Talking Comics #1

April 1st, 2012

Don’t worry, despite the title, this isn’t an attempt to take on the SILENCE! boys at their own game – if I was trying to do that I would have sabotaged Gary Lactus’ spaceship while he was up visiting me in Scorchland, then suggested myself as a replacement for the podcast while “comforting” The Beast Must Die. What’s the point in playing if you’re not playing to win, right?


Talking Comics is an attempt to reanimate that stinkiest of walking corpses, the comics review post. Now I could have called in Mister Attack aka The Eurythmic King of Nowhere aka The Boy Fae the Heed aka Flippant She-Creature like I have the last couple of times in the hopes of making these grizzly bones dance, but I decided to place my faith in technology.

So: rather than writing reviews of last week’s comics the old fashioned way, with fists, I decided to speak my brains into twitter via my smart phone and see what happened.  Unfortunately, since I’m a Scottish, and since the Scottish are natural enemies of voice recognition technology, the results are a little scrambled:

Daredevil #10, by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera, Javier Rodriguez and Joe Carmagna.

See, told ya!

Mindless pro-tip: if you hover over these pictures, semi-lucid thoughts will appear!

The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #3, by Shaky Kane and David Hine.

Spaceman #5, by Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso and a bunch of guys so tough they don’t have first names, apparently.

Crossed: Badlands #2, by Garth Ennis, Jacen Burrows and Digicore Studios.

Deadpool Max II #5, by David Lapham, Lee Loughridge, Clayton Cowles. Cover by Kyle Baker.

Justice League Dark Nowhere #7

2000AD Prog #1776, by John Wagner, Henry Flint, Pat Mills, James McKay, Al Ewing, Brendan McCarthy, Ellie De Ville, Chirs Blythe, Annie Parkhouse, Alec Worley, Jon Davis-Hunt, Simon Bowland, Robbie Morrison, John Burns, and Annie Parkhouse. Cover by Chris Weston.

When Bobsy wrote about prog #1775 #1ZZ5 the other week, he couldn’t remember Age of the Wolf II well enough to write about it and only gave Nicolai Dante half a bar. Turns out that his judgement was exactly right, because when the time came for me to talk about these comics I decided that I didn’t want to bore my phone by talking about them. There were beards in one and tits in the other, I dunno…

Anyway, that’s enough of that for now. I’m about to head off on the road with Jem and the Holograms – they’re recording new material, and Jem hopes that this reunion will be “a little less Pixies, a little more Take That”. The whole experience has been pretty weird for me so far – I’ve started seeing Jem, and I’m not sure if that means I’m cheating on my girlfriend, since I’m pretty sure she actually is Jem, which… see, I could be on SILENCE!, honest!

More of this, in the future, unless my phone rebels by learning to decipher my soft Glaswegian tones…

7 Responses to “Talking Comics #1”

  1. mad_arab Says:

    SILENCE, as perfect as it is, would benefit from a friendly Scots accent every once in a while.

    IV, you’re always ahead of the internet curve. these are a right hoot, and I can’t wait till one of them makes something’s blurb.

    there was a little bit of news, i don’t know if i hallucinated it, that 2000AD would be going day and date on iPad. i wanted to ask you if the actual magazine was ‘bigger’ than regular comics (i always imagined it was), and would too much be lost reading it that way? as it will probably be the only way I can read it, I’d like to be aware of what is getting missed in digitization.

  2. Ad Mindless Says:

    Real reviews that the world needs!

  3. Tam Says:

    Completely underwhelmed by the new series of Crossed so far. The first series had loads of carnage but there was also a point to it all; it really was pulp fiction at its best, shocking and sometimes incredibly moving ‘what would you do?’ stuff, up there with the likes of Day of the Triffids or both the original and subsequent film of Battle Royale.

    The new series is thus far just reheated leftovers although I am kind of intrigued to see what happens to Prince Harry in the last part; given Ennis’ affection for soldiers but his dislike for the Royals it could easily go either way. (Well, he’s probably going to die either way, but you know what I mean…)

  4. Tam Says:

    * oops I meant the original NOVEL of Battle Royale. (Well worth a read, even if you’ve seen the film)

  5. thrillls Says:

    ‘Zaucer of Zilk’ writer Al Ewing had some Prince Harry sort-of-fanfic in his book ‘I, Zombie’. Sadly not slash, but.

    Is The Militroyal the hott new thing?

  6. Illogical Volume Says:

    Mad Arab – Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed these. The idea that someone might use one for a back-cover blurb is immensely satisfying to me.

    SILENCE! is a perfect beast, like you say, but I’m sure we’ll manage to slip a little bit of Scottish in there again sometime in the future.

    2000AD’s a bit bigger than your average comic, yes – its natural habitat is still the local newsagent rather than the dedicated comics store. Size aside, I’m glad to hear that it’ll be transmitted across the world on the date of its physical release. It’s three fifths of a brilliant comic right now, so it’s well worth checking out!



    Tam – I’ve really enjoyed Crossed: Badlands so far, it’s maybe not as BIG or EXCITING as the first series, but it’s worked for me as a deadpan comedy. I dunno, I might not be the worst human being in the world but the resolution to Badlands #2 made me laugh like I was.

    Thrills – You shouldn’t dangle information like that in front of me, I’m far too likely to take it as a sign of the times!

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