July 4th, 2012


BACK FROM WEDDING! The boys aren’t stopping. They’re certainly not letting anything like a marriage get in the way…it’s Marry Lactus and the Best Beast in SILENCE! no.20!!!!!!!!! (+!!!!)

After a joyous second ode to Journey Into Mystery from The Beast they slip slide their way into the SILENCE! news discussing George Perez‘ exit from Superman, and the pressures of existing inside an ill-thought out confusing continuity (JUST LIKE OUR WORLD, RIGHT LISTENERS!!!??!!) They also talk a bit about Edgar Wright’s possibly upcoming Ant Man movie.

Next up in this comics-wedding banquet the two froth audibly in a rambling appreciation of the astounding Prophet no.26 from Brandon Graham, talk up the Taliastic Batman Inc from Sir Grant, do aural hi-5′s about Peter Bagge’s Reset, get a bit cross about the crossover strangulation of Wolverine and the X-Pants, digest some Resident Alien from Hogan and Parkhouse, mention Spaceman and get totally waylaid in a discussion of nipples in superhero comics. Fatale exists still, Scalped is appreciated, X-Men Legacy is not, FF is a thing that makes the pair discuss the actual location of made up country Wakanda. They also talk about Gilbert Hernandez’ Fatima: The Blood Spinners and Gilbert in general.

Just a bit of room for a heads up about two web comics from Warren Pleece ( Simon Roy (, and then it’s off to bed (not before a bit of aggressive listener-baiting from the tired pair). Oh yeah and the Beast begs for money to go to see Spiderman in a moment of high morality.


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29 Responses to “SILENCE! #20”

  1. Adam Says:

    Lactus, you got out of languages because our year was the last year that didn’t have to do them.

    Lactus! A straw poll on burps is not the way forward

  2. Adam Says:

    On Prophet (yet to read), I’m with Marry. When stories or fictional worlds cohere that’s when things usually start to get shit, so I’m all for a cosmic (especially a cosmic) comic that manages to sidestep, hold off, or take a novel approach to that process.

    Anyone know if Prophet is being collected any time soon?

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’m sure it will be. You should be able to still get hold of the singles though.

  4. bobsy Says:

    Basket Case.

    Prophet is an amazing comic, best on the racks right now

  5. Adam Says:

    Planning to buy very few singles in future. Space and storage innit

    (By the way, listeners, Gary refuses to believe this but there are in fact a great many of you, so someone do him a favour and give him the one star shit he so desperately wants)

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Little Keiron Gillen has put up a lovely review on iTunes. What a good little boy, thank you.

  7. amypoodle Says:

    I agree with everything Beast says about the last WolvieXmen book. It was exactly how I felt when i put it down: FUCK OFF CROSSOVER.

  8. Adam Says:

    I didn’t read it and now I’m not going to.

  9. igmus Says:

    I heard that Prophet is first being collected next month for $9.99 cover price. Not sure how many issues it’ll be. Regardless, it’s NOT worth trade-waiting for; it’s possibly the best book out.

    Can’t say I’m really minding the AvX stuff in Wolverine & The X-Men. Possibly because it’s the only AvX stuff I’m reading. Maybe I’ll start to mind it in a few issues, though, when neither Bachalo nor Bradshaw are doing the art (damn Marvel’s needlessly pushy scheduling on $3.99 books…).

    Lastly, has anyone investigated the possibility that Little Loki is in fact based on Little Kieron himself? That interpretation seems to fit. With all the mysticism swirling around in Journey into Mystery, I sure hope this author/protag correspondence turns out better than the Sir Morrison/King Mob match did.

  10. Adam Says:

    Igs, I have a wife who shakes her head every time I bring a floppy into the house. Everything is worth trading for!

  11. J_Smitty_ Says:

    In agreement with you nearly point for point so I’m not sure there’s much to joust over.

    I have to say that as long as Prophet can hold off on “judging” who is on the right side and wrong side it should remain good. Graham has a way of being at peace in the deep water with only the horizon line for company.

    Now, a think piece.

    Is it possible that the whole “5 years later” conceit from Justice League is just utter dogshit? I don’t mean that it’s just done badly, spoiler: it is.

    No, I think they just made it up to try to cover and or cohere the strange choice of having your leading creator put out a book dealing with the early years of Superman when the rest of the line is launched “in the now.”

    It would account for all those pages of “we don’t trust each other – the world doesn’t trust us – etc.” Those are all indicative of a very short time frame – Maybe 6 months out from the Darkseid event – not 5 years of defeating villains and working together.

    Perhaps when Lee and Johns commenced they hadn’t yet settled on 5 years? Once they did Johns couldn’t be bothered to rework the standing around and talking scenes? I don’t know, it’s all very shit in my opinion and poorly done. Aquaman lifting a cruise ship out of the ocean with his bare hands tipped the apple cart for me much as everyone’s willingness to submit to zombie death in Fatima did for you, Marry. While that may have been chalked up to actually showcasing a genre this just feels clumsy and badly written.

    I’m more than a little tired of comics getting in their own way, you know?

  12. Adam Says:

    Surely you only need to dig as deep as “it’s shit and poorly done”? It’s hard to fathom things any further than that and ultimately completely unnecessary.

    Is balls!

  13. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Adam, you’re right, of course.

    I think if we’re in this far, with annotations, podcasts, analyses and the like that these questions do come up.

    Why, when given a multiverse of choices, did they make these choices? It’s the kind of question that drives the fanbase to places like this.

    Baffling. But, your point is made and taken by me with a tip of the cap to the directness of it.

  14. amypoodle Says:

    Yes, but this is why we don’t annotate most superhero comics.

  15. The Beast Must Die Says:

    No, I think you’ve got a point Smitty – the fact is that the tentpole titles of teh ‘new’ DCU are set in some nebulous past, with no real understanding of what this means for the status quo of the titles in the present…it’s just so needlessly confusing, especially given the expressed intentions of wiping the slate clean for new adn lapsed readers.

    The editorial decision making is utterly baffling, and they’re simply strangling the comics in a murky, half-baked continuity that simply doesn’t matter.

  16. Adam Says:

    I suppose that’s what I mean. It’s not that I disagree with you, Smitty, it’s that this stuff is so badly done and perplexing that I can’t make head nor tail of it. The claims of George Perez and other creators leave me thinking that the whole thing stinks of corporate control freakery, but just what that freakery amounts to in terms of a vision for the DCU… I mean, it seems to me that the stories are very much a secondary concern here and that ‘five years later’ is part of that, but I can’t for the life of me work out what they’re actually trying to do, and it saps my will to live whenever I try.

    Happy to listen to everyone else’s thoughts, however.

  17. Tim B. Says:

    Ultimately DC have failed to realise that the reason why it’s ok to have story B contradict story A is because story C that explains the contradiction is really, really boring.

    I can’t help but think that Morrison’s current DC universe work is a FU to this continuity dead-end that appears to be all the rage when there’s the perfectly simple concept of hyper-time available and in my day-dreaming ‘if I ran DC’ moments I’d just pay Moore a yearly stipend of several thousands of dollars to use (and credit) the ‘This is an IMAGINARY STORY… aren’t they all?’ line from Action Comics #423 whenever someone a bit too glassy eyed about continuity.

    As to the burping issue, I prefer my podcasts in a vérité style, so if they happen, they happen. Don’t want it to descend into some sort of belch-concerto so if you do edit them out why not apply some suitably cosmic sound effects to disguise whilst subtly drawing attention to the incidents. Having very little knowledge about sound editing feel free to ignore the hideous post production demands I make for my free entertainment.

  18. seth jacob Says:

    another great podcast, really enjoyed the thoughts on prophet. i was just wondering, is SILENCE! no longer available on itunes? for some reason, i couldn’t find it listed on there any more.

    anyways thanks for the awesome podcast, i recently went back into the archives and listened to the booster gold ad and it blew my mind. also the thing song was amazing as well.

  19. amypoodle Says:

    Tis here!!/id519743729

  20. amypoodle Says:

    Looks like it’s only up to 15 though…. Am I being stoopid?


  21. The Beast Must Die Says:

    All technical matters are the responsibility of that holidaying cosmic nimrod Gary Lactus I’m afraid. We will have to wait until he orbits back this way before we will be able to answer this query…

  22. igmus Says:

    Regarding the Perez thing, reading between the lines I think the DC editors were just being too hands-off or whatever. Like they couldn’t even be bothered with asking Morrison what he was actually going to do, for fear of annoying him(?), so they just told Perez “We can’t really be sure what Grant will or won’t do with the character in ‘Action’, and we’re certainly not going to ask him, so… you just shouldn’t do much of anything with ‘Superman’.”

    @Adam: Oh I can see how waiting for a trade would make sense for you, then. Personally, I got my girlfriend interested in comics (well, one comic, Glamourpuss) by billing it as a “magazine”. Unfortunately, she refuses to read any of the sections that look less like fashion mag satire and more like proper comics.

    If you’d really like to read Prophet NOW, you could perhaps tell your wife that the comics are actually storyboards to an upcoming sci-fi movie that you are a consultant on.

  23. tam Says:

    Nice to hear some love for the great Peter Bagge. Reset’s pretty much the only ongoing series I’m buying at the moment. Like you, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see it’s not gone down the Groundhog Day route although even that would have been fun. Have you read his Apocalypse Nerd series? It’s brilliant stuff although admittedly not for everyone, being at least as harsh and unflinching as, say, Crossed by Garth Ennis, only done with a truly jet black sense of humour which somehow makes it even better/ worse.

    Also, speaking of good but incredibly bleak comics, I hope Bobsy’s going to be discussing the recently finished ‘Day of Chaos’ story in Dredd by John Wagner. It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever read and the sort of story that could only be told by an older man. The publishers also deserve credit for letting him make such massive changes to the strip when the film is just about to come out. In a better world the comics internet would be giving it far more attention than it’s received

  24. Kit Says:

    You’re going to be heartbroken in a few weeks, Reset’s a four-parter

  25. Ken Quichey Says:

    Massive disaster in Mega City 1 involving the Dark Judges and big fundamental changes just before a JD film comes out?
    What a crazy new century this is.

  26. Zebtron A. Rama Says:

    Can’t rate Silence on itunes because I won’t use itunes as I fear it will take over my computer like Skynet from the Terminator films.

    That being said. Great show as always, thumbs up on Burping. And Beyond Watchmen is fucking awesome.

  27. Chris Burnham Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, gents!

    Doing the skull-shaped smoke was Grant’s idea. I carried it through with the caduceus and heart shapes. Team Supreme!

  28. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Well it fukkin rocked. Best GM collaboration in a long time.

  29. amypoodle Says:

    Always best GM collab.

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