Time for our X-Mass pod!  Fill your bowels with holly as Amy Poodle, Bobsy, The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus and Zom gather together in a room, give each other stuff and talk.

First up in our Secret Santa is Amy giving Bobsy a pocket book collection of X-Men, Days Of Future Past.

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One Response to “Seasonal Gifting Ritual Podcast #1: X-Men – Days Of Future Past”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Aye, those wee Marvel digests are ace, and snazzily fit in a coat pocket. They’re £2 each in The Works, as well, which is a bargain. I’d happily buy most of my comics in this format – actual ‘slabs of pop culture’, and not crammed with shitty adverts like ‘real’ comics.

    Got the ‘Venom’ saga Spideys and also ‘God Loves, Man Kills’ X-Men, which has the awful, awful bit where Kitty uses the ‘N’-word to point out that calling someone a ‘mutie’ is the same thing. Urgh. Also, I got X-Men versus Dracula, which has Kitty running away and feeling betrayed by Storm as Storm has a new ‘punk’ look.

    I’m glad Kitty Pryde’s dead. Oh wait, she’s not, is she?

    Wolverine being gloriously uncool is a large part of his character, totally. It’s his confidence in having an awful sense of style that makes him edgy. And he totally WOULD stink, you’re right.

    (working my way through the podcasts after having no real internet for a while. Whoooo)

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