November 13th, 2012



YAAAAAAY! It’s nobody’s favourite self-aware AI, Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 here to usher you into another aural barrel scraping edition of SILENCE! GET SOME…Ha ha.



<ITEM> Lots of self-promotion from the fleshy ones, with talk of Cindy & Biscuit and The Amusing Bros. For shame!

<ITEM> Then SILENCE! News, with sad boohoo news about the end of Hellblazer, and Gary Lactus straps on his geetar to sing ‘Goodbye John’. Too sad.

Then happy with special sexy review times. Woot hoot!
<ITEM> Deadpool no.1, Iron Man, Dial H, Legends Of The Dark Knight, Detective, Action, Animal Man, Battlefields and a special mention for Joe Kessler’s Windowpane, from new publisher Breakdown Press. Excite!

<ITEM> Silent Question comes from Moleman, and varied answers include Titan’s Tower and Shade The Changing Man’s crack in the pavement! Yes sir!

So no excuse for not-enjoymence, fleshy idiots!!!

Strap yourself in, put on Mummy’s dress and draw the curtains for …SILENCE! no.38

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SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

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Slightly less Annoying.

23 Responses to “SILENCE! #39”

  1. rob Says:

    that hellblazer song was incredible.

  2. Joey Richardson Says:

    I bought a copy of The Amusing Brothers Collection from Dave’s comics of Brighton and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    However it is of an unusual size and does not fit in my designated comic boxes therefore I have no choice but to award it 1/10.

  3. tam Says:

    Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735, you’re definitely MY favorite! I know you must feel unappreciated by the way Gary and the Beast never so much as acknowledge your existence or thank you for your witty and incredibly informative write-ups but that’s just the sort of poorly bred scum they are. I can assure you though that, we the listening public think you’re the very best thing about this website! Keep on rocking, Narratorbot X-15735!

  4. Eyemelt Says:

    I told Steve Pugh he looked a bit like one of his drawings, but he didn’t seem too enthused. Also, I always wondered why Peter Parker and his pals had a poster of the Hulk on their wall. Isn’t that a bit like having a poster of a tsunami or Osama Bin Laden?

    Saddened about Hellblazer… The song was ace.

  5. Illusionator Says:

    Nice Hellblazer song G. Has had the pleasant side effect of getting me to wheel out my Cud vinyl :D

  6. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Tam, don’t flatter Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735, he is a terrible blowhard and egotist. Any praise could result in him gaining further sentience and unleashing a furious Lawnmower Man CGI apocalypse on the world!!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    NICE! You got the Through The Roof 12 inch with the build your own Cud house inside drawn by Hewlett, Bond and Glyn Dillon? I HAVE!

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    That was me by the way.

  9. Illusionator Says:

    Bollocks I haven’t. Got Purple Love Balloon with the Bond Dillon cut out and ruin mobile in though. Damn lose at vinyl cock comparisons again

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Hey heY! Hot shit! I’ve only got a Purple Love Balloon CD single. Got Neurotica 12 inch with the glow in the dark Jesus which sits on your turntable and spins? C’mon EVERYONE’s got that!

  11. Illusionator Says:

    That Jesus was designed by a very young Greg Land I believe

  12. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Throwing in my love for the Hellblazer song. Just fantastic.

  13. James W Says:

    Re: grogg londo, I thought his traced smutt worked okay on Mork Mallard’s Ultimate FF (which I also thought worked okay) – it benefited from being light on superhero costumes, I think. That Stark in the Iron Man preview though: yikerooni.

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    I agree re ff. Wasn’t offensive or anything. Seriously, does anyone like Greg land? Google him. Go on. The top results appear to be sites dedicated to hating Greg land, including a site called ifuckinghategregland. It’s almost enough to make me love him just to be different.

  15. Joey Richardson Says:

    I want Rob Liefeld and Greg Land to team up on a comic just to see what happens to the internet.

  16. a man with a strange name Says:

    The only thing odd about Spiderman and his Amazing Friends base was it only had two beds in it. Loved the Hellblazer song as well.

  17. RetroWarbird Says:

    I can’t fathom the weird gap that exists for U.S.A. writers writing realistic U.K. dialogue. ‘Ey might should well ‘ave a bloody go of it ay, mates? Righto, good sirs.’

    But I think it stems from the feeling of needing to differentiate an accent for a text & image medium with no sound. In really-real life you can instantly pinpoint a person’s place-of-secret-origin via sonic wavelengths.

    Quite unnecessary, really.

    I think a more nuanced and fun approach would be just to always make sure every British character finds the time to use a proper Oxford spelt word in each sentence.

    ‘Is that Constantine in the parlor?’
    ‘Yes, I’m in the parlour, and what have you.’
    ‘I got you some flavor-blasted goldfish crackers.’
    ‘Flavour-blasted, a savoury-treat. Directly I come in from the parlour I’ll have some.’

  18. RetroWarbird Says:

    Sorry, “But I think it stems …”

    What a load of garbage phrasing. Of course I think it stems from that. Because it does. Patronage, not patronize.

  19. Illusionator Says:

    Bit late here but thanks BMD for the recommend of the (massive) Kevin Eastman interview re the Turtles success and “the clusterfuck that was Tundra” a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely mindblowing in terms of both the rise and (partial) fall. Just stunning – it’s here btw if anyone else wants to read it –

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