SILENCE! podcast #10

April 11th, 2012


We are 10 today! That’s right SILENCE! Has reached double figures…look at it! Ahhh! Look at it’s cute little face….ahhhh…

Okay, enough.

In this episode Lactus continues to monitor the South Coast from his swinging cosmo-lounge, while the Beast reveals the details of his new Prestige Life. Not only that but Lactus unearths an extremely rare Booster Gold promotional item! (with thanks to big bad Bob Ferrie for sourcing it) Following that the dyspeptic duo barrel straight into the SILENCE! News, covering such cultural hot potatoes as Shaky Kane’s pop art act of terrorism and the re-colouring of Flex Mentallo.

With nary a thought for their, or your, safety the turgid twosome somersault into the week’s reviews covering Daredevil 10.1 (gah!), Action Comics (featuring the debut of Shit-eating Superman), the final issue of OMAC (One Man Actually Cares), Freedom, Avengers Vs X-Men (omigodtotallypsyched) Animal Man and Sweet Tooth, and Alan Moore’s Supreme. Not in that order.

Then the prosaic pair have a lovely long chat about Urasawa’a masterful Pluto, and the Beast takes us synth-rockin’ all the way back to the 80’s with the sublimely ridiculous Slash Maraud in the Beast’s Bargain Basement. In addition they fizz and pop with enthusiasm about Community in Notcomics before the show slides into gibberish for the Coming Attractions. All this and perhaps just a little bit more in the comics podcast that stands gills and flippers above all others, SILENCE!
What a show. What a world. What.

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31 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #10”

  1. igmus Says:

    I was really impressed with that song. Wonder if Booster still offers his services. It seems as though Pepsi and Pizza Hut really took off thanks to him.

    Also, not sure exactly what you guys were hinting at for a second there, but I never considered Alan Moore’s Supreme as being of the same order as his other Image work. It’s several thousand magnitudes better than something like Spawn/WildC.A.T.S. or whatever. I think Moore’s Supreme is better than a good chunk of his ABC stuff even. But the way he was using “meta” was quite new at the time, so maybe I was just over-impressed with it then. Haven’t reread it in quite a while.

    If it means anything, in the late ’90s Moore won Best Writer Eisner and Harvey awards for Supreme/From Hell. In the other years when he won for From Hell they didn’t bother to mention his other Image crap. And I’ve seen Moore’s WildC.A.T.S. run praised, but having read at least one issue it I feel comfortable calling it crap.

  2. Richard Baez Says:

    No, COMMUNITY isn’t dead yet – it’s returned recently, to something of a minor (but significant) ratings boost and various statements of cautious optimism w/r/t a 4th season.

    I envy you your first experience of the 3rd season multiverse episode.

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Oh I dug Moore’s Supreme run (although I haven’t read Brother Bobsy’s trades for a while) but there’s something a little pat and dull about some of the Silver Age riffing. (Morrisons All Star Superman is so much more strange and poetic in it’s appropriation of Silver Age tropes) It’s cute enough, but Moore’s cute work is the stuff I find the least affecting. As I get older pieces like Unearthing and the Birth Caul reveal Moore’s genuine genius more than nudge-nudge winky stuff about comics storytelling tics.

    It’s still thoroughly enjoyable supercomics by anyone’s standards, but it’s pretty slight all in all. Tom Strong did it all so much better a couple of years later with super nice art to boot.

  4. Ad Mindless Says:

    I’m thinking Benjamin Marra likes Slash Maraud.

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    I’m thinking the feeling’s mutual.

    Good podding as always, boyce!

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Booster Gold has a bit of a funny accent I thought. I guess that’s because his first language is esperanto.

  7. Ad Mindless Says:

    Was that totally gold Booster Gold message actually from the future?

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    No. It was from 1987. Booster is from the 25th century though.

  9. Ad Mindless Says:

    They all speak Esperanto in the 25th Century

  10. Tam Says:

    Can I just say that your song about people making idiotic comments on comics websites is far and away THE WORST SONG I’VE EVER HEARD (note the capitals for emphasis)

  11. Tam Says:

    Also, re: the Booster Gold tune. That was so similar to your own tunes that I’m surprised it’s for real. Reminds me of what someone once said about Chris Morris, after you’ve seen his shows, it makes normal tv seem like a parody of itself!

  12. bobsy Says:

    Watch out Slash Maraud! A giant’s playing jacks right on top of you!

  13. Ad Mindless Says:

    The Games They Play

    With a cover art by Dean Ellis

  14. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Bandwith allowance?!?! My BRAIN!

  15. Gary Lactus Says:

    HOT BUTTONS! Looks like we need to upgrade our Podomatic account and fast! It’s nice that som many are listening but I don’t wanna spend $99 right now. Guess I’ll have to. Hang on…

  16. Aaron Says:

    Is there a way to contribute to the upgrade cost? I’m happy to give a little something for my SILENCE!

  17. Ad Mindless Says:

    It’s back up!

  18. Gary Lactus Says:

    The Elite!

  19. Ad Mindless Says:

    + phoenix

  20. Thrills Says:

    20th Century Boys is a fucking astonishing comic. Only read to part 12, though. It resonates with me so much, especially the ‘getting old, given up on rock dreams, but I still like my pals and appreciate the power of shitty punk guitar!’ stuff. But, I mean, that’s only one detail. the whole thing just makes nearly everything else I’ve read look shite.

    Should probably catch up with it, and look into Pluto, eh.

  21. Ad Mindless Says:

    My only problem with Manga is that the dialogue usually isn’t the best thanks to the joys of translation. I’d love to see translators working hand in hand with top notch english speaking writers and broadminded editors/publishers. Reckon that way would lie some truly Ultimatex. Classix. Comicx.

  22. Ad Mindless Says:

    (Will be buying Pluto. Looks extraordinary)

  23. The Beast Must Die Says:

    The translation on Pluto is really very good. The Viz Signature series is generally very high quality stuff.

  24. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, I’d agree with that. A lot of dialogue in manga ends up being pretty ordinary and lumpen, but I don’t really notice a lot of the time as the story’s so gripping and flowing and there’s nice art and stuff. I’d like to see maybe some more lyrical or poetic dialogue? It’s not a ‘deal breaker’ for me at the moment, though, as luckily most manga I read is the stuff considered ‘good’ and there’s enough cool shit to compensate.

  25. Thrills Says:

    Also Slash Maraud looks/sounds almost perfect. I love some future-slang. But does it feature any future drugs? They are a particular favourite of mine. Cannae get enough of that Nuke/Rope/Kick etc

  26. Illogical Volume Says:

    Yeah, Slash Maraud looks and sounds well weapob. Maybe one day I’ll get to read it, if I’m ever lucky enough to be locked up in The Beast’s Bargain Basement.

    Dunno if you’re familiar with the song ‘Booster Gold’ by Spoiler Alert, it’s hardly of the same standard as Lactus’ usual efforts, but not everyone has a spaceship full of otherwordly musicological equipment now, do they?

    Pluto is proper bestcomics. The similarities to Watchmen (old-fashioned kids characters in brutal murder-mystery shocka!) are quickly eclipsed by the effortlessness of the execution. I mean yeah, it goes for all the big emotional robot story beats, but it does them all so fucking well!

  27. Thrills Says:

    Just won all of Slash Maraud on Ebay for the price of a pint (inc. p+p). This is good news if you are me.

    I mean, I REALLY love future-slang.

  28. zebrazygotes Says:

    Community has been airing new episodes here in the US for about a month now, but whether or not it will continue is still unclear. I would love it if you guys continued to discuss the show, though. As always, the podcast was terrific.

  29. igmus Says:

    @TheBeastMustDie: I see what you’re saying now about Supreme. I can see how the Silver Age riffing can come off as a bit overwrought and cheeky. Personally, though, I like the way Moore did retro in Supreme better than the way Morrison did in All Star Superman, but I’m probably in a tiny minority on that. (All Star Superman never resonated that well with me, but I do think it’s perfect for what it is.) I also rate Supreme above Tom Strong in much the same way (the writing, I mean; Supreme obviously as much worse art overall, although Veitch and Sprouse did some great work on that). Guess I just value Moore doing a clear Superman analogue more than I do Moore doing the conglomeration of different archetypes that is Tom Strong.

  30. Rv. Xen Says:

    For you, o great mindless ones…

  31. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Thanks! I like your tumblr a lot!

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