SILENCE! podcast #9

April 4th, 2012


Lo, it was so. SILENCE! no.9 descended upon the earth like a particularly weighty turd from an overfed poodle’s arse!  The Beast brings the noise in a very real sense, with his hip hop meisterwork ‘COMIX (NOT 4 KIDZ). They then jaunt in a spritely fashion into the SILENCE! News wherein Lactus reveals what might be the BIGGEST news story of 2012 (let’s just say the word ‘Avengers’ is part of it – SPOILERZZZ!).

After that they proceed to lustily tango into last week’s releases, discussing Daredevil no.10 (and the practical ways to exit a monster), the eternal sunshine that is Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred no.3 (by Dave Hine serial comic abuser Shaky Kane) and briefly touch upon Spaceman no.5. Lactus is TOTALLY PSYCHED over the devastating psychological complexitiveness of Bloodstrike, and talks up Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Stories (including a devastating critique of Tesla’s working methods, no less!). Next up is The New Deadwardians (sweet Lord…) Secret Avengers (Shhhh…secretly Avenging) and a Bowfinger reference. Then there’s a double dose of You Should Have Known Better with the twin-horrors of AVX no.0 (buh?) and Comic Book Men (hurry Mayan prophecy, HURRY!) The Beasts Bargain Basement concerns Paul Duncan and Phil Elliot’s Second City (props to Michel Fiffe) and the brief glory that was Harrier Comics, and the pair froth merrily over Booster Gold and how fucking rad his origin is. Not to mention the adrenalin-soaked thrill ride that is The Coming Attractions. Put it all together and you have Another. Comics. Podcast!

All this and perhaps a little bit more, from the lovable odd couple that the internet is calling “the Tango & Cash of internet-based comics criticism”. Grab your earpipes and snuggle down you hobbits!

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9 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #9”

  1. Edward Says:

    Hey guys, love the show. Is there way this is gonna end up on iTunes for SILENCE! on the go?

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    We are working on that actually…watch this space. Glad you like the show!

  3. Rick V Says:

    Your next contest should be the album cover for the forthcoming SILENCE! Mixtape.

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    That’s a good idea actually…

  5. Michel Fiffe Says:

    Many thanks for the mention, guys. Glad you like those profiles; it’s always fun to share obsessions.

    I never made the connection between Grist and Elliott and that entire scene. Reminds me that I haven’t yet dived into other titles of that era: Post Bros., Threat, Journey… the list is nearly endless.

    On an entirely different note, you’ve made me want to hunt down Booster Gold again, which was the first title I owned every issue of (collecting a 25-comic run felt like an accomplishment as a kid). I remember them well: he was wearing a tux when he saved the deli, no? I suppose one can have more useless memories with such explicit detail!

  6. Ad Mindless Says:

    Probably my favourite Silence! yet

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    I have a huge fondness for Post Brothers, Savage Henry and all of Matt Howarth’s stuff. Just a unique style and voice, baffles me why he isn’t more well known like Ted McKeever.

    We can now be subscribed to through itunes from our Pod0matic page here:

  8. tam Says:

    Nice to see some love for ‘Second City’. As I suspect you already know, the writer Paul Duncan also used to edit the magazine Arken Sword, (subsequently shortened to Ark) which was probably my favourite magazine about comics ever, with a perfect mix of sincerity and smart-arsery.

    There was also loads of lovely often exclusive art from people like Alan Davis,(especially a memorable Marvelman vs Captain Britain fight with er… ‘special guest stars’) Brendan McCarthy, Kyle Baker and Geoff Darrow and Grant Morrison being wonderfully rude about his contemporaries. I was looking at one the other day and they still hold up pretty well, so they’re worth buying if you spot them.

    (The creators then went off to create the magazine Crime Time, which did the same thing for the crime genre and is also worth checking out if you like crime fiction)

  9. Barbera Gumb Says:

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