October 8th, 2012



SILENCE! no.34 is upon you. Gladness….oh what’s the point? Sometimes being an omnipresent disembodied narrator just isn’t enough y’know? I mean, I had dreams when I was younger – what happened to them? I wanted to be a dancer. I have thighs like a f*cking gazelle…and here I am making up a bunch of lies, to tell some degenerates in arrested development about a show featuring two egotistical blowhards and their half-baked opinions about one of the least respected art-forms in the universe…but since I owe Gary Lactus a kidney, and The Beast Must Die has those photos of me….

So there’s the usual scheisse with the Silence! News and then there’s a verbal tsunami of comics reviews: Axe Cop, Dial H, Daredevil: End of Days, Action Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, Fashion Beast, Crossed: Badlands, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Tank Girl, Non-Humans (oh and there’s a discussion of headsocks, and the SILENCE! rules of comics are established).

Man Vs Comics makes it to the finish line with AVX, AVX: VS, and Uncanny X-Men and boy-howdy is he thrilled.

The SILENT! Question comes from Detective Chimp, and the answer involves a musical octopus amongst other things.

Add in Fuff #0 from uber-talented Jeffrey Lewis, and Lose #2 from sickeningly talented Michael DeForge in The Smallest Press, and you have an hour and a half of…of…oh god, that’s it I don’t care anymore. If you need me I’ll be out back crying with a gun in my mouth. WRITE YOUR OWN DAMN BLURB YOU PAIR OF HACKS!

click to download SILENCE!#34

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.


Click below for some Jeffrey Lewis images in the SILENCE! GALLERY…


12 Responses to “SILENCE! #34”

  1. Ken Quichey Says:

    I’m absolutely sick to the eye-teeth with Dave’s’ lack of Michael Deforge comics. Do something about that will you, Lactus. All their good comics are in £25 books and all the pamphlets are about he-man shit. Next time you go in there, get really forcefully assertive and tell them their job and don’t take no for an answer.

    I’ll listen to the show some other time. I haven’t got 6 hours spare right now. Kunce.
    I smile at you.

  2. Cass Says:

    @TheBeastMustDie: In the last podcast, you wanted to talk about a Steve Ditko comic, but I don’t see his name listed in the shownotes for #34(haven’t listened yet). Assuming it’s not discussed in this episode, will we be hearing about this unnamed Ditko treasure in a future episode?

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yes, I completely forgot! It’ll be next week.

  4. ZodiacFirebroom Says:

    Batman’s got a butler – he’s not washed a fucking cup in his life

  5. tam Says:

    Re : the lego Arkham Asylum, Lego’s getting really weird these days. Did you know that there’s even a cottage industry of people designing their own lego pieces to circumvent Lego’s ban on 20th century weaponry?

    Fan Briction? (sorry…)

  6. Thrills Says:

    Dial H is my favourite monthly comic the noo. I read it after Happy! and Batman Inc. (I am behind on my comics) and I feel it was the bestest of the bunch. I am slightly aware of the fact that it moves almost too fast, which sort of lowers the impact of the threats, but fuck it, it is a ‘rolicking read’, and I like the characters, and there’s a newfound sense that awful things could happen to them at any time.

    I really like the art, too, as it’s grimy and inky and not afraid to show the main guy as an overweight guy, unlike Bolland’s forgettable covers where Nelson’s portrayed more as a stout toughguy. I wonder how much of the hero designs are down to Santolouco and how much are down to Mieville? They look ace, anyway.

    A braw episode of Silence! But I might go and punch myself in the face as I found myself singing along to the “silence news” jingle.

    PS Image-style headgear/headsocks and Liefeldian amateur boxing headgear are totally going to come into fashion.

  7. Ken Quichey Says:

    Well. I wrote a really good comment just now saying a bunch of nice and also hilarious stuff about this podcast, but when I submitted it my connection had broken, even though the little symbol bottom right said it was fine – consequentially the comment is gone and I’m not doing it again, cos I don’t look back, I just keep on rollin’.
    Just imagine what your faourite comment would be, write it down, and enjoy it every day.

  8. igmus Says:

    Maybe it was just me, but when I started reading mainstream comics again in 2006 I really liked Bendis’s Daredevil run. Towards the end of it I remember thinking, “Okay none of this has been as good as roughly half of Miller’s great DD stuff, but all in all I think there are so many ‘very good’ issues here that Bendis is in some way an equally good DD writer.” Maybe I was overly impressed at the time, but I would still say it was really quite good and would recommend it.

    I can’t imagine anyone could come back from writing 2809 shitty generic Marvel U comics and write a good Daredevil story ever again, though. I didn’t read the comic in question; hearing about the Citizen Kane motif makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

    Bendis probably will go down as the most prolific comics writer ever. He is the Lil’ Wayne of comics writers. He puts out more work than anyone. There are rumors he can come up with comic scripts right off the top of his head, without really even thinking. Some say he never needs to press the backspace button when he is writing. Nor does his editor evidently have to do anything. It is all totally effortless and that is something to applaud.

    @Ken: Mindless Ones have a filter where they don’t allow too many nice straightforward little comments. Because no one really wants to read that schlock. There is a complicated algorithm in place that only allows for so much positivity. You’re better off just typing “This was shit” and submitting that a few times in a row. Then the balance will be restored and the filter will let you write something more positive again.

  9. Ken Quichey Says:

    I resent the implication that my nice comment was straightforward and/or schlock.

    However you are right about the MO’s preference for complacency-shattering criticism of their efforts.

    Every minute that their unknown preconceptual biases remain sheltered from the storm of open deconstruction is an eon of bleak ennui for them.
    Each time that they log on their synapses are abuzz with a dizzying cocktail of courage, humility and a peculiarily romantic craving for enmity.

    They live for the battlefield, to unite with it, that the tattered bodies of all who fought may intermingle with the tender roots of iridescent new blooms.

    I think they’re twats.

  10. Illusionator Says:

    I saw Teeth of the Sea at last year’s Supersonic festival. Bloody marvellous :)

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