SILENCE! podcast #2

February 15th, 2012

In the second scintillating episode, The Beast broadcasts live from Alan Moore’s beard, while Lactus continues his lonely (yet chatty) vigil orbiting above the South Coast of England in his galactic treehouse… Topics include the many Jason Aaron’s (or at least the ones who write Wolverine and The X-Men and PunisherMaxExtremeZero), Prophet (in which Lactus does a very horrid alien vagina impression) Casey & Fox’s lurid Haunt, superhero comics ‘ending’, Adventure Time, and the possibility of forcing children to review comics. And it all gets very romantic at the end, in this pulse-pounding Valentines episode…

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6 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #2”

  1. Mister Attack Says:

    Judging by the lack of comments, people have taken Lactus’ bellowed command to heart.

    Anyway, the only problem with the podcast is I thought it was going to have a second part. Gutted. Roll on next week…

  2. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    I only had a minor comment/question so I left it be. Was wondering if the antagonists of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN was a problem for them. It bothers me that Wolverine is flummoxed by a group of pre-adolescents.

    Everything else about the series is as enjoyable as they say, but the new Hellfire Club doesn’t have the sort of gravitas that a Wolverine adversary ought to. Let’s hope that there will be one of those Everything you Thought you Knew…. moments, eh?

  3. amypoodle Says:

    I have to say, I only really started enjoying Wolverine and the… with the recent advent of Bradshaw. Like Beast, I only half like Bachalo’s art. His storytelling is often awful.

    The colours continue to be horrible. I really dislike the colouring in most superhero books. Makes me feel queasy.

  4. amypoodle Says:

    Like Zom, I was baffled when people complained about Alex Sinclair’s colouring in B&R and *didn’t* complain about every other book out there. Particularly the Marvel ones. Urrgh. Hideous.

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    Good work on everything from the theme music onwards boyce. You’ve convinced me to go check out more of Wolverine and the Sex-Men, so Go Team Disney!

    The first three issues of the Casey/Fox Haunt gave me funny feelings in my tummy. It’s like a really good version of a really bad sort of comic – I like it when, but feel like I shouldn’t like it when, you know?

    Also, how many times can I get away with saying “SILENCE! is golden” before Alan Moore’s beard and Gary Lactus’ spaceship are spotted floated towards Glasgow in full battle-mode?

  6. Illogical Volume Says:

    Amypoodle’s right to bring up Alex Sinclaire’s colouring, by ra way – if you put his BatRob issues up beside most contemporary suphero books, it’s some real “Our shit is art, yours is traced” shit.

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