back entries and am madly in love with you… i mean very impressed by your mad skills.Also. Cat’s are evil geniuses. My cat hated everyone but me (and sometimes also me) and when you angered her, she would wait patiently near something you loved for you to enter the room… then she would pee on it. And stare you down. Thanks for being awesome.

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