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June 9th, 2012

Our Andrew Hickey reviews Before Watchmen

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  1. Illogical Volume Says:

    You belong to us now, Mr Whickey, never forget it!

    We’ve got a whole summer’s worth of exciting Andre Whickey tie-ins to promote, so you better look lively – I’ve seen your game face, and it’s hardly going to sell lunchboxes unless you learn to LOVE THE LUNCHBOX with all your heart. I know you didn’t sound too excited about BEFORE WHICKEY when we talked about it on the phone last night, but wait til you see the art Rob Liefeld’s been turning in, it’s so good it’ll make Kirby’s corpse blush! Plus, we’re talking to David Hine about doing the novelisation – he’s not keen, but we know just where and how to push a man, as you can surely attest!

    We’ll make a lucrative franchise out of you yet, Mr Whickey, just you wait and see…

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    It’s broken news now, but Eddie Campbell‘s description of Wa2chmen as “an aesthetic crime” is also worth your time:

    “DC failed to realize that Watchmen is a work of art without precedent. (Or they knew it once and then forgot) It is complete and autonomous and perfect in itself and so thoroughly worked out that parts cannot be added or subtracted (you could take out the Black Freighter, for argument’s sake, like the movie did, but then you would no longer have 12 parts of equal length like the hours of the clock, or watch). Its author’s hurt is that he made it for greedy grabbers who cannot tell the difference between it and any other old bit of comic book baloney and are treating it just so.”

    Of course, it’s possible that I only like this so much because I made a similar point way back when:

    “The Watchmen toys, games, movie, etc all seem to have been created under the mistaken assumption that what makes Watchmen special is the fact that it features a group of superheroes who are quite like but not exactly like a lot of other superheroes, when what actually makes it special is the specific set of interactions between Moore and Gibbons that are caught in time, like a photograph slowly falling.”

    See me? I’m pure dead brilliant by the way, if not quite as brilliant as Future of the Left, whose ‘Robocop IV: Fuck Off Robocop’ is probably my favourite reaction to Wa2chmen so far:

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