October 1st, 2012



In this veeeeeeerrrrrry special edition of the People’s Choice Award-winning Podcast, Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die are broadcasting LIVE! from the inaugural and exclusive SILENCECON 2012! Live! from the exclusive ‘micro-suite’ of the Hard Rock Hotel in the Younited Staytes of Ameryka’s very own Las Vegas!!! Get ready for EXCLUSIVITY you lucky, lucky insects.

I really shouldn’t have to say more than that to get you listening, but since I get paid by the word, I’m going to soldier on. The SILENCE! NEWS features an exclusive mini-interview from roving reporter Lactus with Nao of Brown’s Glyn Dillon, and some other EXTREMELY EXXXCLUSIVE stuff too.

Then it’s on to a bumper stuffed edition of comics shenanigafoolery and let me tell you the boys are so excited, and they just can’t hide it. They’re about to shit their pants and they think they like it!

So let’s get our hands dirty:
ITEMS! Ultra-grime from notorious pantomime villain Grant Morrison with Happy! Awesome Doopism in Wolverine & The X-Men; Doombots a-go-go in the Incredible Hulk; Facial traumas a-plenty in Fury: Max;  NY Punk vs UK Punk and shit magic in general in JL: Dark; Rucka-isms abound in Stumptown; The real Avengers return with Steed & Mrs Peel; Dalrymple, missile farms and Captain Quest in Prophet; The Batmen of many colours in Batman Inc; Dead Edwardians in the New Deadwardians; Pretty pointlessness in Ozymandias, Beto-pulp in Fatima & The Bloodspinners and finally Space: Punisher which somehow sparks a discussion about Krull, Spacehunter and The Golden Child.

The drug-themed SILENT Question comes from lovable old ex-Venom addict Bane, and the answers include Nuke, Robocop 2, Umpty candy, Foo Goo, David Lloyd, Wasteland, Miraclo, and Spin.

Finally The Beast unleashes his new section (and the girls squeal) in The Smallest Press, covering self-publishing treats such as the grindcore love letter  Death Trap from Lane Milburn, and the creepy/saucy treat Too Dark To See from Julia Gfrörer.

It’s all here along with a guest appearance from Robbity-Bobbity and non-stop SILENCECON EXCLUSIVITY and SPECIALNESS, in the barrel of hot monkey-shit that is….SILENCE!

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SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.


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12 Responses to “SILENCE! #33”

  1. Illogical Volume Says:

    “THESE DAYS JESUS IS MY VENOM” – haha, nice one Bane, quality jollity.

    Good pod as always boyce. I [heart] the idea of Space Punisher 4eva, but I’m never going to read the bloody thing so thanks for keeping me up to date Lactus.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    It is better imagined surely. Like when I had a dream about a Tony Daniels Detective Comics being like a giallo version of Batman.

    (it wasn’t)

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    Need to give credit to Roberty Boberty for the “Jesus is my Venom” line. Thanks Roberty Boberty.

  4. Papo Says:

    I thought Doop playing guitar against Satan was a shoutout to Tenacious D

  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Hmm, maybe. Not too familiar with the D myself. Either way I love that KITH sketch:

    I’m going to pretend it’s true.

  6. J_Smitty_ Says:

    I haven’t read the full Doop-goodness but the “Previously” blurb I saw in the preview might be my favorite opening diss of DER CROSSOVER ever.

  7. igmus Says:

    Great show, as always. The way Gary says “…Gosh!” every time is turning into a favourite part of the show for me.

    As you probably know by now, Silence! Con has turned into the darling of the internet world. None of us jealous outsiders can get enough of the charming anecdotes that trickle out. Oh to have been there — to have rubbed shoulders with the STARS and for maybe a bit of that stardust to have rubbed off on me!

    The only way the whole thing could have been better was if two weeks ago you said you were done with superhero comics, having exhausted all possibilities and personal interest, only to then announce that you have a massive Elseworlds-style superhero on the way for late 2013.

    Wolverine & The X-Men was indeed fantastic. Did anyone else notice, though, that it had the same cheaper paper/printing that Daredevil and all $2.99 Marvel comics have — with 32 regular pages total, rather than 32 pages within a glossier front/back cover leaf? Weird if Marvel has resorted to doing this for their $4 books…

    I was a good issue overall, but I thought the non sequiturs kind of wore thin by the end. And these were just a bunch of facetious, wacky moments. They didn’t really convince me that Doop belongs at the school. Also had to roll my eyes when another innocuous religious person (in this case a poor nun) was the typical target of mutant violence, which were all supposed to endorse, I guess. Jason Aaron should stick to doing what he does best: writing fairly gritty, serious-tone comic books. Since when does writing Scalped qualify you to write comedy? And don’t even get me started on–

    Oh god what’s this big flying green blob? Hey, don’t hit my laptop!

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just noticed the drill penis on the micronauts. Disappointed in myself for taking so long to notice.

  9. Illusionator Says:

    Must say I don’t have the art problem with Mind MGMT that Mr Lactus has had last 2 issues. I do feel there’s some treading water with it over the last 2 or 3 issues (not properly read the latest one mind just flicked through). Wish it would move just a little quicker. On the whole I feel disposed to cut it loads of slack, but can’t really put my finger on why. Odd.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Don’t have a problem with the pacing. I’m enjoying the ideas being explored and the short inside cover stories and fake ads do a great job of depicting a huge world in a compact fashion. Just wish I got on with the art.

  11. tam Says:

    It’s worth remembering that other illegal drugs in Mega City One include sugar and caffeine. I just checked and it turns out they can’t currently send you to the iso cubes for that yet though, so why not take a trip to Starbucks and experience the thrills of getting high off a sweet, sweet cup of coffee while you still can? Don’t forget to ask at the counter for extra shots of coffee!

    Also, just found this lovely bit of John Higgins Dredd online. Haven’t seen this in colour for years but remember how amazing it looked when I first saw it and it still looks just as good. Definitely up there in my top 10 Dredd/ MC1 images

  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ahhh …this is probably my fave Higgins Dredd issue of all:

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