October 28th, 2012



 Welcome fleshlings to a very special HALLOWEEEEEEEEN edition of SILENCE!

Captain Howdy here! Or is it Pipes? Or could it be Zool? Who knows – we are legion, we are many! We’re standing in for Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735, who is away getting it’s ram waxed. I hope you’re ready for the most heart-tingling, spine stopping episode yet?? NO? Well tough, IT’S HAPPENING NOW!

Lactus is in his haunted space ship and the Beast is safely ensconced in a nice Cabin in the Woods, and they bring you blood-curdling reviews of…

Multiple Warheads and Prophet from Brandon Graham, Captain Marvel, Batman Inc, Amazing Spiderman, The Shadow and top Pirate Shonen hi-jinks with One Piece. Lactus bids a teary farewell to his Man Vs Comics experiment with AVX: Consequences, and the END OF AN ERA is reached as Incredible Hulk, Captain America and FF all have their final issues! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

There’s a special song dedicated to M.O.D.O.K, and Alan Moore hit single in The Silence News and the Silent Question comes straight from the graveyard with Spike from Buffy, and answers including Judge Dredd, Quantum Leap and Roseanne(?)

Oh and let’s not forget Mr Intestine-face….

It’s all here on the ONLY possessed podcast on the internet, SILENCE!

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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #37”

  1. Jog Says:

    Sat down and re-read the entirety of Prophet for the new issue… I’ve convinced myself that the Simon Roy version of the character is going to wind up as the primary (if reluctant) antagonist of the whole series… really though, I wonder how much of the ongoing plot gets altered on the fly by the availability of the various artists? I mean, I imagine nobody’s making a ton of money off this thing, and it’s not a small crew either…

    More and more I wonder if Graham’s secret talent isn’t his ability to keep all these plates spinning month in and month out, because the series really does ‘build’ quite nicely… I love how the Dolmantles get more and more sinister each time we see them, which totally colors their less obviously threatening presence in the Simon Roy issues.

    (Of course, my favorite bit remains the Macross/Robotech references in the second Farel Dalrymple issue, which makes me wonder if the tailed Prophet is going to eventually save the day by singing a really nice song…)

  2. tam Says:

    Silence! on a Monday?!? Too Soon! Too soon!

  3. Joey Richardson Says:

    My 10 year old nephew listens to this podcast (I blame bad parenting) and he says “I like it because The Beast Must Die is good at reviewing comics and Gary Lactus is funny”.

    Speaking of which I got a comic from him which, if you’d like to check out a fun, silly American comic I highly recommend Cow Boy by Nate Cosby which you can read here.

  4. Rick Vance Says:

    I suggest you continue with One Piece Beast because it is like a Snowball on dropped at the top of a mountain it picks up narrative weight, character weight, the action improves and the art greatly improves overall as the series continues.

    It gets to a certain level that you find yourself unable to stop reading it if you reach a certain point.

  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Thanks Rick – I may well check some more out. As I said, I found it to be a really refreshing read.

    Joey, I’m pleased we’re already corrupting your nephew’s brain. He’s right about me being good at reviewing comics, but sadly wrong about Gary Lactus’ supposed funniness. He has a team of joke writers in his space basement that he treats like sweatshop workers.

    Also, I’ve seen that Cow Boy strip before, and it’s really nice – I really dig Chris Eliopoulos’ art. Such strong cartooning, although it owes a pretty huge debt to Bill Watterson…thanks for the recommend though, always appreciated.

  6. tam Says:

    Haven’t yet listened to the show so obsequious apologies if you’ve already covered this, but I’ve just discovered the best darn thing on the whole of the internet

  7. Chris Burnham Says:

    The big black guy at the end of Inc #4 is Freight Train. I drew him a little too big there… when he punched the guy through the shattered panel during the night vision fight scene he looked more like a large human being, not a giant monster.

    He’s been hanging around the Outsiders/Dead Heroes Club since the first Inc #6, but I don’t think he’s actually ever said anything.

    You guys are fired. :D

    (and thanks)

  8. poodle! Says:

    The big guy in Inc is an outsider called Freight Train. We’ve seen him before.


  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Chris Burn’Em!

    Thanks for the clarification!

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Well that’s us told.

  11. Tim B. Says:

    Mr Intestine Face is very disturbing. Reminds me of the Scaroth in City of Death and feels like the camera should suddenly zoom in.

  12. J_Smitty_ Says:

    As to the Prophet plate spinning it’s been the most enjoyable “vamping” I’ve seen out of the last however many years.

    I have to believe it all stems from the original setup, right? This was supposed to be a scant six issues on the yearly cycle then Image upped them to a monthly. Being not idiots the team said, “Oh, yes, ok.” That tends to change the plans and arrangements, yes?

    I think it follows that Roy may well circle back for the last three of the year which he may well have been working on all along…

  13. Rick Vance Says:

    December’s #32 of Prophet is credited solely to Simon Roy with no other names on it, so it seems like he is making his triumphant return in a large way.

  14. Eyemelt Says:

    Pipes. I remember that Roseanne- Dan was dressed as the 3 Stooges (3 heads on 1 stooge), a bit like a Zaphod rip-off.

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