August’s Cartoon County turned out to be the dawn of a bright new age for comics as David Lloyd and Bambos unsheathed their plans for the unique webcomic project, Aces Weekly.


Aces Weekly is a genuinely exciting venture which involves original new work from the likes of Herb Trimpe, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kyle Baker, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Steve Bissette, David Leach, Colleen Doran, David Hine, Henry Flint, Mark Wheatley, David Hitchcock, Lew Stringer, Carl Critchlow, Phill Elliott, Rory Walker and more!  Here’s how it’s going down:

Aces Weekly


It really does seem like a great model for creators and readers alike so get along and subscribe!

Cartoon County is an association of over 100 cartoonists and comic artists in the Sussex area. Our regular meetings are usually on the last Monday of every month at The Cricketers, Black Lion St, Brighton, from 6 til late. If you’re a cartoonist or a comic artist, or use those particular styles of drawing in your work as an illustrator, animator or storyboard artist, you are very welcome to join us.



4 Responses to “Cartoon County interview #16: Aces Weekly”

  1. Tim B. Says:

    Thanks for the episode.

    Read the Nao of Brown and all I have to say is biff bang pow, comicas aren’t just for kids any more. Highly recommended.

    Personally my favourite piece of comic book violence is the fight between Batman and the Joker in Dark Knight Returns #3, it’s really visceral.

    As for Watchmen II isn’t it’s sales tanking, proving that it’s not something people wanted. I’d love to see a strip about and angry sweating hare called Crimson Coarse Hare.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Think this is meant to be a comment for teh SILENCE! episode, no?

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