SILENCE! podcast #4

February 28th, 2012

In the fourth heart-wrenchingly dramatic episode of SILENCE! Gary Lactus debuts his awesome, thought-provoking Fantastic Four super ballad… The Beast reveals his new job… and the sex life of the FF is discussed with real intellect and insight. Then!! the two rogues proceed to discuss a plethora of last weeks comics including Fantastic Four 603 (moments!), Shavid Hane and Daky Kine’s Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred no.2 (jazz!), Prophet no. 2 (no alien vagay-jay’s this time!), Wolverine and the X-Men (corporate enthusiasm!) and sort of talk about Red Lanterns and JL: DARK (nee Nowhere) . Then (because they are erudite and broad-minded) they talk about the artwork of Marc Hempel, the recent quasi-superheroic film Limitless and in true Mindless fashion ham-fistedly make their way through this week’s upcoming releases!


(soft answer: yes)



P.S Listeners are encouraged to send us drawings inspired by Gary’s song for inclusion in the SILENCE! Gallery to [email protected]


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28 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #4”

  1. Terrence Says:

    The opening clinches it. Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillian have been surpassed. You gentlemen now have The Greatest Comics Podcast Of All Time™.

    Wield you mighty powers wisely, for we mortals are a fragile lot.

  2. amypoodle Says:

    I honestly feel like Silence is the best kept secret on the internet…. and I really don’t want it to be a bloody secret!

    Are there any other comic podcasts out there that are as funny?

  3. Slavone Says:

    I dont know why, but i cant stop listening to this fantastic four song

  4. Igmus Says:

    I think Hickman’s Fantastic Four is alright, at times quite good, though the most recent issue in particular shows off all of the run’s weaknesses. Hickman’s writing is always a bit weird and hollow; Tim Callahan described it as like “the notebook of a boy with Asperger’s syndrome”. What gets me is that lots of readers don’t seem to notice how hollow it all tends to be. I actually like this empty strangeness to a degree, because it’s just interesting to see how Hickman orchestrates things in his idiot-savant sort of way.

    The motivations of the different warring factions in FF are all absurdly convoluted and also, paradoxically, absurdly simplistic in a way that’s just bewildering. On the one hand it’s ridiculous for Hickman to keep belaboring the detailed nothingness of this “Four Cities” idea for three years now… but on the other hand it’s kind if interesting to see how he keeps banging on with it in his idiot-savant way. The HOW of what he’s doing is kind of neat; but whenever he pauses for various set-pieces or “momentisms”, the WHAT of what he’s doing seems really boring.

    Most others seem to enjoy Hickman’s comics straight on, though, as if there were actually a lot of normal hearty content to them, when there’s just not. And this is puzzling to me.

    I think the readers who enjoy the most recent issue are taking things at face value and operating out of nostalgia rather than looking hard at what’s in the actual issue. Because the Celestials vs Galactus should be an awesome fight. But what we actually get is very hollow and borderline pointless. And the art makes the most powerful entities in the universe looks like knock-off Power Ranger action figures. So I’m not sure how anyone could really be happy with the issue. I thought it was just “ok”, because it did move the story along.

    As for iFanboy, I doubt any of those guys could answer any simple questions about the motivations of the different factions in Fantastic Four. What I’ve noticed about iFanboy is that they’re nice guys but their taste in comics is almost purely surface level. If a comic SEEMS to have a lot of meaning to it, then they’ll make it Pick of the Week, whether its content actually rewards–or even bears–close reading or not.

    A few days ago I happened to read the tail-end of Mark Millar’s FF run, which mentioned that Valeria is two and a half years old. There was no major gap between Millar and Hickman’s runs, and Hickman has even alluded to the Millar stuff as if it just happened a few days/weeks before his run started. And yet in most of the Hickman stuff Valeria’s appearance bounces around between the ages of 5 and 12.

  5. amypoodle Says:

    The whole thing about seeming content: signifiers of fun.

    But not actually fun.

    And, yeah, I couldn’t believe it when the nice CA guys started doing Hickman annos. There’s just not enough there for me to bother with that. So what if Leonardo D Vinci’s in it?

  6. Zig Zag ZIg Says:

    Here here!

  7. Zig Zag ZIg Says:

    by which of course I mean ‘hear hear!’

  8. Botswana Beast Says:

    Jog sez!/snubpollard/statuses/174599581680668673

    The ultimate in endorsements imo

  9. Jog Says:

    My favorite part is whenever you do American accents.

  10. Richard Baez Says:

    So, four minutes into it, the obvious request: any chance of a mp3 of that tune?

  11. Zom Says:

    Lolly lolz

  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    @Jog: We are American. We do really good English accents.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    @Richard baez, perhaps we’ll collate all our songs into an ep with nice high quality stereo mp3s when we have enough of them. Speaking of which, I wish I hadn’t asked beast for a mega city 1 song and asked for a piece describing his work as an autobot instead. Beast, there’s an alternative for you if you fancy. Ahem, yee ha good buddy! God bless ‘murca!

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    That was me, btw

  15. bobsy Says:

    Reed & Sue’s conjugals squick me out a bit. It’s like Mum & Dad doing it, isn’t it? Course, with her being invisible and all the spectacle should Franklyn or Valerian stumble in would be cryptic to say the least.

    Reed all sort of poured-into-a-tube looking, but upwards.

  16. The Beast Must Die Says:



  17. J_Smitty_ Says:


    I wonder if Steven Wanker is listening? Though, he’s a dad so that might make a difference.

    Did you know that? I mean, he kind of let it slip in a very elegant and nuanced way but…


    Thrilled as ever to be listening and silently marking the minutes till you’re all IN CHARGE.

  18. Zom Says:

    That fine day will come, Smitty.

  19. Thrills Says:

    I just cannae enjoy FF comics while they’re doing the whole “OMG precocious kids that are so smart!” bullshit (especially if, as is mentioned, the artist can’t even draw kids in the first place). I just cannae stand it! It always seems to me a bit like a Peter Davidian exercise to get across how ace the writer thinks their own kids are.

    Maybe I just hate children?

    Sex-talk about the Fantastic Four makes me think of Kevin Smith’s Mallrats film, which is actually a worse thing to think about than any actual imagined Sue/Reed erotica (I liked the film as a kid, as it mentioned comics. Now I hate it as it is shit and makes me hate comics and Stan Lee and also myself as a youth and myself now).

    I am enjoying these podcasts.

  20. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I used to think Mallrats was great, even though the pacing was terrible and tonnes of the jokes fell flat.

    That said, I never, ever, ever want to see it again.

    It was Chasing Amy that made me realise my error. Dear god, if I never hear Joey Lauren Adams white squall of a voice ever in my life I will go to Valhalla happy.

    Plus also, Ben Affleck + goatee + meant to look cool = no thanks, fatbeard.

  21. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, directors should realise Baffleck is only good when he’s supposed to be shit (one thing Mallrats does well is in the casting of him as a loathsome bully-boy creep).

    But Chasing Amy, yeah. I get the feeling Kevin Smith was trying to be queer-positive, but fucking hell, what a load of shite.

    There’s a ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ tour on, apparently. I might go along to look at the audience and see what nerds in town are the Bad Nerds I should avoid (not like me, who is a Good Nerd and in no way a hideous snob, nossir).

    PS sorry for any thread derailing.

  22. amypoodle Says:

    Frankly I can’t stand all the guilt stuff in nerddom. You ARE better than a lot of those people, Thrills. They are big KEVIN SMITH fans. And along with being a big Kevin Smith fan you have to buy into shitty stoner jokes, goatees and general juvenalia. You may also have to buy into the Widening Gyre.

    Now it could be the case that in a crisis some of these people might reveal themselves to be M People style trueheroes, but we’ll never know will we? But for now I’ll write the bunch of them off as Bryan Johnsons and be done with it.

  23. Zom Says:

    Goatees aside, I’m sure many of them are fine people.

  24. amypoodle Says:

    Me too. I’m just feeling grouchy today. I’ve overdosed on wanker comics fans over at Comics Alliance.

  25. Zom Says:

    Jesus, leave those bloody places alone…

  26. amypoodle Says:

    I have.

  27. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Wuxtry, wuxtry!

    Wacker “I’m a dad” troll sighting at Savage Critics. lock your doors – bar your windows. Stay out of sight.

  28. Zebtron A. Rama Says:

    Spot on with the Limitless bit. Best Podcast in the Cosmos.

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